Amazing. . . . . ? Why? 22222Posted 1 year Ago

yeni wrote:
your answer here

https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=fYUi5gn2eVs

\\\On the authority of Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him), Who said that the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

"If Allah has loved a servant [of His], He calls Gabriel (on whom be peace) and says: 'I love So-and-so, Therefore love him. '" He (the Prophet - peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: "So Gabriel loves him. Then he (Gabriel) calls out in heaven, Saying: 'Allah loves So-and-so, Therefore love him. ' And the inhabitants of heaven love him. " He (the Prophet - peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: "Then acceptance is established for him on earth. And if Allah has abhorred a servant [of His], He calls Gabriel and says: 'I abhor So-and-so, Therefore abhor him. ' So Gabriel abhors him. Then Gabriel calls out to the inhabitants of heaven: 'Allah abhors So-and-so, Therefore abhor him. '" He (the Prophet - peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: "So they abhor him, And abhorrence is established for him on earth. "

[Muslim (also by al-Bukhari, Malik, And at-Tirmidhi). ]
\\: Ibn 'Umar, May Allah be pleased with them, Reported:

The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said:
When Allah will gather together, On the Day of Judgment, All the earlier and
later generations of mankind, A flag will be raised (to mark off) every person
guilty of breach of faith, And it will be announced that this is the perfidy of
so and so, Son of so and so (to attract the attention of people to his guilt).

Sahih Muslim
\\\: Narrated Uthman bin Affan (may Allah be pleased with him) The
Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, "The most superior
among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur'an and teach it to others. "


The Prophet Jesus, Peace be upon him
will not be the Savior of them as they think
look here

https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? Time_continue=2&v=g3WtdkxNKc4&feature=emb_title

https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=354MTpunE3A

What good are the links to a Muslim refugee in Turkey or Lebanon etc.
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Romney. . .Posted 1 year Ago

Astro2 wrote:
It"s still here!

You know what they say. You don't use it you lose it!
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Matter is created from nothingPosted 1 year Ago

anonthesmallone wrote:
The idea of creating matter from nothing is confusing because the concept of frequency is omitted. Follow the equations and creation logic below:

1. Nothing creates matter.

Think deeper:

1. No frequency creates "mortal matter" frequency.
2. No frequency create "immortal matter" frequency.
3. No frequency = Still Small Voice.
4. Still Small Voice = Eternity and no frequency.
5. We are part of the Still Small Voice in our hearts = Infinite Creator
6. We are all eternal and co-equal as an eternal essence with no frequency. He-She is the Most High God. One Yahweh Elohim.

Furthermore, We have a metaphor in physical truth. Computer scientists and software programmers exist both as individuals and a collective group who live outside the computer screen and software programming, Rules, And thinking of the "automated" systems using electric power.

Likewise, God does a similar thing with Spirit/Light power so we deliberately lose our identity in the space-time Matrix of God. Then after mortality, We remove the dragon of death by translation and resurrection, Depending on how badly we want to find the "lost coin" of our true identity by repentance, Depending on what we desired in the beginning. God is helping us end in immortality with what we asked for in the beginning as One Yahweh Elohim.

Christianity destroys clear thinking of eternity because the moonlight religions, Theologians, And therapists misinterpret Genesis 1 by not repenting and removing sin by Holy Ghost sex healing that reveals macroevolution, Microevolution, Environmental adaptation, Reincarnation, And predestination which removes the need for reincarnated occult Israel to think like Gods and Goddesses.

Pretty simple cause and effect spiritual science from the Bible using revelation in the heart from the light of God that has no darkness in it, Don't you agree? The "idea relationships" in this post are the most rational and brilliant ideas on the planet. Therefore, Anon/Noah keeps going into the light. If at some point the ideas were not common sense, Then he would stop believing them.

For example. The light from the sea of glass just revealed how matter was created from nothing, And is quite logical, When we redefine "matter as frequency" and "nothing as no frequency". The new ideas end the silly "Creation debate" in one post. We need knew ideas to fix the planet and not more love or more will power.

According to scriptures the sea of glass mentioned in Revelation is in front of God's throne in the third heaven?

