HUMAITIES future. . . Without Abrahamic GODS =?Posted 1 year Ago

LIKE YOU and every HUMAN on this planet. . . TEMPORARY is the "TRUTH"

Trump and his generation will VANISH from existence by MID CENTURY or well before
and like all the other HUMANS with worthless IDIOTIC TITLES he will be forgotten. . .
or become a footnote for future JOKES. . . Like he is now!

TRUMP's impact is TEMPORARY also. . As he has attacked amd altered or descarded the
efforts of those before him. . . The same will occur for his so called TRIUMPS. . . The market
will CRASH. . As it has forever in all human civilizations. . . And resources for sustainability
of the human species will become marginalized. . . The BILLIONS of LOCUSTS now ravaging Africa and the Middle East is just the tip of the onslaught NATURE will do to HUMANITY. . TRUMP has made it clear that EARTH is just fine and ABUDANCE not an
issue. . . . TRUE. . For the small percentage of the 7 billion humans that exist NOW. . . .

That leaves at least 4 billion humans who are STRUGGLING to ponder what comes after the OMNIPOTENT TRUMP? A BERNIE type who will completely UNDO what
TRUMP has done. . . Remove the WALL. . . Give anyone FREE medical. . Food. . Education. . .
+++ till that ideology is TRASHED. . .

IT"s all a GAME OF THRONES. . . And CHINA is quetly on the move in EXPANSION throughout the PACIFIC. . . And wherever they DOMINATE the existing culture is
completely marginalized. . . Just like a NORTH KOREA state of existence. . . OBEY or
be PUNISHED. . . The CHINESE could care less about others culture they want absolute
CONTROL. . . And with 4x the population of AMERICA. . They will dominate in TIME. . .

BUT YOU and TRUMP. . . BERNIE. . . PELOSI will be faded memory. . . TRUMP is TEMPORARY
and like the EMPERORS of ANCIENT ROME. . . Will come and go. . . As will the construct
of DEMOCRACY. . . The ILLUSION that only a few can optimize. . . The rest are slaves of
a SYSTEM that relegates the masses to slavery. . . SOS!

In time the current trending GODS will join TRUMP and other so called world leaders
in some storybook. . . . Destined to fade from human consciousness. . .

Where will humanity go. . . . Most likely BACKWARDS to the familiar FEAR-INTIMIDATION
and VIOLENCE platform for power and control. . . An expanded CHINA / N KOREA on
a global scale!

Those humans who are not trapped in the MAZE of BS vomited by MEDIA - GOVERNMENT PUPPETS - and RELIGIOUS parasites will THRIVE and make the most
HUMAN. . . But most will SUFFER and perish without ever experiencing the amazing
IMAGINATION and UNIVERSE we inhabit for such a short time. . . .
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Why biblical scholarship triumphs everytimePosted 1 year Ago

IT's time NOW for humanity to leave the GODS behind. . . . And rise to the "TRUTH" of the human form of life. . . . A form that is more than capable of creating ABUNDANCE and
THRIVING without. . . . . . . . EVER needing some Ancient Comic Book puppet toy with the word
"GOD" attached to it. . .

NO HUMAN EVER NEEDS SOME puppet toy with a "GOD" label attached to it to exist and THRIVE. . . EVER. . . Sick humans use their "GOD" hoax inventions to brainwash and DESTROY

Abrahamic religions are directly responsible for causing humanity to SUFFER and go BACKWARDS in innovation and creativity. . . All 3 GODS must be relegated to MYTHOLOGY and ultimately wiped from human consciousness. . . As the perpetraitors
of the Abrahamic Religions have done to all the other BELIEF systems humans created
= completely DESTROY the CULTURE. . . Just ask the American INDIANS who were herded like cattle and forced to accept the JESUS hoax. . . . Disgusting. . . And the MUSLIMS
totally destroyng BUDDHIST works. . . . Disgusting. . . ABRAHAMICS = DEATH. . .

There will NEVER be PEACE and COOPERATION on EARTH as long as the Abrahamic
and all POWER and CONTROL of anything. . . .

The good NEWS is that over time the perpetraitors will DIE OFF and be forgotten along
with their CIRCUS of PUPPET TOY GODS. . .
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Why biblical scholarship triumphs everytimePosted 1 year Ago

Well well. . . . A PLAGUE of LOCUSTS is ravaging the Middle East?

Is this a MOSES and his JEW GOD at it again against the Arab communities?

OR. . . Is the PLAGUE something that occurs under certain CONDITIONS. . . NO puppet GOD toy needed? YES. . . . The "TRUTH" is that everything humans wrap around the JEW GOD-JESUS- and ALLAH is PURE HOAX. . . . Only time will tell if ISRAEL gets wiped out by the PLAGUE. . . . This will PROVE irrefutably that everything the JEWS-CHRISTIANS-MUSLIMS attach to their PUPPET GODS and Comic Book Torah, Bible, Quran is nothing more than human fabricated MYTHOLOGY for POWER and CONTROL. . . .

