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A place named Dallol in Ethiopia proves that the god of the bible either does not exist or lied

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Started: 2/10/2020 Category: Religion
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Recently scientifically studied is a place called Dallol in Ethiopia. This is where no life, Not even microorganisms can exist unless they are blown in from the wind, And they quickly die. So genesis 1:26 and 28 are loads of humungous ignorant B. S. Bile as well as other verses in the bible that its supposed "god" has mentioned and claimed to be true. How does it feel that an actual "god" either does not exist or flat out lied or both? So scratch perfection off the list for this supposed "god". Well, That is if YOU can even prove that it exists.

Dsjpk5 is disqualified from the voting procedures as he tries to pretend he's god and thus change the voting structure of who wins and loses here on DDO.


I see no links in the claim that "a place named Dallol in Ethiopia proves that the god of the bible either does not exist or lied". The pro side has failed to indicate how the fact that nothing lives in Dallol contradicts the verses mentioned, And even if they did, The pro side has failed to show how that proves the god of the bible lied or does not exist
Debate Round No. 1


I really hate stupid, Uneducated, Unintelligent, Imbeciles who obviously use heat insulated con-dumbs for their endangered feces love songs better half side of the brain which fits my opponent's lower bod perfectly before it sprouts bean sprouts in their noodle casserole at din din time to thus make a better sculpture before their pecker gets sunburnt under a supernova absolute 0 sun lamp. What a hand grenade weight loss program idiot that cannot put 2 + 2 = 4 together AND READ because it's beyond his bleeding milkweed. He MUST be a so-called christian in which case there is no such thing as a christian.


Once again, My opponent has failed to give any kind of coherent argument and has resorted to name-calling and ad hominem attacks. I once again give him an opportunity to make a connection between the verses of the Bible that he mentioned and this place in Ethiopia which lacks life. I suspect it has something to do with mankind "subduing" the Earth, But I once again fail to see the connection to a place in Ethiopia that lacks any life. Perhaps my opponent is making some kind of argument that since it is impossible for humans to survive everywhere on Earth naturally, Some kind of contradiction was created, Which I could simply respond to by pointing out that nothing in either passage necessitates humans being able to survive anywhere on Earth.
Debate Round No. 2


"My opponent has failed to give any kind of coherent argument and has resorted to name-calling and ad hominem attacks. " You deserve this when you do not post anything that is intelligent and edumacated that can fix the human brain with oxy-gen. Just because your bionic peg between your wittle wost wosy stem of your uterus caught in your deep widened anal throat cavity express, Well, Wow sir weinersnag, I guess you are far too much of a simpleton to get it. . .
Can't have genesis 1:26 dominion which is another term for domination "over the fish of the sea, And over the fowl of the air, And over the cattle, And over all the earth, And over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. " If nothing can live at Dallol, The only known place on earth where life not only does not exist, But cannot exist, Even two miles deep below the Atlantic ocean, Oh yeah, Where many places have been dug and quadrillions of bacteria have been found within one spoonful. Yep only at Dallol, Nowhere else on earth, Nothing lives. This includes microorganisms and bacteria that blow in from the wind. So man, This would include your hillbilly High Noon razor dull witted minced mutton moron mechanical mind, Cannot have dominion/ domination over any life forms there that even blown in from the cupcake sore poverty sap wind. So YOUR toxic barrier god lied and stated that man does have "dominion/ domination, When in fact this is a completely fraudulent claim. Got it zipper neck? Let's explore this even further since your cabbage batbrain does not understand this simple concept. . . Genesis 1:28 "Be fruitful, And multiply, And replenish the earth, And subdue it:" Cannot replenish ANYTHING as far as life is concerned, Especially to subdue it, If life cannot exist at Dallol. So YOUR cracker jack with a flip book of a stick figure peeing for a toy prize inside, Because that's all your brain can grasp from one moment to the next, Unproven storybook character god of print only in which case you cannot prove even exists, Lied in YOUR bumbling babbling baby brained big black blank hole bible. We're not done yet oh great rubber slinky "and over the fowl of the air, And over every living thing that moveth upon the earth. " Well well well well insects certainly do fly above Dallol and they quickly die as well as do boards, Oh sorry, Birds. (sorry about that deliberate miss-steak. I know shoot me with a brick shipyard). So man does not have "dominion/ domination by any means over ---any--- life that could possibly exist no matter for how short of a time it would be at Dallol. YOUR UNPROVEN STORYBOOK CHARACTER GOD OF PRINT ONLY LIED, A couple of many in YOUR bible. Gosh!
You lose.
I'm so very glad I made your day ultimately better. Please do not post me again unless you have something even remotely intelligent to say. We both know that's gone POOF hasta la bye bye.
You are nowhere near as smort, Sorry, Damn I keep making these deliberate miss-steaks, Sorry, Smart as you think you are.


