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Started: 9/24/2019 Category: Health
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I say abortion shouldn't exist because its a time were you kill something that could exist. People always say they start off as cells ya OK i don't care you decided to make don't get rid of it who knows who that could of been.


To start off, I have a terrible history of leaving for multiple days and accidentally forfeiting, Starting now, I am no longer going to do that.
I'm assuming we're just stating our opinions here, So, I believe that abortion is a woman's right, And that it should not be outlawed, I believe this for a number of reasons that I will specify in later rounds.
Debate Round No. 1


Abortion should not excist because you technically killing a human. Humans techinacally still have those cells but it cetainly wrong to just do something like that. Unborn babies have a right to live. When you are getting a Abortion the cells can feel it. Abortion also caused physical harm. . .
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Posted by Secular_Priest 2 years ago
There is no way that those cells can feel pain. I will concede that, Once a certain age has been reached, A foetus may feel pain. But, Abortion is done via chemicals in most countries, So no harm is put onto any one, Other than mental. Furthermore, Abortions are not normally carried out at such late stages of development for the reasons that it is, Practically, A human baby. Abortions are only carried out in late stage if the mothers life is at risk. People need to do research into abortion in order to talk about. To say that a women does not have the right to chose to get an abortion on a child she can not raise, Or had no choice in conceiving, Is truly immoral.
Posted by John_C_1812_II 2 years ago
The state of the Union on a legislated abortion.
Female pregnancy abortion is an admission of wrong as a united state it takes away a women"s presumption of innocence as a united state. Woman have had to bear the burden of creating all woman as equal, American constitutional obligation started the moment that an insistce woman be allowed the United State constitutional right to vote for a President. The basic principle that had kept woman from voting was being allowed to own land. This united state would have given women a right to vote
That weight has affected the terms of obligation over time as the general idea was it had been the American constitution which was to blame for the actions of all woman disqualification as a united state to vote. With the basic principle of a woman President also being unconstitutional the fate of American constitution was seal to be the enemy of woman and the idea of its preservation simple was no longer a objective.

Female specific amputation is a united state constitutional way in which all woman can be created equal under American constitution to address the now organized attack on American Constitutional principle.
Posted by Zainyway 2 years ago
"Who knows who that could have been" is not a valid point because the counter-argument to this is simply as strong as the argument. What if the abortion was the next Hitler?
Posted by zapshe 2 years ago
"When you are getting a Abortion the cells can feel it. "
How? For a cell to "feel" would imply that cells not only have their own pain receptors, But a brain to process those signals.
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