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Full resolution: " will not see a substantial gain in membership based on the site owners advertising methods on"The site owner in this context is coveny, who is also my opponent in this debate. I mean for this debate to be a well thought out construction of arguments to settle a dispute we've had in the main forums for some time now.The debate resolution was agreed upon by my opponent in this post: wish my...

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Nihilism Is an Ignorant and Self-defeating Position


Nihilism, defined as "an extreme form of skepticism: the denial of all real existence or the possibility of an objective basis for truth," has at least two serious logical problems: 1) The act of denying real existence proves real existence (who is performing the act of denying?) 2) The act of denying objective truth is itself an act of attempting to posit an objective truth. Both 1 and 2 are self-refuting logical fallacies. Also, have you ever noticed that people who claim to be...

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Resolved: The advacement of technology will significantly harm the job market.


This is a debate in the second round of the official May tournament. TUF and I are going to be debating the topic that is written out in the topic portion above. Structure is pretty standard. In TUF's first debating round, he will be allowed to provide rebuttals. Otherwise format is: 1st - intro/acceptance 2nd - main arguments/starting rebuttals 3rd - rebuttals 4th - summaries In the fourth round there shouldn't be any new argument. It should be for new evidence and elaboration on th...

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It is more plausible that Free Will exists, than Determinism


Hello there and welcome to round 1 of SolonKR's Official May Tournament! The official thread for round 1 can be found here: am very excited for this debate and I hope that my opponent and I can both learn and grow from each others arguments in this debate. I will be taking the stance of Free Will, while my opponent will be arguing for Determinism."Free Will: freedom of humans to make choices that are not determined by prior causes or by...

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Vote moderation standards are an overall benefit to the site


So this has been a heavily discussed Topic in the forums recently, and while I am doing a similar debate with Wylted on voting quality VS quantity, I wanted a debate more specific to the problem a lot of members have raised lately.While this debate may share some of the same elements as my debate with Wylted, it focuses more specifically on the issue of moderation standards. More than a few voices have voiced public dis-interest in the way moderation has affected voting. From my shoes, I have...

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