I believe my opponent is using the words to "subdue", "have dominion over", And "replenish" in ways that were perhaps not intended by the people who translated this text. I'm sure if you somehow managed to time travel back to the 10th-5th Century BC, And brought this argument to their attention, They would get a good laugh out of it. The text makes it clear that man was supposed to have dominion over the whole Earth plus the animals. Just because nothing lives in that place doesn't mean man doesn't have dominion over it. Plus you're wrong that Dallol is the only place without life, Check out the Atacama Desert in Chile. Man can also certainly "subdue" something that isn't alive, People climb mountains and we say that they conquered them. The idea that mankind couldn't "replenish" Dallol is correct, But the text obviously refers to the general Earth, So it makes sense in context. Of course, If humans could theoretically terraform Mars, Changing Dallol into a habitual place doesn't sound like too much of a stretch, Entirely negating his entire case

I'd also appreciate it if you cut back on insults while you're making your arguments because they seem to have a habit of getting in the way of your logical reasoning.

(Also, Using big text makes you sound either angry or insane which doesn't help your presentation)

I'd also like to pose a hypothetical to you, "If this argument is profound in disproving the Christian God, Why does it never appear in well-reasoned books and papers by atheists? " I've never seen Richard Dawkins use this particular argument against Christianity or any other well-known atheist. Their arguments are normally useful and thought-provoking, An argument about a supposed contradiction in Genesis is neither of those things.

I am happy that you've chosen to discuss a unique argument against Christianity, As debate is always a useful way to understand and connect with the rationale of others. I'm also happy that you've applied your critical thinking skills by looking for your own arguments against religious texts. I hope that this will lead you down an educated and bright future.

As always, I'm interested to see what you have to add to this debate.

Like the French say, "bonne chance"
Debate Round No. 3
25 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 11 through 20 records.
Posted by backwardseden 2 years ago
Really? And which "correct one" would that be out of the at least 33, 480 denominations of christianity that there are when last tallied? Gosh golly? Really? So don't even bother trying to sell me on your pig farm nazi swastika yodeling Buddist monk white collar trash that doesn't work, K snookums THAT YOU INVENTED AND YOU KNOW IT! Oh and to make matters worse for you, Even though this was probably already mentioned, There's no original version of christianity. So your plumb sauce is gone dead train. Yeppers, You have no beginning. You guess as always with no starting point and you have no idea from what is right or from what is wrong AND YOU F--KING has no business trying to preach to someone who clearly knows your religion, Like me, One helluva lot better than you, Which is yet another reason why you have no genuine friends or loved ones, None, And you ---never--- will.

"You commit another logical fallacy assuming that that many translations = no true word of God. " Well, You don't know what that is my pig barn boy. So don't try to pretend that you do and or lecture me or anyone else on it. Take one lucky guess why you don't know what the word of your unproven storybook character god of print only is? And it has nothing, Nada, 0, Zip, To do with YOUR bible. If you don't know what it is, Then sorry, There's no chance ---ever--- that you can possibly know and or understand what your religion is and or what it is about. PE-IR-OD.

"Or am I confusing your response with stupidity? " Better yet, Your thoughts are stupid. Why? Mathematical equations are the only facts that there are. 2 + 2 = 4 no matter what language you speak IF you do not change the equation/ symbols. Your unproven storybook character god of print only can and is disproved no matter which language you speak. Got it smarty darty?

