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Beliefs:I'm a firm beliver in national socialism, with extra emphasis on the socialism part. I believe that both the western nations and it's peoples are under attack by foreign powers that seek to in the end annihilate us. I also belive the working classes have long been oppressed by the bourgeoisie and capatilist vampires, something which many fellow national socialist sadly forget.
Quotes:"Socialist "r den som vill att envar skall sk"rda sitt arbetes frukter, socialist envar som s"tter allm"nnyta f"re egennytta, socialist " men inte socialdemokrat " "r den som s"tter folkstammens, rasens fortlevnad f"re den egna "klassen" eller gruppens materiella v"lst"nd. Socialist "r slutligen den, som h"gre "n allting annat st"ller solidariteten mot det egna folket, den svenska nationen."
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We should seek to find a alternative treatment for transsexual individuals, Instead what we do now


I honestly think we are doing trans people a disservice by indulging in their contrary to reality belief of being the opposite gender. A person will nearly always undeniably have either xx or xy chromosomes (execpt for very rare mutations) hence they are undeniably what their chromosomes nevermind their genetalia tells. Also due to the way sexes works, And the very noticeable signs it has on a body, It's hard for any trans woman or man to really look like a real male/female. So what is e...

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Occupy MovementUnd
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Smoking Ban
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Term LimitsCon
United NationsUnd
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