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Started: 4/14/2019 Category: Games
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
Viewed: 786 times Debate No: 121310
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Open your first argument. I will refute it as good as i can.
no trolling. Type real stuff.


What's this debate about exactly?

If it's about banning me from the site than I don't have to prove why I shouldn't be banned, The burden of proof falls onto you.
Debate Round No. 1


It seems like my opponent skipped the first opportunity to debate with a real argument, Or it maybe just some other reasons that my opponent is too dumb to debate with real paragraphs. I don't know. But this time i'm doing real stuff, And not trolling like somebody (including my opponent here) doing on debate. Org.

one debate with somebody else exposed your common state. Not in general (although it is, But i'm here just to expose you once to not let you feel failure in your life, Or as little as possible if not free).

Debate: Should Indians be illegal 3?

first up this name isn't ethical. SHOULD INDIAN BE ILLEGAL. This is your debate. What does it mean? It means to banish 1. 4 billion people and give them a lack of nationality. You'd expect 1. 4 billion refugees caused by a random american student, When the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations exhausted their own lives caring for other people?

3. It says 3. I'm sure you lost 2 of these already. And since repetition isn't beneficial, I'm sure "raidpirate" will win this 100%. This masculine subject(you) is either afraid of winning, Or just careless of what he's doing. I'm not sure if when his elo rank will sink once more, But he is basically 600 below an average debater, Which is supposed to be 2000. He trolled and lost so many debates that the system downgraded him.

and this is just the title page. If you don't want to be roasted with evidence more than enough, Close this and surrender.

"They stinky and smell like curry and i don't like stinky people and indians are stinky and they tame snakes and have red dots on thir foreheads XD XD XD"

this is your first argument.

only opinions are present. You don't like stinky people, Who knows that it's not a religion? And also india is a developing country, Which means not everybody is treated like lil pump. Smell like curry? That is just labor. You should thank them for cooking such delicious curry, And not saying they are dirty. Tame snakes and red dots are traditions. We should respect other cultures, Not acting superior to them. What does XD mean? You are not taking this argument seriously. Raidpirate can look here for resources, But i just proved you are careless of debate, Uneducated and racist. If you are mistaken, Why don't you show REAL arguments instead of your pp?

also you spelled their wrong. A typo in a 100-page essay is tolerable, But a typo in a 2-sentence argument is the definition of carelessness.

moving on.

"Con called me a " cunt ", And to kill myself. This is poor conduct. "

okay chill. But it is real that you are racist. And it looks like if you had good conduct. You typed 2-3 sentences per paragraph, And he probably typed less is just to give you the respect that you shouldn't gain. That's why i'm here to destroy you with his inner heart.

moving on again.

"Aright I know I'm supposed to be a freaking troll and all but this is absurd. Con is exhibiting very poor debate conduct, At least my argument which I admit is ridiculous, Is an actual argument? "

spelled alright wrong. Finally you realized that you are a troll. Just explained how you got a poor conduct as well. This argument is ridiculous i know, Because it is OFF TOPIC. Excuse me? This debate is about whether indians should be illegal, Not about your argument. The world operates as well as if you are on the earth compares to you being off the earth. Your opinion isn't more important than the others.

and yours isn't a real argument either. If you call that one i'm sure the con's also count. Typing more isn't the most important, Yet typing more stuff that's meaningful counts. I already set a good example throughout this argument, So you should be able to do it as well.

well as another point his is more of an argument that yours(but not too good either). He stated that you are a bad person(which i agree with) straight to the point. And you can barely defend yourself with the words the god already gave you. For your format, God gave the human words so he can let the human utilize it, And not abuse and waste it.

thus 12inchbeef is a bad debater.

argument done.


Gonna cry? Gonna piss your pants? Maybe? Maybe sh*t and cum? " Well then you f*cking normie, Maybe you should click on my username and on my profile you should see three dots to the right of my username. Click those three dots to open a dropdown menu reads "Block". Click that option and confirm that you want to block me to avoid seeing my future posts
Debate Round No. 2


Are you the one saying that? Well if you are the one making me blocking yourself, That means you surrender. Because this, I open the same format as you for the last round.

Wanna lose? Wanna be blocked? Wanna surrender? Well just go off this website, Delete your account and never come again. 12inchbeef make sure i win. 12inchbeef is the earth's failure.

the amount you put into your argument versus mine is just unfair. I've got a life. I cannot be sitting there 24/7. Yet i still "waste" my free time arguing with you. You're what? Just a nerdy highschooler/college student who only care about inappropriate stuff? You know what does that mean? You are the opposite of moderation. A swear word in front of the word "Normie" is enough to prove that your hatred feelings of moderation is carried to an excess itself. Want a quote? I can give you some. "" In all matters moderation is desirable. If a thing is carried to excess, It will prove a source of evil. " wanna prove you are evil yourself? Easy. I'm sure god know what it have done to you.

to use your format, God created language and he says to utilize them, And not waste them.

well want me to do another debate?

