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Animal Testing. . . Yes or No?

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Started: 2/17/2020 Category: Science
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Animal testing is very inefficient. About 100, 000 animals die per year because of this experimenting. I believe that animal testing is cruel and should be stopped.


What are you basing the claim that it is inefficient on? Yes, We experiment on many animals with various medications or treatments that end up not working or never making it to clinical trials/human use, The vast majority of these don't. But they are still very essential for medical developments to be made, We can't predict it's going to fail, The data given to us from these animal experiments is what lets us know more about the medication. It's the best model we have for testing before entering human testing phases, After theoretical review. We have to experiment like this to make strides and get to where we are today. We can predict a lot through theory and algorithms in regards to receptor targeting/binding, Interactions in the body, Etc etc. But there are limits to this and experimentation is simply needed after reviewing all of the above. There are guidelines on how to experiment on animals and to which degree you are allowed to do so as a researcher, To ensure that it occurs ethically.
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Posted by Leaning 1 year ago
Animal Testing sounds rather broad.
Would an argument for live-tissue trauma training, Fit into your debate?
cbs8 article news exclusive pigs killed in military trauma training near alpine
Basic gist would be if we can kill pigs for the pleasure of a meal, Why is it unacceptable to kill them to save human lives.
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