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Regulated/taxed recreational marijuana legal over the age of 25 & any age for validated medical use


I am for the legalization of recreational & medical marijuana ONLY under strict & enforced regulations and laws. I am looking for an opponent that can lay an opposite view based on science & statistics, though I understand some may use religious views and I am happy to debate those as well. I will lay out some ideas of laws/policies pertaining to regulating, taxing, and criminal/civil consequences of violations of both recreational & medical marijuana. I will cite sources in my comments. I will...

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Updated 6 Years Ago

Population control MUST be part of climate change/sustainable policies


Climate change is a real and threatening danger. Uptake in sever weather, natural disasters, stagnant food production, dwindling water resources, melting polar caps and glaciers, and extinction of animals, insects, coral that depend on specific temperatures to survive. It is a danger that has been scientifically linked to excessive carbon and greenhouse gases in the atmosphere trapping heat and UV rays from the sun that should be reflected back into space and the heat and carbon from our own ind...

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Updated 6 Years Ago

Teen drivers and DUI/DWI offenders should be required to have breathalyzers in their cars


The brain has been proven not to be fully form completely until the age of 20 -25. That means to some degree a persons judgement of future consequences from present actions is impaired. Alcohol has been proven to impair motor skills, judgement, and a persons senses. Why allow these two hinderances to feed off of each other in teen drivers ? In an effort to understand how many drunk driving offenders had prior DUI convictions on their records, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administratio...

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Updated 6 Years Ago

Allowing Refugees from Syria is an all around bad idea


My argument for this debate is simple, if you enjoy your freedoms that are bestowed upon you as an American, you should agree that allowing Syrian refugees is a bad idea. They only want one thing: to implement Sharia Law. In order to win this debate my opponent must effectively nullify my claim that Syrian refugees are bent on carrying out ISIS's plan as well as other Muslim extremist groups' plan of implementing Sharia Law everywhere. I will go into greater detail as I argue against my...

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Updated 6 Years Ago

Large companies should provide on-site daycare for workers or provide higher salaries


Companies with over 150 employees should provide on-site childcare or compensate worker with higher wages so they can pay for childcare. Childcare concerns make up for why most employees tend to miss work or are considered unproductive in the workplace. The cost of child care, added transportation costs get to and from childcare providers to work and home,and time constraints are some factors KEEPING able bodies parents from entering the workforce, thereby one reason unemployment stays high....

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