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21stCenturyIconoclast: A tale of a coward!

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Started: 5/4/2019 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I'm sure many of you are aware, Recently we have the experienced a resurgence of activity from an "Athiest" (or at least he claims to be! ) known as 21stCenturyIconoclast. Throughout my time on this website I have experienced a few trolls but none ever as blatentent and hypocritical him. He is a quick definition of iconoclast for you: "a person who attacks or criticises cherished beliefs or institutions and a destroyer of images used in religious worship" so far he has attempted to do these things but quickly realises that he is outmatched intellectually so resorts to personal attacks like these:

"Anonymous "NOT SAYING" 03,

I am to send a message instead of showing out front in how you and others are blatant fools? Surely you jest!

The victory most certainly happened, It is only inept vacant minded 17 year old fools like you that don't realize this fact.

Say, Since you are known as "NOT SAYING" because you're afraid like a little girly boy to take a position, And because of this FACT, Do you also wear a mask on your face so as not to be identified as being the fool? LOL!

You still act like a 17 year old. :("

Iconoclast's go to moves are to quite frequently call his opponent a fool which is huh comical coming from him, Here is why:

1) He never has evidence, Instead he shoves his wild theories down your throat and calls you a fool for having a logical thought process and seeing through his bs.

2) Since he feels intellectually inferior he will try to insult people A LOT! Many times Steven Crowder owned him and he snapped back with an insult over a rebuttal

3) His arguments are always erratic and to put it kindly insane, Which goes on to tell you something about his mental state.

4) Finally his overuse of "big" words, This shows that he is self-conscious about himself and to feel better he has replace words with more complex synonyms to feel self worth. Which I pity him, Because if he actually tried to use evidence he would do a lot better if he actually tried to use evidence.

now ladies and gentleman the part you have all been waiting for. . . . Its time for he cowardly tale of 21stCenturyIconoclast: So a little while ago he stated this:


YOUR QUOTE: Ok here is a challenge; Prove to me how"fraudulent" and satanic lutheranism is!

Try and find some "big boy" pants, And get some diapers as well, And set up a debate about your disgusting Christian Lutheran faith! Give yourself 5 rounds, Because you are going to need them, With 10, 000 characters, Of which, You are going to need those as well. Also, Get someone else to sit in for you, Because you don't have 1/10 the ability to defend your Bronze and Iron Age belief, UNDERSTOOD, FOOL?



so in response I set up a debate for him to prove his absurd theory but little did I know this p*ssy was too scared himself to actually accept this challenge! As of time of writing the challenge has been up for over 2 days and yet he continues to run away as I have seen him online numerous times. Not only does this prove what a coward he is, But is also proves how contradictory he is!

In conclusion this parasite should be kicked off the platform as he doesn't contribute anything positive apart from spew hate speech. But I still will give him a second chance if we accepts my challenge!

Oh and I now dub thee; 21stCentury "self-conscious" iconoclast.



i need to finish 3 debates to be able to vote so. . . .

here we go.
Debate Round No. 1
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Zifsha.M 3 years ago
My possibility is that ;More than a half of the members are fed up with him and mostly pissed off. He can never be a mature person. . . My apologies if I am wrong. .
Posted by ur_gurly_belana 3 years ago
ok, So I guess I'm not the only one who is pissed off with this dude's immaturity.
Posted by TopNotch101 3 years ago
Also, What the hell do you mean by Lutherans being pseudo-Christians?

https://www. Urbandictionary. Com/define. Php? Term=pseudo-Christian
This link describes pseudo-Christians. Sorry that it's only from Urban Dictionary, But it seems to describe 21stCenturyIconoclast quite well
Posted by TopNotch101 3 years ago
Yes, I needed something like this lmao
Posted by Anonymous03 3 years ago
Oh boy, You can tell if you have NOTHING to say if all you're going to talk about is 'you posted it in the wrong place'. You're pathetic and a nobody, And have absolutely nothing to help yourself on this site. Nothing. You're irrelevant both online and in real life- how does that incel life feel?
Posted by jamontoast2 3 years ago
this just continues to get better!
Posted by Crypt_19 3 years ago

Ahh you finally arrived! Actually I made it a direct challenge, So it should pop up in your feed.
Posted by 21stCenturyIconoclast 3 years ago

Where did your mommy set up your debate for you, Because it is NOT in the Religion section of DEBATE. ORG where it should be since it is relative to your comical Lutheran DIVISION of Christianity!

Where did you post it to save face, In the "Movies" section of DEBATE. ORG to hide from it, Because you know that I will easily make you the continued pseudo-christian fool?

Kids, Ya got to love em as they act their age! LOL

Posted by StevenCrowder 3 years ago
The below comment is directed at @backwardseden
Posted by StevenCrowder 3 years ago
Your arguments are exactly the same. Same verses, Same insults, Same comment layout, Same views, Never disagrees, And that makes me think you are the same person.
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