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About Me:Looking back at some of my old posts on this site, it frustrated me how disrespectful I was to certain people. It's easy to blame those on middle school/early high school immaturity, but I should have known then what was wrong. If I ever get the chance to apologize, I'll definitely use the opportunity. As for my time on this site, I think it's time for me to officially retire from it. It was a fun 5+ years, however I barely use it anymore, and am busy with far more important things. It was a great run. I'lll definitely miss it. 2/11/2019
Quotes:"You know, we're similar, and have a lot of common. If we tried we might actually be good friends. But you don't care, and I don't care. So we're just 'frienemies'? Is that a word? If it wasn't, it is now. But seriously, we could get along, but we both don't feel like trying. So let's just coexist, and continue to get on the other's nerves"

Abby's words to me in Marketing. I love that quote.
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Phoebus High, Class of 2018
Newport News, Virginia, United States

Chris Sale will win the AL Cy Young Award over Blake Snell


The first round is for acceptance. Blake Snell and Chris Sale are widely seen as the 2 most likely choices for the American League (AL) Cy Young Award. Both pitchers have put up impressive stats for the entirety of the 2018 baseball season, And both have received praise and endorsement from the media to win the award. First off, Please be respectful in this debate, And the second main rule is that both debaters can only use stats up to September 18th. Any future starts or innings thrown by e...

Debating Period
Updated 3 Years Ago

College basketball is a more interesting sport than College football


The first round is for acceptance. The 2nd round is for arguments. The 3rd round is for rebuttals. The 4th round is for closing statements. College basketball and college football are quite possibly the 2 most popular amateur sports. People all across the country watch these sports on a daily basis, whether it be cheering on an alma-mater, or just watching on television to pass the time. I, pro, will argue that college basketball is the more interesting sport, while con will argue that Colle...

Debating Period
Updated 4 Years Ago

BYU Cougars. Fire head coach Kalani Sitake after terrible season?


First round is for acceptance. The 2nd round is for arguments. The 3rd round is for rebuttals, and the 4th round is for closing statements. I previously accepted a debate with the above debate title, not knowing it was only one round. However, since I found the topic extremely interesting, I"d like to have a friendly debate with someone about it. Preferably, whoever accepts should be knowledgeable about either the BYU Cougars football program, or college football in general. However, if you"r...

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Updated 4 Years Ago

BYU Cougars. Fire head coach Kalani Sitake after terrible season?


Think of all the good that the new head coach has done his his couple years there. I mean sure, they were terrible this year, but that's not all his fault. It was the Offense in my opinion that were the worst. I'm not going to point fingers, but the offensive coordinator wasn't the best at his job. But that has nothing to say for the amazing skill that kalani sitake has for coaching. When he was at oregon state he was an excellent coach. his ability to coach has grown a lot since then....

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Updated 4 Years Ago

Should schools require First Aid/CPR/AED classes


First round will be opinion the argument,rebuttul,then pointing out weakness in your arguments. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

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Updated 5 Years Ago
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The cursed parakeet from Bleach
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Keep proving the doubters wrong
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March 2016 nonsensical pictures :)
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