Debate:Socialism Opponent:Anubiki

first i saw your debate and i saw you debating at the position of Con, I was surprised. In fact. I saw your formal profile being communism, And then saying you are an american nazist, That is like saying you're both water and fire themselves. No wonder you debate like no one. The reason is that you are just a ridiculous extremist, Not being moderate at all. If i give you enough respect, Zifsha. M will be unhappy. Screw sickintheheadz. He's better then you also.

well suppose you changed your mind, Then cancel your debate, Or change your profile pic. I'm sure you're lazy both sides. I can assume that you changed your mind, So i'll give a model argument by Rob1Billion. The reason he's on big issues' leaderboard is because, Well i'll state in the next paragraph.

Rob's debate was about capitalism, So these are similar. In fact he lost the debate. But still, Even he debate better than you.

Rob:"The first two contentions are theoretical while the last one is practical.
You can criticize the system we live by, But
*** 1) We have this system for a good reason: it works. "
You:"socialism bad, Free market good"

it may not seem long enough for Rob, But i only stated one part of his introduction, Yet i cited the entirety of your argument. Seriously? That is one sentence. Straight but barely any elaboration. Looking at rob's, Respectfully starting his argument that is based on a particular social system, And clearly it has a reason. Go to his debate. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

socialism could be bad, But it won't be resolved with 1 sentence. Free market isn't black and white either. Coincidence isn't a cause and effect. Mark my words. Your debate arguments are called TEXT MESSAGES.

Moving on.

Rob:"Con has failed to introduce enough evidence to substantively differentiate the US's success, Particularly that of the late 40s and beyond, From free market mechanisms. Although a radical "libertarian socialist" like Noam Chomsky would likely disagree, I don't think the generally accepted economic explanation of the US's prolific economic growth over the past century would fail to put the free market's role as one of the cornerstones of our proven success. "
you:"pro u gay XD XD XD"

I take that back. Yours aren't just TEXT MESSAGES. Yours are text messages THAT HAVE 0 TO DO WITH THE TOPIC. Saying pro is gay isn't going to help with capitalism. In fact. Where could you even find an inference that pro is gay? Don't waste the places for debates and leave them to mere text messages. That does not make up a good argument.

Rob had enough texts and references for this paragraph alone. Probably more than your entire debate. I'm not sure if i understand this paragraph correctly fully, Because i don't study civics, But that is better than your textings.

you start all those debates with barely anything talking with inappropriate things. Yet you win barely any. This is just a reflection of it. Learn from him.

resources: https://www. Debate. Org/debates/capitalism/1/
https://www. Debate. Org/debates/Socialism/37/

Done. Be right back. I got the power of Zifsha. M and Omar2345 on my side. Fight me.


Can't believe you honestly spent all of this time typing up an argument to a troll who's just going to respond with a 5-word response like " haha ur gay ", And yet you're the one talking about not having a life. Yep totally legit.
Debate Round No. 3


"Can't believe you honestly spent all of this time typing up an argument to a troll who's just going to respond with a 5-word response like " haha ur gay ", And yet you're the one talking about not having a life. Yep totally legit. "

gladly you know what you are, But don't surrender. Surrendering makes one weaker and more vulnerable. You are a troll. I know that. Nobody asked for that, Nobody need extra information. Not having a life? Well where did i state that? All i did was saying how wrong your arguments are, And compare to REAL debaters maybe. Totally legit, Totally legit, That i waste my time with a fricking troll here? That i do that and get nothing back? I should quit debating if everybody is as careless as this. Not bad. I know a highscholler/ college student could do better than that, And yep you totally wasted those time on those text messages.

i forgive you because you are SickInTheHeadz's friend. This sentence is meant for annoying purposes, For both of you said the same type of thing already.

and even people like Backwardseden is better than you. Even Sickintheheadz.

First up, Sickintheheadz:

He made a great claim ON HIS COVER PAGE. You wrote I LOVE YUMMY CHEESE. Not saying he is overcomplicated but yours are simplified too much. We all know it is a careless caretaker over here. You. He debate about Hillary clinton. You debate about pps. Totally legit. Understand my sarcasm.

