Can we know anything for certain ?


The debate topic is "Can we know anything for certain ?" I as the Pro will make the case that we can know something for certain Con will make the case that we can't know anything for certain Please note, there is no win by default here, both sides have a burden to carry If you have any problems or concerns with the debate, post in the comments section, don't accept the debate then try to change it. Opening argument.......... 1) Something exists and we can know this for certain...

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Nihilism II


I felt like we weren't finished yet on this subject. So, I made a topic "Nihilism II". I hope you'll finish your statements, since you have another 8000 characters. May I add something I noticed; in the final round of Nihilism, your language was similar to the language Jeff Dunham uses for his shows. Just noticed....

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