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About Me:Hey :) I'm a British student who likes to debate. I am studying law so naturally I cannot help but drag that often into discussions, though of course, only if it has some relevance. Since the beliefs section is so small, I would like to say (things I could not put there), that I strongly believe in equality and oppose discrimination, sexism and racism. We should not be so judgemental, regardless of our beliefs and behaviour. As long as you are a good person, it should not matter if you are gay, transgender, emotional, or anything considered "abnormal". Gender stereotypes are just outdated. If a guy cries, so what?! Everyone has their prejudices, and some things should possibly be outlawed/banned, but for many things, such as what I mentioned, we should really be more accepting. If you are, and your activities are morally right, why should you be judged? You shouldn't.
Activities:Nothing much... open to any challenges.
Beliefs:I believe that, morality and logic should be placed higher in our decisions, instead of letting ourselves be ruled by our own emotional gratification, and often selfishness. You should NEVER let your heart rule your head, and you should do what is right, and what is the logical thing to do. If doing the wrong selfish action makes you happy, then I do not think that action should be pursued. I strongly believe in international co-operation, although it is true, I massively oppose how "foreign aid" currently works and believe that we should look after our own first, before tending to others. But when we do aid (and I always support aid in an emergency), we should give countries the tools to help themselves, not merely temporary relief and money which is often spent on weapons. I do strongly support animals rights. We MUST learn to share this planet which they own just as much as we do. And it is our responsibility to combat climate change and other world problems that harm Earth.
Books:Harry Potter, Darren Shan, The Enemy
Movies:Lord of the Rings, Terminator 1&2, The Matrix, Star Wars
Quotes:"This is your heart, and you should never let it rule your head" - Sherlock
"I am not intolerant of religion, I am intolerant of intolerance"
"True freedom is not simply left or right. It is the ability to know when a law is needed, but more importantly, know when one is not"
TV Shows:Sherlock, Doctor Who, Merlin and Supernatural (among others)
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The UK should not lower VAT rates


First round is acceptance...

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Is it OK to put people into prison?


Let's start with some basic assumptions that are pretty sound. 1) That it is unethical to kidnap or restrain other humans. 2) And that nothing can justify a kidnapping unless the goverment is corrupt. Because of its nature, imprisonment is no different from kidnapping, especially when the military can kill without any punishment. Why should it be any different when it comes to prison? You could claim that assault can be rationalised because 'He did it first!' or 'God told me.' but th...

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Is violence part of human nature? And if so, will it always be so?


Violence is only a part of human nature because we make it. It's in video games, music, t.v shows, and movies. We don't have to be a violent species. We only use violence to 'get what we want.' I think the only reason why violence is so often found is because we don't know how to control ourselves. Violence is never the answer and should never be part of human nature. It's scary and completely unnecessary. We, as people, need to learn how to cope with our problems other ways. No violence needs t...

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