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Are cartoons nowadays getting stupid?

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Started: 11/17/2017 Category: TV
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Debating Period
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While some of them are one of the stupidest ever conceived by man, others have opened our hearts and changed our lives. This is ENTIRELY your opinion, and this will be a FAIR debate.


I am will be taking PRO, these cartoons are stupid. For that, I will use 3 examples and my claims against them

1) Emoji Movie
CLAIM: It is too much influenced by modern culture, with no morals present. It is ridiculous and clearly a marketing scam just for the littlest amount of revenue.

2) Teen Titans Go
A stupid spinoff that was labeled, a fart in a half. Fart humor is not a funny source to go for with humor that has no morals. There is no morals to any of these episodes, again, just for marketing

3) Family Guy
I am going to use a non moral example in this one, to point out flaws in a non moral and non marketing show. Seth has lost his edge in comedy. Modern Family Guy is the worse episodes ever by reviews. No plot and just swearing and violence. Not really a great show

Sure there are some good cartoons, but the majority are stupid,
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Posted by Prathmesh_Vishwakarma 4 years ago
I do think so because as we all know that kids nowadays are watching television most and on top of that are watching cartoons. So, parents do not find time to teach them good manners. To overcome. this, they allow their kids. to watch cartoons to learn good qualities. But cartoons nowadays are becoming stupid. Earlier, cartoons used to entertain kids. alongwith teaching them good qualities! Nowadays, cartoons have introduced action and kids are getting influenced by it. So, they tend to perform all this. So, I strongly stand in favour of notion that cartoons nowadays have become stupid.
Posted by Simple_Logic 4 years ago
Yes, modern cartoons do not teach values or virtues
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