Seems like EARTH has had it with the HUMAN PARASITES who are ravagig it without
regard to anything but SELFISH AMBITIONS = all 3 Abrahamic GOD inventions. . .
they to are used as a PLAGUE on humanity. . . . The same RESULT is achieved when the
Jesus and Allah psychopaths DESTROY everything that does not accept them. .

Sadly millions of people are affected by the INFESTATION of the Abrahamic GOD
hoax. . . . May EARTH do to them what they have done to others and the planet. .

TOTAL ANNIHILATION. . . EARTH does NOT NEED the human infestation especially when all humans are capable of is self EXTERMINATION. . .
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Why biblical scholarship triumphs everytimePosted 1 year Ago

BIBLICAL TOILET = your very petty small atrophied BRAIN. . Stuffed with Bible verse VOMIT
to a point where YOU are not human. . . Just a human form playback device. . .

SOLUTION to the Christian PLAGUE on humanity. . . . Flush it all down a TOILET and relegate
this pathetic PUPPET BOY CLOWN TOY of a GOD hoax to MYTHOLOGY for stupid humans
to be entertained by. . .
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Why biblical scholarship triumphs everytimePosted 1 year Ago

BIBLICAL Comic Book. . . . . . . . . . . G A R BA G E. . . . .

How utterly PATHETIC for anyone to become so BLINDED and TRAPPED in a MAZE of '
utter maga HORSE DUMP trash. . . Bible? Which retarded VERSION are YOU drowning
in? There are so mant VERSIONS of the JESUS Comic Book series NONE are VALID. .

Just one idiotic horrifically OBSOLETE and OPPRESSIVE story after another from a time
of amazing STUPIDITY and VIOLENCE over human fabricated GOD constructs. . .

This person is DEAD. . . The body may still be active but the MIND of this person is so CONTAMINATED they have NO LIFE. . . Worse HE / SHE is determined to CONTAMINATE
any weak minded person into SLAVERY and DEATH. . . Death of the "OPEN MIND"

All this person is capable of is VOMITING memorized verses and preaching SLAVERY
to some absurd human fabricated DOGMA which has nothing to do with some puppet
GOD toy. . . I. E. JEW GOD. . . JESUS. . . ALLLAH. . The 3 stooges of Middle East mind MOLESTERS. . . Biblical HYPNOSIS and BRAINWASHING leading to a ZOMBIE existence. . .

THis person? No ZOMBIE slave drone. . . Is DEAD. . . And can only playback from memory
the CONTAMINATION planted between his ears by worls class PSYCHOTIC LIARS of
a Temple, Church, Mosque PRISON CAMP. . . . Disgusting. . .

POINT? If YOU are so WEAK MINDED to surrender your FREEDOM for slavery to some PUPPET TOY GOD HOAX. . . Theen YOU deserve to SUFFER. . .
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You are Gods part #2.Posted 1 year Ago

GOD? = acronym = G for genius O for of D for deception. . . . This is what GOD truly is

A human fabricated Comic Book story for stupid humans to become enslaved to. . .

DECEPTION is synonamous with the word "GOD" human parasite VAMPIRES who thrive
on depleteing the life energy of weak minded humans use "GODS" as TOOLS for submission to utterly retarded DOGMA the victim must OBEY. . OBEY or SUFFER. . .

the Abrahamic GOD constructs = fake JEW GOD hoax. . . . Fake JESUS joke. . . Fake ALLAH imbecile. . . Are weaved iinto a web of MURDER and DESTRUCTION of the "OPEN MIND"

Total OBEDIENCE or the VICTIM will suffer in LIFE and DEATH! A great SCAM for 1
true PURPOSE. . . . POWER and CONTROL of the masses to serve the ambitions of the
disgusting CULTS wrapped around each retarded GOD hoax. . .

the Abrahamic JESUS and ALLAH fake GOD PUPPETS are used to ASSIMILATE stupid
humans into a divided sysytem designed to incite WAR. . FEAR. . . INTIMIDATION. . VIOLENCE. .

JUST ask any MUSLIM girl / woman trapped in a potato sack for life. . . Beaten and acid
thrown on her face for disobedience. . . Reduced to some pathetic slave breeding dog
to OBEY some psychotic MAN CHILD who falls on the floor 5 x or more each day to prove his loyalty and commitment to DESTROY all who do noy accept his retraded
puppet GOD TOY. . . Same goes for the JESUS mind and life MOLESTERS. . .

