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How to keep your computer securePosted 5 years Ago

Unrelated Overwatch Advice:

Step 1. Load overwatch
Step 2. Say 'gg ez" in the match chat.
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Weird Al Yankovic Mafia - DP3Posted 5 years Ago


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How to keep your computer securePosted 5 years Ago

It's funny how relevant this became 5 years after it was posted, and it didn't even get posts until today.
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Weird Al Yankovic Mafia - DP3Posted 5 years Ago

Based on theme analysis, the theme is probably Parodies (Town) vs Originals (Mafia). For example

I am Fat, which is a parody of Bad
VoT before replacing Gold was TMZ, a parody of You Belong With Me
Mharman was Cavity Search, a parody of Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me

Meanwhile Talk Soup is an original created for the show of the same name (which never got put on the show.

Based on their claim and theme analysis, they likely admitted to being scum

VTL Magic/Dani
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Weird Al Yankovic Mafia - DP3Posted 5 years Ago

At 4/19/2017 7:49:39 PM, warren42 wrote:
At 4/19/2017 7:48:45 PM, Cat47 wrote:
I have read through all of LikeMagic and Danielles posts and I can post the ISO if anyone wants to see it, but I don't see anything that appears scummy.

What's the point of doing one if you aren't going to post it?

They had so many posts, so it's pretty long. I had to put it in 2 posts, they're right above this one
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Weird Al Yankovic Mafia - DP3Posted 5 years Ago

's still voting for them.
#106: Like says he has to get back to work and says he doesn't know how Mharman lynch happen. He then says he'll do some ISO's
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Weird Al Yankovic Mafia - DP3Posted 5 years Ago

#10: LikeMagic says he is excited to play mafia for the second time.
#12: Danielle says her laptop battery is dying and she won't be able to play.
#62: Danielle says she doesn't know who me, newstein, reece, etc are.
#63: Danielle states objections to lynching Miller claims.
#64: Danielle votes me and states that VoT's reaction testing is futile.
#88: Danielle says VoT's claim without pressure is "strange", and then takes down her vote for me and votes Mharman.
#93: Danielle makes a list of Mharmans posts, saying they are strange.
#95: LikeMagic says he thought cc meant "carbon copy" (because reasons).
#97: LikeMagic is given a list of mafia terms by Sui, LikeMagic says "Not all heroes wear capes".
#98: LikeMagic asks for Mharmans reason for voting me.
#100: LikeMagic says "What's the thought process in this? I would think that if someone waited until they were investigated guilty to claim miller that it would make their claim more suspect." When Gold says Millers shouldn't claim right away.
#101: Danielle says Mharman's inactivity is strange.
#112: Danielle replies to Mharmans post by saying "Omg lol"
#113. Danielle says "Apparently Mharman needs 21 minutes to tell us his character, and must look at the characters that have been claimed first..."
#114: Danielle asks for a link to Mharmans game as mafia
#125: Danielle gives an ISO for Mharman in DP1 of 52.1
#126: Danielle asks Wylted for thoughts on Mharman
#127: Danielle asks Sui for thoughts on Mharman.
#128: Danielle asks Anoid for thoughts on Mharman.
#153: LikeMagic posts a list of reads.
#154: LikeMagic asks for the number of the post I mentioned.
#158: LikeMagic says Mharmans post is sketchy, says everyone read it as scummy, and says he interpreted it as a stalling tactic.
#160: LikeMagic says hydra's are in one role PM. He then says that Sui gave Mharman advice on role claiming to avoid a lynch, then saying it wasn't inherently suspicious by says he's suspicious of anyone who's too helpful.
#161: LikeMagic says he's going to bed.
#162: LikeMagic says Mharmans "activity" read scummy, and that he's "off for the night".
#295: LikeMagic says a lot happened, and that he wants to read it more closely before voting. He asks if there are any veterans who can give insight on his role claim, asks if reece is trolling, and asks where Geo is at.
#300: Danielle tells Mharman she never said anything about suicide, asks for why he needed to look at the other character,s asks how his play is similar to his play as mafia in the other game, and says Mharman said he was confused because it would draw NK.
#303: Danielle says Mharman could be scum with Wylted due to his fake claim then that she has to go to work.
#309: LikeMagic says "Seriously though, who comes into a game that has this much substance and moving parts and trolls or does whatever Reece appears to be doing. It's really frustrating me and distracting from the already complicated Mharman situation."
#360: Danielle talks about players in the game, and says that mafia used to be popular.
#361: Danielle says she didn't see the lynch.