"Have you considered that perhaps my problem is that I am able to read and yours is that you cannot? " No. You cannot read. You cannot comprehend. I can do both.
Posted by backwardseden 2 years ago
communication, Advertisement, Correspondence possible TO A GOD.
Here"s a few examples"
* In the Bishop"s bible, The one before the KJV, The word "Tyrant" was used I don"t know how many times (its at least 400 from what completed records show) and then in the KJV that was replaced by "King". WHAT? Tyrant and King are two different and totally apples and oranges with each having totally different meanings.
* In Isaiah 45:7 KJV "I form the light, And create darkness: I make peace, And create evil: I the Lord do all these things. " In the NIV version, Its "I form the light and create darkness, I bring prosperity and create disaster; I, The Lord, Do all these things. " In the NLT its "I create the light and make the darkness. I send good times and bad times. I, The Lord, Am the one who does these things. The words "evil" and "disaster" and "bad" are 3 completely different words that have 0% of nothing to do with each other and completely change the meaning of the verses. With each different verse, The messages are completely different. The synonyms of each word don"t even match.
Now which version is correct if any that millions are reading? And doesn"t any thinking moron, But you have proven to the s--t of the universe that you are totally incapable of thinking, Not know that no god would allow this kind of crap to not allow any kind of passing the grade and thus no true god, Not for any reason among many reasons, Would never even contemplate using text as a form of communication, Advertisement, Correspondence TO ANY GOD? So what's left? Faith? Do you ---really--- want to get into faith? Science doesn't work because no science was mentioned in the bible AT ALL of any kind to explain its god's existence. You lose.

Then you step into something that is so beyond completely spastic and ignorant that you might as well shave your balls with a used yeast infection resurrection. "You just have to do some studying to find the correct one. "
Posted by backwardseden 2 years ago
Awe, I just cannot resist because you are just so flat put stupid and ignorant. "Even if there are many translations, It does not mean that the words of God was lost. " Um yeah it most certainly 100% does. But first ask yourself "Why am I so completely stupid and ignorant? " Who says that ANY of the bible is true? YOU nor anyone can prove that ANY of it is. After all there"s no possible way that it can be proven as to who ---any--- of the authors were, Yes that includes Moses. There"s a good 1, 000 supermassive hypocritical contradictions and inconsistencies in your bible making it unreadable. There"s copies upon copies upon copies upon translations upon translations upon translations upon dead languages upon dead languages upon dead languages that have died off with absolutely no possible way to trace any of it back to the original because no original exists in the first place. So EVERYBODY, No exceptions, None, Is misinterpreting. Now suppose that there is an original? Who"s going to interpret from this original and get it right so that each translation and update that is required is going to get the same exact message throughout eternity which is a true impossibility simply because of translations terminology differences. "And and and" is going to mean something completely different in another translation to "the the the". Even better? What if these interpreters misinterpret as they all do with no questions asked? Even better? Who gives these interpreters the right to CHANGE anything that these characters say especially with the updates that there are in your bible? Simple. Compare the KJV to the NLT. Especially with your lead characters of your god and christ. Its truly pathetic. Now with all of these truly hideous fatalities in text alone, There"s absolutely no possible way that a true genuine god would have not foreseen all of these fatalities and would not ever, Not for any reason, Use text, Namely your bible, As a form of
Posted by kwagga_la 2 years ago
Oops *2+2=4
Posted by kwagga_la 2 years ago
@backkywaggy Even if there are many translations, It does not mean that the words of God was lost. You just have to do some studying to find the correct one. You commit another logical fallacy assuming that that many translations = no true word of God. For instance: if you ask a junior class what is 2+2 and you get 10 different answers it does not mean that you cannot find the correct one where 2=2=4.

Remember, If you do the calculations and have to use both hands, You"re doing it wrong.
Is the facts contained in the Bible giving you a hard time? Instead of "refuting" my claims you respond by "who cares". What magnificent response, Filled with artful beauty, And skillful thought! Or am I confusing your response with stupidity?