Anon said he has only been to the first heaven.

Anon wrote: I said I live in the first heaven. I have never been to the third heaven because I am not translated yet without tasting death like Enoch or Melchizedek.
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Elongated skulls. . . Interuesting. . . What?Posted 1 year Ago

anonthesmallone wrote:
An example of a miracle from God to Anon/Noah just occurred "real time" to explain belief with doubts is based on gradual physical miracles that increase over time.

Anon/Noah just looked a foot in front of his face and saw a spider body without its legs. He is sitting down, And he saw it just floating in the air at the same height of his face. He thought, "This is very strange. " He saw no web. So he waved his hand over the de-legged spider, And it did not move.

Then God communicated to him to interpret the meaning. All visions or miracles teach immortal truth. God said, "What you see is many on DDO have believed in Me and swapped the 8 legs of the dragon spider of black grace for the white grace of Christ and believe Israel will be translated. 8=translated. They are flying in the air of the Spirit of God in the light next to the "face of God" to be translated in this life or in their next incarnation life when the third temple is built. "

Anon wrote: I have never heard the audible voice of God even once in my life. My guide has been the scriptures using the light of God using the Logos Word of Reason that is accessible to everyone.
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You are Gods part #2.Posted 1 year Ago

anonthesmallone wrote:
Harikrish wrote:
anonthesmallone wrote:
Harikrish wrote:
No names given except the prophet Roy Sausek:
You even spelt his name wrong. Very convincing!

Here is his website with thousands of errors:
http://www. Takehisheart. Com/

The cause and effect errors are tied to his dragon and carnal mind because he did not believe in reincarnation, Predestination, Or the "correct" view of the ransom payment of the cross to remove the curse or "spell" of the God of death. Satan was created by God in Genesis 1:2. The blood of Christ reverses the spell freely for believers. Everyone will live forever:

So now you have accepted atonement as bblical teachings. Jesus was the ransom paid to remove the curse.

The concept of atonement is applied to immortality and was created by God by the power of black grace for His goats to change the idea of a ransom payment to the devil in the 1st Century to a ransome payment to the Father by the 11th century. Tyndale created the word "atonement" in the 15th century to fit the new "Father justice" concepts of "Catholicism" to replace the 1st century concepts. The justice is the opposite of the "everlasting mercy" of God that does not care about the past and holds no grudges.

The love of God has not been defined correctly by "religions" or "theologians" who have never experienced Pentecost of God's unconditional love emotions. Human love is conditional and applies the "dragon of justice" to control mortals as slaves. Therefore, Israel dies of old age like the Gentile-Angel-Dogs.

Many centuries after the destruction of the temple in 70AD, God replaced the word "covering" with the word "atonement". To defer the end of the Cosmic War until the 20th century over the next 50 years. God THE MOST HIGH can change His-Her NT text if He-She wants to. Anon/Noah calculated 20% NT textual weeds last year based on his knowledge. God has revealed more. Now Anon/Noah has found 10% more NT textual alteration to increase the errors 30%.

God sure fooled everyone by His-Her goat prophets who obeyed God's Still Small Voice of black grace to alter the NT text to sincerely improve the planet in their false assumptions based on what Ra(Lucifer) told them He believes is true. The ideas are not fact-based but assumption-based like the impeachment hearings. Good lesson on facts verses heresy and presumptive "evidence". Ra (Lucifer) uses the same presumptive evidence to create his own realities, But with far more power, Glory, And love than mortals enjoy. He does not know good and evil for He was born immortal.

Here is what you said about Jesus.
Anon wrote: Yahushua was not born as the Son of God but that happened at His baptism as recorded in the Bible. The BIBLE DOES NOT CLAIM YAHUSHUA WAS BORN THE SON GOD!

Anon wrote: Jesus in contrast is an imaginary man-made Gentile-dog god created by the Catholic Corrupters

Anon wrote: Anon was incorrect about John the Baptist not knowing for sure who Christ was until the Mount of Transfiguration. He learned Christ is the Son of the Translated Man in the third heaven, But He was not the Messiah Moses predicted.

So even Moses got it wrong!