#10: LikeMagic says he's pissed about reece, saying he shouldn't sign up if he's just gonna troll, and then votes Mharman.
#29: LikeMagic says he and Dani are toiwn and have been consistently playing so, and says there has been little analysis/reads. He then asks VoT why he was keen on defending reece.
#35: LikeMagic says he apperciates being called the best player, and says that mafia killed VoT because of his character claim.
#42: LikeMagic sasys he doesn't understand what the strategy is.
#51: LikeMagic says that we're dropping in insta-lynch and wants to unvote.
#55: LikeMagic asks Mharman for the power he used.
#59: LikeMagic says that Mharman targeted the same player as mafia did.
#64: LikeMagic says he didn't know it was possible after VoT said "So this means that, if Mharman is telling the truth, scum didn't NK me. If he is lying, then he is scum and did NK me."
#71: LikeMagic says Mharman is sketchy and that he understands Warren's arguments for lynching him.
#87: LikeMagic said he thought Mharman claimed Mafia chose not to NK
#98: LikeMagic once again says he thought it wasn't possible for mafia to not NK.
#128: LikeMagic says he wants to hear more from inactives and is concerned that scum could be skating by.
#141: LikeMagic says Warren and VoT were their biggest town reads and said Danielle was in agreement with the insta-lynch, and asks Wylted if he thinks Mharman should be lynched.
#142: LikeMagic unvotes
#194: LikeMagic asks if Chaos responded.


#60: Danielle asks why Wylted would be the next mafia NK and says all Wylted has done is make bare accusations
#61: When VoT asks Danielle what she did last night, she asks "as in what" and says he is bandwagoning.
#63: Danielle says VoT is trying to hard when he asks about the ISO
#64: Danielle says Wylted didn't communite and that she wasn't online last DP, and that he said nothing about his role. She says Wylted has nothing against her and Like according to his own admission, and then responds to his claim that she could be a Ninja by saying he has no evidence.
#66: Danielle says that Wylted said that she's making a show, and by that logic FT is always scum. She then gives a long explanation to her scum reads of Wylted and VOT.
#67: Danielle interprets Unstobbaple's post as a question of if Dani and Magic are the same player, and that she doesn't have to be active due to LikeMagic.
#68: Danielle says that users call her both one of the worst and one of the best players on the site, and says it's "hilarious".
#69: Danielle character claims Talk Soup.
#70: Danielle asks Unstobbaple for thoughts on Wylted/VOT
#71: Danielle asks warren for thouguhts on Wylted/VOT
#72: Danielle gives the vote count for Mharman in DP2.
#73: Danielle says that DP2 lasted 7 hours.
#74: Danielle says she is getting FOS'd but there is no reason to FOS her, and says Wylted's suggestion for lynching her is because she talked with her hydra partner.
#75: Danielle says she doesn't know what Dani/Fyre means because Fyre isn't in the game anymore and her hydra partner is Magic.
#76: Danielle says she's gonna do an ISO of Wylted and VoT later. She asks for an explanation for post 3 (By that, I meant #64, #71, #87, and #98 were a bit sketchy. Also I got the ISO right here. She said I suggested no lynching after that). She says she has been investigated by pretty much every investigative role by now.
#82: Danielle asks Warren for his specific opinion on Wylted in DP2, and says "Suppose he was bread crumbing jail keeper", and that he's either telling the truth about protecting her or that he is scum who is worried she might be bulletproof, and then says she wants to ISO his posts and VOT's, whilst doing a full analysis of last DP. She says someone on Mharmans wagon was scum, but I am the only one who "kind of stands out", and she wants to reread first.
#89: Danielle said Wylted said it was weird "the best player is still alive", implying it was weird the mafia didn't kill Danielle, and Mharman admitted to killing VoT so the mafia NK failed. Says again Wylted is saying he protected her so he should know the mafia targeted her if he is really town, or hes lying, and then saying we should compare DP1 VoT to the last and current day phase.
#95: LikeMagic reminds Unstobbaple that Fyre deactivated and VoT replaced him.
#97: LikeMagic says he is catching up and says Wylted's scum read on them is laughable.
#98: Danielle said Mharman never claimed to have been roleblocked
#99: Danielle says she's keeping her vote, but wants to do a full analysis of DP1 and DP2 before a lynch, but saying Magic can unvote if it gets close to a hammer.
#101: Dani says "this" in response to one of Like's posts.
#102: LikeMagic says me and Wylted said there were leads reasons but with no grounds to scum read them, and asks VoT why he's still
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Weird Al Yankovic Mafia - DP3Posted 5 years Ago

I have read through all of LikeMagic and Danielles posts and I can post the ISO if anyone wants to see it, but I don't see anything that appears scummy.
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Weird Al Yankovic Mafia - DP3Posted 5 years Ago

At 4/19/2017 3:36:52 AM, The-Voice-of-Truth wrote:
At 4/19/2017 3:12:43 AM, Cat47 wrote:
I'm reading through their posts right now.

Wylted's got something juicy; have you found anything?

Not really. I haven't had time to read them all tho.
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Weird Al Yankovic Mafia - DP3Posted 5 years Ago

At 4/19/2017 3:11:08 AM, Wylted wrote:
At 4/19/2017 3:04:02 AM, Cat47 wrote:
At 4/19/2017 3:01:30 AM, warren42 wrote:
At 4/19/2017 2:59:45 AM, Cat47 wrote:
So Mharman was not scum, just acting absurdly anti-town.


With that being said, there are few leads.


I am going to look back on LikeMagic/Dani's posts.

I am pretty sure dani/magic are scum. I am the next NK so I want to look at some stuff so I can give some analysis before we Lynch them.

I'm reading through their posts right now.
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