Have you considered that perhaps my problem is that I am able to read and yours is that you cannot? Just a thought, You know, Radical out of the box thinking. The funny thing about what you are saying is that even with 1500 or more alleged errors, The Bible makes advance statements thousands of years before science discovered it. All those supposed errors but still correct about so many things! It"s not true that only I matter, Why do you think I take the time to respond to you? I never give up on you or tell you "you blew it" etc. And then ignore you. Is that not what a friend is supposed to do?
Posted by backwardseden 2 years ago
@kwaggatail_lalalazagne - "my evidence"" Woah there spotted reindeer horsey. It is YOUR evidence isn"t it with a very big duh. This means that you have no actual evidence, Nothing to actually back up your claims, With scientific evidence, Anything that is tangible. All you have is your hairy greased up bag of wind that are your fingers controlled by your latin triggered fuzzy wuzzy bee-cuz hi-5 rubix cube nuzzle that controls your steam feathered brain.
"for the statement I made is found in the SPELLING. You talked about microorganisms when the Bible mentions mankind. " Um no. Wrong as always. Why are you truly horrendously awful at interpreting your very own bible? Oh and btw, Who cares what your bible says as no true god would be stupid enough to ---ever--- use text? (we"ve been over this) "With all your ranting"" Actually it"s you that rants because you have no idea, None, As to what you are talking about. You freely admitted it with your opening clause "my evidence".
"you still did not give a reasonable answer how you can possibly justify twisting the Bible like that. " OK I didn"t, But only to an idiot moron like you who is utterly incapable of interpreting his bible on his own. Strange, But you in being the perfect contradictory hypocrite that you knowingly are but could never admit it, It's perfectly OK when you twist YOUR bible to turn it into whatever you want it to, To whatever suits YOUR wants, Needs, And desires in which case YOU must do at least 1, 500 times in order to keep up with translation errors alone, And when that's done, You can trash the rest in which case you always knowingly do. Yep you can scrap the s--ty parts. Awe gee, So continue to only pay attention to YOUR evidence and see how far it gets yah. This is one of the major reasons why you have no genuine friends or loved ones. You only pay attention to YOU. YOU only matter and screw everybody else AS I HAVE TOLD YOU time and time again. You had your chance. You blew it. Bye.
Posted by kwagga_la 2 years ago
* Dallo could have been habitable at some time, No one knows.
Posted by kwagga_la 2 years ago
@blackwards You write: "And who knows how long that has been taking place". Finally you say something sensible. There are places that were inhabitable before but today is not anymore. In the same way Dallo could have been inhabitable at some time, No one knows. So in other words, All you said so far is nonsense. You base your argument on its present condition!

Assume that we have no answer. Then the answer is "I don"t know". The answer isn"t "I can"t think of anything better, Therefore evolution did it - kwagga_la

So are you saying that you don"t want to be my friend because you discriminate against me based on religion?
Posted by kwagga_la 2 years ago
@blackwards As mentioned, Man can build an environment there where they can live which means that, With their millions of microorganisms, Microorganisms would be able to survive there. In case you miss the point that means your statement is false that no organisms can live there. Either way, You are wrong.

Unlike you, Who depend on opinion, To establish your truths, I try to think for myself. I do not need a church or churches to agree with me in order to be wrong or right for that matter. You depend on Matt, Youtube, And other people in order to prove you are right. It"s clear from your posts, Because so and so said it, It must therefore be right. Matt is your Pope and Youtube your church.

Without evidence? The Bible states that the earth was divided in Genesis. Today they call it continental drift. Is that now unscientific because the Bible said it thousands of years ago? The Bible always said the earth is round and "hangs" in space. It does not matter what people said, That"s what the Bible said. Is that also now unscientific because the Bible said it first before modern science?

Many things are found in the Bible that"s true. Your dismissal of everything in the Bible is ludicrous.
Posted by kwagga_la 2 years ago
@backy my evidence for the statement I made is found in the SPELLING. You talked about microorganisms when the Bible mentions mankind. With all your ranting you still did not give a reasonable answer how you can possibly justify twisting the Bible like that. You also commit the logical fallacy of "either or" because uninhabitable places do not prove your point at all. There are alternative answers available to explain this.

Man cannot rule there? If they really wanted to, They could go and build concealed environments and "rule" there. How do you think humans survive in space? But again, You think people HAVE to go there when they DON"T have to go there.

Answer me this. Oh master of evolution, What came first? The lungs or muscles etc. To make it possible to breathe air? What came first? The stomach or the mouth and organs to be able to take food in? Evolution is a gradual process but our bodies are made in a way that we had to have everything at once or else we could not have survived. That"s what the Bible and commonsense teaches. If the stomach is first, We will die of hunger because we would not be able to swallow. If we could swallow, But no stomach then the same would happen. Science SPECULATE what came first. They cannot PROVE at all what came first. Don"t claim everything about evolution is factual when it"s not.
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