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The racist and the nutjob now dwell togetherPosted 2 years Ago

Ethang is correct. Willows has now moved to DART. He is just as foolish there. Yet, At least he is corresponding with people outside of this pitiful little dark room.

Here we have the racist who does not know how to respond or make a comment without racist comments or foul. He is unable to act even half decently to anyone. He only seems to know how to spam. An example of uneducated, Ill humour, And vileness.

We also have a nutjob who truly believes he is the reincarnated Noah because he did not poop for 17 days. He spends hours rewriting and reinterpreting the OT and the NT that no one reads, Including the racist.

Both believe they are spiritual advisers. Both mock the bible - yet ironically both spend more time discussing some aspect of the bible in their deluded minds.

I think it is an interesting judgment God has given both of them. They are like the Pharisees who know the bible is important, And who search for answers in it, But don't have the ability or capacity to find the truth. Sad really. It must be like Hell in a way. Forever tortured knowing you are so close and yet remain so far away.

Of course, Things can change. And hopefully they do. Can a tree change its fruit? Can a leopard change its spots? Not naturally. It will require a spiritual work. Salvation belongs to the LORD. It is his to give to whom he will. It is not our right or something we deserve.
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Hey Ethang wanna bet!Posted 2 years Ago


Same old same old.
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Acts1 AlteredPosted 2 years Ago

Are you going to respond to my posts?
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Acts1 AlteredPosted 2 years Ago

anon - are you not going to respond to my post?
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Why biblical scholarship triumphs everytimePosted 2 years Ago

Australia is being ravaged by the worst wildfires seen in decades, With large swaths of the country devastated since the fire season began in late July.

Well it just shows that you are IGNORANT. Don't believe everything you read on the internet. I live in AUSTRALIA and I can speak honestly when I tell you that the land is not being ravaged.

The media has completely exaggerated it - to appease the climate change believers. The international press want to believe it is that bad and do not want to hear the real truth.

so for you to continue on in this vein is laughable. I live here. You don't. LOL!
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Why biblical scholarship triumphs everytimePosted 2 years Ago

We now have fires in Australia that threatens to consume Australia in a lake of fire


Australia is not threatened to be consumed. Idiot. The fires have come and gone. The fires that came were not as bad as 2009 or indeed the fires prior to that time.

Canada has been cursed. It has taken on the ex royal family - of Harry and Meghan. Exported from the UK to a land of ice and snow and where the PM is a doofus.

Harikrish has not yet been conceived - is not even a baby - when it comes to spiritual matters - he has no credibility in biblical things - and he is not a scholar - demonstrating over and over again that he is an imbecile.
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Hariskrish is a pipsqueakPosted 2 years Ago

He has no voice.

He has become silent.

No one hears him anymore.

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Acts1 AlteredPosted 2 years Ago

The Greek means "called" by God to the wedding. What? The Mother of Christ was not invited? She just happened to be there? That is what the text says. The mother is not called? Huh? The absurdity proves the text has been altered to create the false narrative of a single vagabond bum who had no money.

That is terrible logic anon. You start with your own narrative and then say the text has been changed. Yet your own narrative is speculative and drawn from your own brain. In other words, It is not objective and does not have any objective corroboration.

Most reasonable people would start with the text and allow that to shape what the narrative is saying. If there are inconsistencies in the narrative then they would compare the different variances in the texts and see if there seems to be reason for this variety. What is glaring here is that there are no variants. No one seems to have an issue with the way the text is written. No one except you.

It is absurd to start with your own narrative - and then go to the text. The NT is clear that Jesus was not married. Hence to import your own narrative over the text and to declare the text as corruption seems to serve your agenda against the truth. On the other hand, If you had some proof or evidence to support your version of the narrative then perhaps we could discuss it further.

But until you do - then it is actually absurd for me to engage with your speculations as we have nothing to stand on together. After all if I refer to the Greek, Or to scholars or to commentaries or to the lack of variation or to other NT references, You will say that I am still a baby, Or have been seduced by corrupt catholic theologians. Obviously that is not helpful if you want to discuss this.

At the moment it is simply like you are writing your own version of what you think the NT should be. And to be perfectly honest, It is not at all helpful. I can invent my own stuff if I need to. But I am more interested in the truth of the bible -and the one who stands behind it than I am in speculation and wild theories which have no substance.
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Acts1 AlteredPosted 2 years Ago

Where is your reference? Anon/Noah did not find any evidence of such a claim. He follows the facts and evidence. There is no record of Acts in the first and second centuries. There is a lot of evidence after the late third century that it existed at that time.

The Muratotian Fragment, A list of accepted books dating from the last quarter of the first century says: " The Acts however of all of the Apostles are written in one book".

Dates for its writing range generally between 62Ad to 150Ad.

What we know:

It must have been written after Paul's arrival in Rome recorded in 28:16. His exact arrival is uncertain but somewhere around 61Ad.

It must have been written after Luke's gospel as he refers to it as his former treatise. Luke's gospel is usually dated after AD 70 as Luke appears to modify Mark 13 in the light of the events of the fall of Jerusalem.

It was certainly written before the letters of Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch who died AD 117 for his letters contain references to Acts.

It was probably written before 2 timothy because that letter assumes information available only in Acts. Again writing of timothy uncertain but obviously before Ignatius's letters because he refers to it.

you see anon - there is plenty of evidence and logic / reason to accept it was written in the first century.
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the typical brahmin in CanadaPosted 2 years Ago

Now that you accepted your confessions of perversions and sexual deviancy we can determine how it pales in comparison to your allegation that Harikrish is a racist.
Yours is a confession the other is an unsubstantiated allegation by you. Case closed!

Idiot! I never said I had a perversion. I said any perversion I have pales into insignificance next to yours.

Hence, Idiot, The only way I make a confession is if you concede you are perverted. Do you understand logic? Nuh!

as for case closed - it never opened - you don't close something that has not yet been opened. Talk about dumb.

Oh yes, And I used the word perversion - you like anon adding to the scriptures - add your own interpretation by adding sexual deviancy. Talk about leaving your brains at the store.
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