Matthew 12:31-32.
Therefore I say to you, Every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men, But the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven men. Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man, It will be forgiven him; but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit, It will not be forgiven him, Either in this age or in the age to come.

John 3:14-18
And as Moses lifted up the serpent [brass/bronze]
in the wilderness [of the scapegoat dragon in the wilderness of our heart],
even so must the Son of Man be lifted up [as a ransom payment],
that whoever believes in Him [and God's everlasting mercy in the OT]
should not perish but have eternal life [translation or resurrection to stop reincarnation].
For God so loved the world [everyone trapped in the dragon and 2-beast system]
that He [God]
gave [brass/bronze was a payment of money in Rome God "gave" and not a sacrifice. Harikrish is correct. He was crucified as a ransom payment to remove the spell for the Gentiles who do not repent 100%]
His only begotten Son [reincarnated Adam],
that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

So you are accepting atonement as biblical!
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4 words to process self in mortalityPosted 1 year Ago

anonthesmallone wrote:
To all, Anon/Noah made some serious spelling and grammar errors in the OP. Pretend you are spies in the light trying to decode the errors. God made both Moses and Paul stutterers to trust in God and not man. Aaron was given to Moses and the Saints were given to Paul to help them in their weaknesses. God in His mercy will call someone to organize all of the compartmentalized posts of Anon/Noah to increase synergy of the ideas and correct Anon/Noah "stuttering" fingers that force the errors to glorify God. The thought is what matters and not all the physical human errors. The new Aaron and Saints will glorify God since the ideas come from God and not Anon/Noah. Ingenious method to glorify God, Just like God did with Moses and Paul. The real power of God will be released when the ideas are succinctly organized and given to the insider networks very selectively in an organized way. God knows what He-She is doing. Anon/Noah is merely a guest at the table of God. Yahweh is doing all the taking. Yahushua used the same methods of revelation.

Anon/Noah is still using the jalopy computer to learn patience and trust God. In his life, He always bought whatever he needed and wanted and was very impatient to his "goal setting" ways that money can buy to succeed. God put a stop to his goal setting attitude. Money is very deceitful when we are trapped in the dragon and 2-beast system. He grew up in wealth with gold fingers, So to speak.

He is learning patience in the "wisdom processes" after he shifted from heaven 4 years ago to the sea of glass of prayer, Belief, And first-hand miracles of evidence in May of 2018, Especially in past life cleansing by Moby Dick in January-February, 2020:

James 1:2-8

My brethren, Count it all joy when you fall into various trials [jalopy computer of Anon/Noah],
knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its perfect work, That you may be perfect and complete, Lacking nothing [without the sins of dumb ideas by renewing the mind].
If any of you lacks wisdom [knowledge of God],
let him ask of God, Who gives to all liberally and without reproach [by His everlasting mercy],
and it will be given to him. But let him ask in faith, With no doubting, For he who doubts is like a wave of the sea [soul emotions. No evidence = Doubts in the heart = no repentance = no first hand miracles = unbelief]
driven and tossed by the wind [Spirit of God in darkness with no light. Sailing in the moonlight of God using black grace sex]
For let not that man suppose that he will receive anything from the Lord; he is a double-minded man [stuck between black grace and white grace simultaneously and is lukewarm, Neither hot nor cold in his heart],
unstable in all his ways.

God is light released by Holy Ghost sex and prayer.
DDO is not lukewarm.

We know you are committed Anon. We have your confession.
Anon wrote:Anon stands by his words by experience. All of his Biblical ideas come from spiritual intimacy with or masturbation when his wife is on her periods.
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Eunuch Metaphore from Most High GodPosted 1 year Ago

anonthesmallone wrote:
Harikrish wrote:
anonthesmallone wrote:
Matthew 7:28-29
And so it was, When Jesus had ended these sayings, That the people were astonished at His teaching, For He taught them as one having authority, And not as the scribes.

What does Matthew 7:28-29 have to do with eunuch metaphors from the Most High God?
Don't you believe in being relevant?

