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Quotes:"When you eat the fruit, remember who planted the tree." - Vietnamese proverb
Sports Teams:Any Houston team and any Baylor University team. Toss in the Denver Nuggets, Boston Celtics, and... not the Warriors
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Its time to put down ALL guns and believe in peace! No one needs a gun. Not ever. Not for any reason


* There can be no worldwide peace with guns and weapons of superior firepower in it. * Guns have absolutely no use except to maim, Kill, Cause pain, Splatter guts, And cause horrific grief. * It is time to do the right and the correct and only thing to do which is to put guns down forever. This includes ---everybody--- all at once, For ---everybody--- to put down their guns and take a step back and believe in peace and not violence and hate in which ALL guns are. * Guns are NOT weapons of peace....

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Socialists ruled Milwaukee for decades, Proof enough Socialism would work here


For much of the 20th century, Milwaukee was run by socialists"and Time magazine called it "one of the best-run cities in the U. S. "...

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chemical reactions are not real. (we oughtta rethink science)


they are fabricated. I did an experiment with some kind of acid and zinc and there was smoke, But no fire. The acid turned gray (food coloring. ), And it was hot. I think this reaction was an illusion because it was weird. For some reason, People believe in chemical reactions and I think that is wrong. Modern society is becoming absolute rubbish because of The Immoral bombarding the human population with false information, Such as chemical reactions being real (which they are not. ) I hope whoev...

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Evolution of humans


The fact that the evolution of humans is a "theory" is the proof that it has not been proved yet but just because it is not proved it doesn't mean it's not there and I accept with this statement but the very fact that the evidence we found over many years has pointed to the disapproval of this theory. First of all I would like to go with the fact that the fossil record is not how it is supposed to be the era in which that particular fossil is supposed to be is not the same as the era they were f...

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Teachers are slackers!


Teachers are the biggest slackers in the work force. Name me another profession where you get 2 months off for summer, 3 weeks off for Christmas, A week off for spring break and then to top it all off get one PA day off every month! No other profession has this much time off from work. Teachers are the biggest dog fvcking slackers in the work force. Go cry me a river about not getting paid enough and all the work you have - from a 60 hour a week, 2 weeks off a year hard labor employee...

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Term LimitsN/S
United NationsPro
War in AfghanistanCon
War on TerrorPro

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