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Anxiety and Depression are NOT all in your head.

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Started: 12/17/2019 Category: Health
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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It has been said that anxiety and depression are "all in your head" but they aren't. I have a couple of reasons:

1) "All in your head" implies that the problem is imagined, Or not real. I disagree. Just because they are mental disorders doesn't make them not as real as cancer. Would you say that of an autistic person? That they are just "imagining" that they have autism? I don't think so.

2) Yes, It's a mental disorder, But it involves WAY more than that. It has psychological and physical implications. It affects thinking and behavior. It can literally cause pain. So, No, It isn't just a mental disorder.

3) Some people say that it's possible to think beyond the sadness and fear. Depression isn't just sadness, And anxiety isn't just fear. They are much more complex than that. It is extremely difficult to think past a mental disorder. There is so much going on inside the head that sometimes it gets hard to even think straight. I've turned to God, And He helps. Really. But that doesn't mean the disorder is gone. It's still there. God isn't just going to take away the pain, Because sometimes it's necessary. So thinking past it, Even with God, Is not the full answer.

Honestly, I think it's extremely rude for someone to say that a mental disorder is "all in your head. " When people say it, It just shows to me that they either don't have the disorder, Or they have it easy.

(Note: To whoever accepts my debate, Please be polite, And please don't swear. ;) Thx! )


Well, Reading your statement, I totally get it! I myself suffer from both anxiety and depression, So I get what you say, When you describe it as being also physical.

However, I do think you're mixing your argumentation, And making it confusing. First of all you say: (quote) " Yes, It's a mental disorder". . . . "So, No, It isn't just a mental disorder" - I don't get your point here!

- You say it is not just in your head. Well, I know it can cause physical pain. However, A mental disorder is 'happening' in your head, And yes I can (if necessary) argument as to why it is.
Therefore, It is still controlled by whatever is going on in your head aka. A mental disorder.
After all, You are able to go to therapy and talk about it. This is easy to say - I know - but it is something being able to be cured more the less in your head. If it gets 'cured' (I know it can be incurable) your physical pain will also go away.

- I as an atheist have a question, Why is it necessary to feel pain, And why won't God just take the pain away? (Please answer this, I find it very interesting! )

So in conclusion, Yes it is rude to say 'it is all in your head' - but, This is true. It is happening in your mentality, Just causing physical things to occur. It is factually right, But this still does not justify people being rude, Don't worry :)

(Hope you get where I'm coming from in my point of view, And that I haven't offended you)
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Posted by backwardseden 2 years ago
Ab-so-lu-te-ly 100% true. Depression, Anxiety. Bi-polar you name it, Are by no means "all in your head". Sure there are some fakers, Yes who pretend they've got these things, Yes, Especially those to get what they want, But then there those who have these disorders like myself and have for a very long time who takes my meds like a childs because if I miss taking them, The reactions are pain, As I exist in constant pain, Even sometimes before the meds wear off and yeah especially to help me sleep and without them, Its simple, I don't sleep. I also could tell you some true horrifying nightmare stories that would turn anybody's soul black. And then I would tell you about me. Pretty pictures usually, Though not always, Don't exist in my world, Especially at X-Mas time when 3 of my friends died back to back to back. But thankfully I do have a very good support group of genuine friends that I've known for nearly 4/5ths of my life in which case I think everybody not only needs but requires. But be warned, Don't talk too much about your problems to them or you will lose them. And ALWAYS, No exceptions be honest with them. Jsu as here, Be honest here. No need to lie, Not ever. Religion was stated here for this debate and yeah I agree, That's what religion does to people. It lies to its subjects/ believers. There's an interesting statement that has come about as of late. . . "Why believe without evidence rather than believing with evidence? " There's no evidence for ---any--- god's existence. None. There's also another statement that just came about on Sunday "The bible is a genocide manual. " Don Baker. He's right with countless verses from its paranoid god. So why believe? Religion is supposed to make people a lot happier, Kinder, Caring, Loving, Harmonious, Peaceful than they once were, Even if indoctrinated from birth, Etc etc etc. But how can it if its god(s) are the polar opposites?
Posted by Leaning 2 years ago
Well, Of course a person's mental health isn't 'only in their head. Though there is a reason therapies like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy exist. Because how a person thinks can be related to anxiety and depression.
Though sometimes a person is just in a horrible situation every day, In which it'd be unusual 'not to be anxious or depressed, No matter 'how they try to structure their thoughts.
Sometimes a person is just eating junk food, Hiding indoors without getting any sunlight, Not sleeping well, Or exercising. Which all can have negative effects on your mental health.
Some people are just genetically prone, Or have an overactive thyroid.
Or many other reasons that I don't know about. I'm not a doctor.
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