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MyacronymissimplyCEE's Forum Posts

The Actual Philosophy of "Real Republicans"Posted 2 years Ago

You can't point to Jefferson or Lincoln or The Ways and Manner of Old, And say "real". . . Because all any adherent or opponent cares about is Now Now Now. What's the upgrade, Corporate Kenneth? It's something shoepolish of moustache, In that it's founded firmly on the romantic nationalism of The Volk. Americanizing 'that', Isn't based in mathematics of bonfire protests, Re: campaign finance reform. It's based in pointing at the problem and wishing it gone--from sight, From knowledge of, From existence.

There is only tribe, Only Us and Them. I'm certain the Democratic-Republicans and those who rose from ashes of the Whigs, And Garfield and McKinley as they lay dying, Would have sung a different song. WE'RE HERE. More's the pity, But a "real Republican" is he who wears the current team uniform. "WE THE PEOPLE", Is inclusive of only that which does not threaten. You can be high-minded, Or you can destroy The Enemy. The former--your way--is a tad too masturbatory, By me.
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You don't really exist!Posted 2 years Ago

Why does this matter? I thought at least you were going to be cheesy and grad schoolish, And quote Descartes! But a Kobe Bryant analogy?

I'm not Kobe Bryant. He wasn't me. The opinions of the Other, Are meaningless. My profile is set up to receive nothing. As far as I'm concerned, None of you have a thing to offer me. Kobe Bryant didn't, Either. And when comes my day (let's see, What time is it Now? ), Reality disappears, And y'all along with it, Whether or not my theology is legit.

It's you who make no effect. The universe begins and ends with God and Me. Yes, I'm serious. (Kobe Bryant! Oh, Boo-hoo! )
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Is TrumpPosted 2 years Ago

We must boo and we must hoo, Mustn't we?

Suggested Reading: "A Sound of Thunder" by Ray Bradbury. And try to see the ending as good, Sweet, Light and wonderful. Also suggest the last line of "1984", As mantra.

You had too much freedom, Chuckles. You deserve this.
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Impeachment. . . . . . .Posted 2 years Ago

. . . And we REAL AMERICANS fart in your general direction. You're Welcome.

Now, Why don't you go to your local deli and have a meltdown because one thing isn't gluten-free?
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Consensual tubal ligation rights for women.Posted 2 years Ago

How's about, Both male and female creating any pregnancy at all for the next five years, We simply euthanize. A moratorium on all births. Just slaughter all offenders. Best, Most righteous abortions you could perform. Young people aren't worth the skin they're poured into, Anyway.
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Anyway,Posted 2 years Ago

Then consider it an act of God. With any luck, The genocide of ideas, Begins in 5, 4, 3, 2. . . .
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Hate is always an expression of lovePosted 2 years Ago

I know. There's such tender passion in rape. Makes you want to climb off her battered body once done, And go paint the house. Maybe even cook dinner!
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Whites are nationalists supremacists.Posted 2 years Ago

Ah, Were it true. . . You wouldn't be alive to post that. In fact, NO ONE would have access to the Web, But Power Elite. Which is where the "tight whites" sold out.

Totalitarianism, Is the sole hope for America, Today. But you're wanting to assert a unity we haven't held, Since at best, Rome. If everyone jumps ship, There is no "Whites are. . . " Mouthing it, Don't count. Homes.
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Impeachment. . . . . . .Posted 2 years Ago

Never. He'll die in office many years from now, To be succeeded by one of his sons. And believe me, Plenty of your allies will die on their knees, Staring at the Potomac.
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MLK judge by Colour or content of CharacterPosted 2 years Ago

As I say of his dream, Replying to King, In my work, "The Lost Religion of Men", "I have 'em too, Rev. They're usually caused by pizza. "

People judge, And most often, Hate. People are self-righteous, And do not see their evil. Any light or hope or positive energy from the human creature, Is a lie. Not even an illusion. It's just preening. You know, Like your post.
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