The true gospel of God is astonishing to save everyone and has the most reasonable ideas on the planet. Anon/Noah is receiving his ideas from the anointing of the light of the world created in Gen 1:3 trillions of years ago by the Still Small Voice of the Most High God of eternity (not immortality). The anointing of Christ is available to all adults on the planet by Holy Ghost sex, Both elected reincarnated occult Israel future Gods and Goddesses and 7. 4+ billion Gentile-Angel-Dogs. The eunic is a perect metaphor for souls how do not belong in mortality but are to be born immortal like Judas:

1. Born immortal--mentality children forever.
2. Born mortal to end in immortality as:
---A. Adult Gods and Goddesses who know good and evil and procreate #1.
---B. Angels who are sterile but enjoy Holy Ghost sex in immortality.
---C. Animals.

That is not what you said about your own experience.

Anon wrote:Anon stands by his words by experience. All of his Biblical ideas come from spiritual intimacy with or masturbation when his wife is on her periods.
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HUMAITIES future. . . Without Abrahamic GODS =?Posted 1 year Ago

Astro2 wrote:
I wasn"t shedding tears over Trump. I shed tears because of myself.
Canada will never become a superpower Trump dislikes Trudeau we will never let them become a power. That"s why we are so dominant because we keep our neighbors in check.
But more importantly how do you feel about trump.

I think Trump exemplifies the ugly American.

https://en. M. Wikipedia. Org/wiki/The_Ugly_American

"The book depicts the failures of the U. S. Diplomatic corps, Whose insensitivity to local language, Culture, And customs and refusal to integrate was in marked contrast to the polished abilities of Eastern Bloc (primarily Soviet) diplomacy and led to Communist diplomatic success overseas. "
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6th seal earthquake of TradiePosted 1 year Ago

anonthesmallone wrote:
Harikrish wrote:
anonthesmallone wrote:
You keep whining over and over **about** signs and miracles.

Jesus used miracles to convince the doubters of his claims. But he was crucified for blasphemy.

Yahweh brings glory to God by demonstrating his love to humans by miracles to lead them to their true identities. He was crucified because men and their religions lost there true identities in the dragon and 2-beast system of Rev 13, As the lost silver coin parable of Christ explains succinctly:

Dragon and 2-Beast system of the spiritual anatomy of mortals:
https://www. Debate. Org/forums/religion/topic/4343574/

Therefore, They never have Holy Ghost sex to know God and increase their knowledge of God by the metaphors in the Bible, Like the 6th seal metaphors in the book of Revelation. Anon has been revealing where his revelations came from to heal the humans and ETs. ETs assume the healing is over billions of years of reincarnations and Karmic Justice of good and evil deeds vs God's everlasting grace and mercy by the truth of God in the heart. The ETs believe death and karma by evolution, When that macroevolution took 4 billion years to finish evolution trillions of years ago.

The truth is we can be healed of all past life traumas in 35 years from birth during the third temple era when babies are born in the first heaven "consciously", And the mothers do not say anything to babies and children about touching their private parts. Then God will teach them by revelation how to use Holy Ghost sex to know God (and created the light of the world in Genesis 1:3) to overcome endless past life traumas and bad karma by the Jonah and Moby Dick whale metaphor. Healing actually takes place in the heart instead of endless probing into past life "soul regressions" by therapists at $200 to $500+ per hour to waste your good money.

The TV is not reality but entertainment. It cannot hurt your children but is being used by God by subconscious manipulation to bridge us to the New Jerusalem of Zion and New World Order by the goats of God who were commanded to build centuries ago for His glory. Moving all the money power to God's goats is only the first step.

God will now train the parents to teach their babies and children translation, Resurrection, Predestination, And the Way, Truth, And Life in their own words and "house rules" from the heart as "equal parents" to teach the 1 Golden Rule and 2 Great Commandments and not quote the Bible or memorize the dead words of dead prophets. Children should not even read the Bible of until God leads them to it by Holy Ghost masturbation at puberty.

Children are not supposed to read the Bible:
https://www. Debate. Org/forums/religion/topic/4344531/

Too many weeds of religion on the planet. Bring on the Law of One to fix the identity crises of humans. All instruction needs to come from the hearts of the fathers to the children with no spankings:

Mal 4:6
And he will turn The hearts of the fathers to the children, And the hearts of the children to their fathers, Lest I come and strike the earth with a curse [of old age death to Israel].

