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Atheism is a bankrupt religion

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Started: 8/3/2019 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Atheism is the oldest, Dumbest and most dangerous religion in the history of mankind.


ATHEIST? A word attached to HUMANS who are intelligent enough to KNOW that the GODS are Comic Book man made inventions. The purpose of using this word is to DEMORALIZE - DEHUMANIZE - DEGRADE - INTIMIDATE and HARASS the
human who NEVER NEEDS a Comic Book character to pray to and beg for salvation for even EXISTING IN HUMAN FORM!

ATHEIST is used extensively by the HYPNOTIZED and BRAINWASHED Abrahamic JEW - JESUS - ALLAH PUPPET GOD HOAX dumbed down slave drone worshippers. These ZOMBIES are chained like starving dogs to their TEMPLE - CHURCH - MOSQUE
parasite preaching VAMPIRES who use FEAR - INTIMIDATION and VIOLENCE both psychological and physical to force their
VICTIMS to SURRENDER their minds and lives to serve THEM not some idiotic PUPPET GHOST GOD invention that is NEVER
available for its flock of FOOLS.

There is NO DEBATE HERE. . . Just some zombie slave drone who is instigating and argument with ONE LINE SENTENCES which is the extent of their INTELLIGENCE or more accurately LACK of any INTELLIGENCE to think and reason critically about anything. . . . His / her? BRAIN is atrophied to the size of a small plum and contaminated with Temple - Church or
Mosque programming VOMIT. All this former human is capable of is defending their PUPPET GOD and CULT they are
imprisoned by they are SLAVES and true enemies of all things FREE WILL and OPEN MINDED. . . They exist to slave and serve
some CLOWN PREACHER in a Halloween Glory Gown costume that plays GOD and has infected their BRAIN with ways to
CONDEMN everyone that does not accept their BELIEFS. . . TRULY SICKENING. . .

ATHEIST? No such human exists. . . Abrahamic religious slave drone programmed to MURDER and DESTROY the OPEN MINDED human. . . Yes everywhere, They despise FREEDOM, They need to SUFFER and make others SUFFER. SAD. Very sad
indeed. . .

CONCLUSION = NO HUMAN EVER NEEDS some pathetic Comic Book PUPPET GOD invented hoax to EXIST and THRIVE.
EVER. Those brainwashed FOOLS who fall for the clever stagecraft and HYPNOSIS conditioning of JEW - JESUS - ALLAH PUPPET GOD hoaxes serve HUMANS who play GOD in their GOD's name. . . Their GOD is the ultimate scapegoat to cause
MISERY - DEATH - DESTRUCTION to all who do not accept their INSANITY. . . They are truly parasite VAMPIRES of FREEDOM and HEALTHY LIVING. . .
Debate Round No. 1


Atheism is a chance of the gaps worshiping religion.

Can't explain something? Chance must have done it.

Everything is possible under this chance of the gaps worshiping religion.

Just keep rolling the atheist dice and given enough time poof, Out comes Unicorns and flying spaghetti monsters.

It's the dumbest religion in the history of mankind.

No dumber religion can possibly exist.

It's also the most dangerous religion in the history of mankind.

The number of dead bodies that have been piled up by atheistic chance worshipers is north of 200 million, Which makes the so called numbers "caused" by official religions look insignificant in comparison.

Given that atheists are statistically in the minority, It makes this fact even more pertinent.

Atheists should be on the terrorist watch list, They make Islamic jihadists seem like angels in comparison.

There you have it, The unofficial religion of atheism, The oldest, Dumbest and most dangerous religion in the history of mankind.

According to the atheist pope Richard Dawkins, Everyone is an atheist by default. When someone is born, He/she is an atheist. This must therefore logically follow that Richard Dawkins atheism has as much sound reasoning put into it as a brain dead toddler.

Brain dead and atheism go hand in hand.


How UTTERLY PATHETIC. . . . To assign a meaningless word to an extraordinary LIFE FORM.

The PARASITE VAMPIRE PSYCHOPATHS who contaminated YOUR tiny BRAIN with some twisted GOD - Comic Book stories
(Torah - Bible - Koran ) and worse the horrifically OBSOLETE and OPPRESSIVE DOGMA VOMIT has obviously turned YOU
into a dumbed down slave drone imbecile.

Not only has the Abrahamic PUPPET GOD inventions caused massive physical DEATH and DESTRUCTION by the followers
like YOU who are hypnotized and brainwashed to surrender their atrophied tiny BRAINS and MISERABLE LIVES to the CULTS that are spun in these PUPPET GOD hoaxes names, WORSE is the CONCENTRATION CAMP LIKE PROGRAMMING to destroy FREE WILL THINKING and LIVING.

the GOD you worship it is the PARASITE VAMPIRE CONSTRUCT = RELIGIOUS DOGMA invented by psychotic humans not

MURDER and DESTRUCTION by the slaves of these 3 CULTS is normal it is WRITTEN in their COMIC BOOK GARBAGE and
demanded by the religions DOGMA. . .