Backwardseden debated about god from an atheist's point of view, Even though he lost most of them, He still make claims. At least he does. You are a jerk consider most of your debates in the same page isn't even relevant to each other.

and lastly you. Won barely any debate. Proud to be a troll. At least the other two won some debates and made wonderful claims once, While you are just straight useless, An ultimate troll ON A WEBSITE WHERE TROLLING IS NOT TOLERATED. Totally legit? You answer it yourself. If yes, Then i tell you what's right from a view of the world's morality; if no, Then, Well self-explanatory.

Just for fun, Let's do another rebuttal.

Oh just to remind you, Assuming people being gay isn't something nice to say, Even if he is or respect the LGBTQ community. And also, The thing you used in the second opportunity is very overused. You wrote it on at least 6 other debates, And on your profile. If you want to surrender, I will help you. Also you catfished Mikal, Which debates better than you obviously. Nothing matches. You think a straight pathman would do these things? Prove me wrong if you can. If you can't then surrender.

Back to the rebuttal.

this debate is called "Is BiggsBoonj a lesbian? ! ? ! ? ! " seriously you are the starter. And you left too much waste. I mean it could be anything but a text message, But that debate is opinionated, Unlike this one which 12inchbeef is worse proven by facts. Bigsboonj debate better than you. True. He/she has anything to do with LGBTQ. Unknown. You could harass other people effortlessly and meaninglessly. False. The earth operates better if you go off the earth, Probably. You've harassed too much people with discrimination.

Anyway. What is this? "Yeah he is he doesn't think white people can be racist even though their fat and smell like beer. Hes a giant lesbian who do to a botched surgery has a -2 pp. Also he his overwatch main is tracer since shes lesbian. Therefore he's a gaint lezbian. "

this is just incomplete evidence. How do you know? How you you know what his private part looks like? That is also inappropriate, So i point is out for you. Also you spelled Lesbian wrong.


"Con you must be stupid. Your a transgender black male with a -2 pp. And you suck other trans womens holes"

Incomplete assumption based on personal hate again. Racism, Sexism, LGBTQ abuse again. How much do i need to tell you to stop? Anybody told you to stop. If you don't want to be here, Quit debating already. You should do that already, Since only like 1 person supported you, And hundreds of people hates you.

"No you're not your a wetouded black transgender female curry eating poo eating penis eating lesbian with a -2 pp. "

Same thing as i explained above. This is not healthy behaviour. Spelled retarded wrong. This should be in the book of "How to be annoying and disgraceful 101". And you stated that he eats unhealthy stuff, Well how can you prove it?

Bigsboonj can do THINGS. Not NOTHINGZ.

You are a disgrace to the human race. Anybody moral could tell you that. Bad behaviours all over the place. Intolerable. Intolerable.

You are not even a bad debater. You are a bad person in general. You are not NEW. You are CARELESS. Really.

Argument done. Await your response. The votes will be done soon.


Debate Round No. 4
20 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by anc2006 3 years ago
thou must read with care and seek the truth layeth within the text of thy vision, And yet vote with thy right mind within the most enforceable argument; comment on the section of the second with careful words that does the work of reinforcing the clearness, And not the unnecessary tension of the unfair, And review all before posting on the website to filter out the necessary out of the text of the unnecessary, That above all will minimize the unintended harm towards the humanity.
Posted by anc2006 3 years ago
so you agreeew ith me just because you can?
Posted by Yeezus_Christ 3 years ago
Gonna have to side with con on this one as well due to the fact that we have the right to freedom of expression and idea's. It may not fit your "bill" but it is still an opinion
Posted by Zifsha.M 3 years ago
There is nothing we can do about this. An another person who encourages the fool 12inchbeef. Just like sickinthehead and fanboymctroll
Posted by anc2006 3 years ago
Honkler really? You support 12inchbeef?
Posted by Honkler 3 years ago
I mean pro
Posted by Honkler 3 years ago
Going to have to agree with con here.
Posted by anc2006 3 years ago
A group of people isn't gay. It may be the manager/boss who's gay. But let's blame on the person, Not the team ok:?
Posted by robouryman 3 years ago
T Series is gay, Fam

-Matahma Gandhi
Posted by Zifsha.M 3 years ago
I can if I want to, Sickinthehead but I will leave that to sometime. . . . . But remember that me being a Muslim isn't why you are behaving like this. So if you change your behaviour, Admit your wrong and stop being unfair to every debate then I will consider whether to be Nice to you or remain the way I treat you! So choose your decision fast. Time runs and passes. Tick tock tick tock. Your decision was to be Nice admit your wrong, And be fair and then you obey it in here. Forever. If you don't consider my decision to remain the way it is. Chose wisely!
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