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Beliefs:I believe we all have a purpose and choice in this world, and the positives we do for others, help us to be happier more than we can even imagine. "Every time someone points a finger, it is a moment of judgement. Whenever you point a finger, three are pointed back to you."
Quotes:"No, you silly. You have to make YOURSELF happy. Don't let someone else define the barometer by which you gauge your own self-worth; that ought to come from within."-Prog
"Strong women wear their pain like stilettos, no matter how much it hurts, all you see is the beauty of it."
"Scars remind us where we've been, but they don't dictate our lives."

Rape Battle part 2


Each round 1 song that is arguably about rape will be presented by each side. Time between arguments is 1 hour. Voters will decide who had the best songs by whatever criteria they deem fair. Some simple rules: The songs must be somewhat recognizable. They must also not be overly obscene. First round is for acceptance....

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Updated 7 Years Ago

Bsh v. Esocial: Hot Guys Battle


PrefaceI am having this debate for three reasons (a) I've kind of wanted to try something like this for awhile, (b) it annoys me not having an equal number of lost and tied debates, and (c) 111 debates is such an awkward number to leave the site on that I need to do one more debate. Plus, hot guys are wonderful...This debate is a non-voting debate. Both me and Annie (by accepting this debate) agree that all votes cast on this debate should null (awarding no points or equal points to both sides)....

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Updated 7 Years Ago

Singing debate


PrefaceNow that I've figured out how to use youtube and google hangouts on air, I can record songs, so why not?StructureR1. AcceptanceR2. Post a link to your first recorded cover and the lyricsR3. Post a link to your second recorded cover and the lyricsR4. Post a link to your third recorded cover and the lyricsRules1. No forfeits2. Any citations or foot/endnotes must be provided in the text of the debate3. Maintain a civil and decorous atmosphere and obey the site's TOS4. Violation o...

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Updated 7 Years Ago

Poetry Debate


PrefaceSince I haven't been able to tie Annie down on doing a debate on the importance of love and romance, this'll have to do ;) It should fun and relaxing for both of us. I hope the readers (and the debaters) enjoy it!About the DebateThis debate will be a debate about poetry. Each of us will select a theme, and write or select poems (as dictated by the round-by-round rules) that is in keeping with this theme. By "theme" I mean I broad motif or central idea that pervades, characterizes, or defi...

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Updated 7 Years Ago

Rap Battle


Accept when you can.Why waste a perfectly good killer rap? Let's use it against someone and put it to the test...(It didn't count in the other debate anyways, so I don't think it really matters I'm re-using this...:P)*Plays super rap music in the background with beat*Yo guys, everybody, I'm feelin' like doin' this againIt's time for somebody to die, or are you not a brave man?Round one's not acceptance, you start rappin' from there But beware of my presense, you'll fear me like that Death BearFo...

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Barack Obama
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Drug Legalization
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Gay Marriage
Global Warming Exists
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Internet Censorship
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Medical Marijuana
Military InterventionUnd
Minimum WageUnd
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Progressive Tax
Racial Profiling
Smoking Ban
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Social SecurityN/O
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Term LimitsCon
United NationsN/O
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