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America Does Not Exist

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Started: 5/15/2018 Category: Places-Travel
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Debating Period
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So I was looking through this beautiful website one day.

Then I saw it.

An article called "Australia does not exist" with countless dimwits presenting their "arguments" on why Australia does not exist.

So I have done my research, through the years, and realised that America, in fact, is a hoax.

That"s right.

America is a hoax.

The reason for this is why would a big and rich country such as America steal oil from third world countries? I tell you, America is just a cover-up for the organisation known as the Illuminati to carry out their illegal operations.

You say you"ve been to America?

Well you"re wrong. It is all part of the Illumati"s advancements with technology.

You see, every time you go to "America", you"re actually part of a virtual reality program which makes you believe this hoax.

What about those American YouTubers, you say? Well they are all fake identities created by the Illuminati.

What I am saying will attract the attention of the organisation known as the Illuminati, as I have just exposed them through my logical arguments. Therefore, I must RUN.

Goodbye for now, I must survive the Illuminati.


A cursory glance throught the Preamble, and the US Constitution proves the existance of America. Also, the many historical references to America, and the many wars prove it.
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Posted by Annie_Black 3 years ago
I was just browsing around, Looking for assignment writing and I got here somehow and I love it! You made my day! Thank you!
Posted by factandevidence1234 3 years ago
Well pro believes in a lot of stupid conspiracies it seems.
Posted by natraps117 4 years ago
What about the people who live in America? I have lived here my whole life. is my life a lie?
Posted by AsianTrumpSupporter 4 years ago
As you can see the illuminati was behind all of this. "Presidents" are merely puppets of this organization. They are responsible for America's wealth, power, and Famousness. This group of superior beings have formed America with machines that are far beyond our comprehension. I present to you all gentlemen the founding of our existence.
Posted by asta 4 years ago
If America doesn't exist, then who protects your country from terrorism?
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