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In Lala land...


In Lala Land there is a secret group of mystical monkeys that are evil. There are pink, blue, and orange ones. They seem innocent because of these colors. My friend believes that this secret society of monkeys also contain black monkeys that you can definitely tell are evil. I do not think this is so because the secret of the mystical monkeys that are evil is that they do not seem evil because they are pink, blue, and orange. If there were also black, evil monkeys we would know that were evil an...

Post Voting Period
Updated 12 Years Ago

This House Would Recognize That The NDP Should Lose the 2009 Nova Scotia Election


Let me begin by thanking Volkov for the wonderful idea. I would define 'this house' as the Nova Scotia legislature, still led by Rodney MacDonald's Progressive Conservative party. I would loosely define 'recognize' as put forward a platform as to why the PC, Liberal or Green party should win stead of the New Democratic Party. I define 'lose' as any configuration that results in the NDP not forming government. I hope that satisfies my honorable opponent and I invite him to change any bones...

Post Voting Period
Updated 13 Years Ago

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