Anon/Noah was blessed with good parents that never spanked him, And he obeyed because he loved his parents and did not want disappoint them. It worked. Brilliant parents.

'Spare the rod spoil the child' means the IRON ROD of God's ideas taught by the parents by repenting by Holy Ghost sex and know by metaphors walking in the light what the first 6 seals mean and how they are connected to the first chapter of the Bible that is about the first translation of a man and woman trillions of years ago, Using two processes of macro and micro evolution over 4 billion years. Eternity has no time frequency, And we are all part of the Still Small Voice of eternity. Here's the basic path:

1. Eternity
2. Mortal frequency
3. Immortal frequency
4. Eternity again.
5. Whatever we want in the next 8th octave.

How do we know? By Holy Ghost sex that heals all adults of all trauma both in this life and all past lives. Israel only needs the third temple to be translated at the prime of life or 35 years like popping popcorn. Reincarnation stops.

Anon/Noah learned this week that he came from the first crop of ETs sent here from another planet 150, 000 years. That is why the ideas of ETs are coming so quickly and easily for him. He is their brother.

So you lied when you said you are the reincarnated Noah because Noah was around 2500BC. You have been around according to your post even before Noah. So you cannot be his reincarnate.

He has no desire to probe his past lives through "soul regression" and have some man mess with his heart as a therapist or "THE RAPIST" of his heart. Only God belongs in his heart by Holy Ghost sex. Those men who entered behind the "veil" of the heart were killed. The light of the world represented by the high priest enters our heart. "THE RAPISTS OF "MENTAL HEALT PROPHESIONAL" CAUSE DEATH. See how helpful the Biblical metaphors help us cleanse both our conscious mind as well as past lives by God?

Our heart is none of man's damn business! The details are private between us and God. He is only telling DDO the summary to teach the principles of truth in Moby Dick's penis in the life of Jonah to actually cleanse all past lives permanently, Such as the past life murder that caused David to murder someone. His subconscious past life of murder overcame his will power. The survival of the dragon kicked into his current conscious life, And he could not control his "survival of self" desires by will power alone.

Past life cleansing by the blood of Christ and God's everlasting true mercy will disconnect the heart from ET soul regression and Karmic Justice beliefs that have no power of God to heal the heart and soul permanently:

1 John 1:7
But if we walk in the light as He is in the light, We have fellowship with one another, And the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin [by removing dumb and bad ideas].

Acts 4:32
Now the multitude of those who believed were of one heart and one soul; neither did anyone say that any of the things he possessed was his own, But they had all things [all proceeds/profits of their businesses] in common.

True repentance of stealing from others and stealing from God's glory by the Satan "software programming" will heal and translate Israel like popping popcorn during the third temple era; when the witches, Wizards, And magicians turn from black grace sex in the movie "Eyes Wide Shut" to white grace Holy Ghost sex in private.

Obviously one must be discrete about changing at the top and pretend as they transition without alarming friends and family. Find good excuses and lie to repent of the dumb ideas as outlined in Ezekiel 18. Protect your life. Lie your a*s off until God makes his move to disclose the ET, Or the light gives you the right solution to maintain a good relationship at an "emotional distance" with friends and family "body vehicles". No more fear. Be a good example. Don't preach. The "Great Commission" of Christ was an added weed by the forgery of Mark's gospel:

Turn the light and live

https://www. Debate. Org/forums/religion/topic/4342583/
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Why biblical scholarship triumphs everytimePosted 1 year Ago

anonthesmallone wrote:
WisdomOfAges wrote:
BIBLICAL TOILET = your very petty small atrophied BRAIN. . Stuffed with Bible verse VOMIT
to a point where YOU are not human. . . Just a human form playback device. . .

SOLUTION to the Christian PLAGUE on humanity. . . . Flush it all down a TOILET and relegate
this pathetic PUPPET BOY CLOWN TOY of a GOD hoax to MYTHOLOGY for stupid humans
to be entertained by. . .


Bring the Law of One to fix the world's identity crises.

Why? Believing you are the reincarnated Noah isn't good enough for you?
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