Theses LIARS demand YOU accept their GOD only or SUFFER. . ? So which GOD is GOD?

NEITHER. . . Like the JEW GOD who was invented first the JESUS and ALLAH puppet GODS
are TOYS used to inflict TERROR upon all who do not accept them. . .

SOLUTION? Until the fake JEW GOD. . . JESUS. . Or ALLAH puppet toys actually SHOW UP
for their human creation DISASTER. . . All 3 are comic book TRASH and must be flushed
out of human awareness. . . Along with all the other GODS no one knows or cares about
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HUMAITIES future. . . Without Abrahamic GODS =?Posted 1 year Ago

DO the RIGHT. . . . . Thing. . . . Flush the Abrahamic GODS, Comic Book Torah, Bible, Quran, And
retarded DOGMA the parasite human preachers of these 3 CULTS VOMIT. . . Down a TOILET

and YOU will THIVE! No not really. . . YOU are HYPNOTIZED to OBEY. . . So bark like a DOG
and roll over to serve YOUR MASTER. . . Some circus clown Abrahamic GOD con artist LIAR.
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HUMAITIES future. . . Without Abrahamic GODS =?Posted 1 year Ago


Imagine EARTH without the MURDER and DESTRUCTION promoted by the HYPNOTIZED
and BRAINWASHED Abrahamic GOD slave drones. . .

A child can WONDER and EXPLORE without being beaten-raped-imprisoned-tortured by the Temple-Church-Mosque psychopaths. . . . Curiosity is optimized and encouraged. . .
espedially to use their FRESH IMAGINATION to discover possibilities to consider as they experience more information and living WITHOUT the FEAR - INTIMIDATION - VIOLENCE that is mandated by psychotic DOGMA human parasites attach to their pathetic puppet GOD TOY. . . FREE WILL. . . OPEN THOUGHT. . . CONSIDER the many POSSIBILITIES of anything without the OPPRESSION and SUFFERING given to them
for NOT CONFORMING to the CAGE Religious psychopath parasites create in the
weak and vulnerable MINDS of CHILDREN. . .

MURDERERS they are. . . These Abrahamic GOD VOMITING PARASITES. . . Sending their
CHILDREN to their DEATHS over some Comic Book GOD invented HOAX. . . Disgusting

EARTH and all creatures will THRIVE unlike any time in existence when the ABRAHAMIC
GOD GARBAGE is flushed out of human consiousness. . .
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Ulimate Revelation of TruthPosted 1 year Ago

WORTHLESS WORDS. . . . Vomited by a typical BRAINWASHED slave drone of some Abrahamic GOD hoax CULT. . .

YOUR MIND is owned by some CULT PREACHER. . . Go pray now. . . Confess. . . Admit you
are a "BORN SINNER". . . Then drown in your Comic Book Bible? Torah? Quran?
the LOOK in the MIRROR to see a CONDEMNED SINNER. . . The fall on the ground and
beg like a dog for mercy. . . . Go on waste YOUR LIFE worshipping some PUPPET CLOWN GOD TOY. . . . How many lives have YOU DESTROYED with your idiotic disgusting DOGMA and puppet GOD trash HOAX? You are truly among the greatest DISGRACE of HUMANS to exist on this extraordinary world. . . A TRUE THREAT to HUMAN INNOVATION and EXPANSION beyond these utterly PATHETIC GOD PUPPET TOYS. . . .

beg your GOD to remove YOU from this world and put YOU in a BARREN WORLD
without any LIFE at all. . This is what YOU offer humanity. . . The ABYSS of EMPTINESS
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Lilith was Adam's first wifePosted 1 year Ago

THE "TRUTH" is the most deadly WEAPON against the LIAR SCUM who use the JEW God -
Jesus - and ALLAH as scapegoat PUPPET TOYS in their GAME of THRONES quest for
POWER and CONTROL. . . The Abrahamic GODS are the stuff of TOILETS. . . And must be
flushed out of HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS if HUMANITY is going to THRIVE. . .

NO HUMAN. . . EVER. . Needs some absurd PUPPET TOY GOD HOAX and the SICK PARASITE
Temple-Church-Mosque Concentration Camps whose only PURPOSE is to utterly
DESTROY the OPEN MINDED HUMAN. . And reduce them to pathetic dumbed down slave drones. . .

The OPEN MINDED HUMAN is the greatest potential for human EXPANSION through
exploration and discovery. . . Both of which are MURDERED and DESTROYED by Religious PSYCHOPATH CON ARTISTS behind the facade of a JEW GOD - JESUS - ALLAH
HOAX. . . It's disgusting. . . There is ONLY 1place for these PARASITES of the Abrahamic
GOD TRASH. . . . A remote barren world where they can spend eternity destroying each
other over their PUPPET GOD TOY comic book TRASH
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