DOGMA FOOL. . Look it up. . They are the RULES the CULTS DEMAND their retarded slave drones to OBEY. . . The highest
priority of the JEW - JESUS - ALLAH PUPPET GOD CULTS is to MURDER and DESTROY the OPEN MIND. . . Do not think,
do not imagine, Do not innovate, Do not create, SHUT UP AND OBEY or be PUNISHED and EXECUTED if necessary.

FREE WILL thinking and activity will result in PUNISHMENT and/or DEATH. . .

YOU emphasized PHYSICAL MURDER and DESTRUCTION by dictator psychopaths. . . Many who were and are JESUS or ALLAH
infected. The point goes way BEYOND the physical DAMAGE. . The PUPPET GOD INVENTORS designed a system of MIND
and LIFE CONTROL and is built on FEAR - INTIMIDATION - VIOLENCE especially towards the INTELLIGENT critical thinking
HUMAN. The JEW - JESUS - ALLAH Vampires want total SURRENDER of MIND to their DOGMA. . They do not want independent OPEN MINDED ANYTHING. .

They want the PALESTINE EFFECT. . . Keep people miserable and chained to OPPRESSION and SLAVERY. . Build NOTHING
live like dogs on the street and constantly fight among each other deny as much as possible = nutrition - education - housing- health care - everyone must exist to SERVE the the LEADER CLOWN in the Halloween Glory Gown costume
that plays GOD. . .

ATHEIST? A human that does not give a CRAP about the GODS especially to slave and serve HUMANS who play GOD

YOU are a SLAVE. . A pathetic servant of some CULT VAMPIRE that molested your MIND. These are the greatest TERRORISTS
on EARTH. . . They MURDER and DESTROY the OPEN CURIOUS MIND and reduce it to a atrophied ZOMBIE SLAVE STATE

HUMANS cannot be LABELED. . . That is the work of the PSYCHOPATH CON ARTIST SEEKING CONTROL. YOU are another
dumbed down slave drone unable to think and be self reliant. . . Go pray your pathetic life away. . YOUR PUPPET GOD hoax
is waiting for you in HEAVEN or is it HELL?
Debate Round No. 2


Copy and pasting invalid assertions does not qualify as an argument.

The chance of the gaps worshiping religion of atheism truly is the dumbest religion in existence. The IQ of its followers according to pope of atheism Richard Dawkins, Is equal to that of a brain dead toddler given toddlers are "atheists by default".

Atheists are clueless with respect to the following basics:

- atheism isn't the reciprocal of Christianity. It's the reciprocal of theism
- the general definition of religion which certainly puts atheism in the bracket of religion
- the logical necessity of atheism being a chance of the gaps position
- that actions of atheists matter and that those actions supersede any dictionary definition of atheism atheists like to point to

Unfortunately for chance worshiping atheists, Criticizing other religions does not validate the religion of atheism. You have yet to validate atheism.


MORE CHRISTIAN VOMIT. . . If your JESUS was standing before you NOW he would SPIT on YOU then VAPORIZE you into

The CHRISTIAN? What the HELL does that word actually MEAN? Nothing. . . There are so many TWISTED and RETARDED
versions of CHRISTIANS it's virtually impossible to keep track of all the twisted versions.

The Jehovah's Witnesses CONDEMN YOU and your LIAR CON ARTIST CHURCH? So do the Latter Day Morons, And the Coptic Christian clowns, And the Catholic Carnival BOZOS, And the Lutherans, And the Baptists, And the 7th Day Adventists, ++++
to many CHRISTIAN CLOWN SPINS to list.

How about all of those LYING SCUMBAG CHURCH VERSIONS? What say your JESUS about all of those CHRISTIAN lunatic

These pathetic CHRISTIANS condemn each other to HELL. . . Your JESUS would approve of this behavior among his utterly
PATHETIC FLOCK OF FOOLS who use him as a scapegoat to gain POWER - PROFIT - CONTROL over the weak minded
brainwashed sheeple drone CULT followers. . . DISGUSTING. . .

What of ALLAH and the 2 billion MUSLIMS that condemn the JESUS hoax? And the 15 million remaining JEWS who had
the imbecile Son of some JERK DADDY GOD murdered by Romans? They don't give a crap about this boy GOD fool.

So what does the word CHRISTIAN stand for? ATHEIST is used as a TOOL to degrade humans who are to intelligent
and OPEN MINDED to fall for some Circus CLOWN JESUS God hoax. . . .

The CHRISTIAN is the epitome of LIAR and CON ARTIST. . . These parasite fake believers are in it for their EGO. . . JESUS
is a pathetic PUPPET toy used and trashed. . . . The CHRISTIAN wants to PLAY GOD. . . They are so INEPT and BRAINWASHED

Go pray now. . . Fall on the floor and shake like the imbecile you have been turned into by some CHURCH CLOWN PREACHER
who has contaminated your MIND for life. . . .
Debate Round No. 3
37 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by lcplusplus 2 years ago

What happened with your lord and savior Chief Atheist Dillahunty?

Bwahahahahahhahahahhahah. . . . .
Posted by lcplusplus 2 years ago

LOL, You speak of my world view as if it was based on subjective opinion yet it's the atheistic materialistic world view that is the definition of subjective.

You have no idea what you're talking about, Get up to speed this isn't the year 2005, Even your atheist compadres although still weak and pathetic are light years beyond you.

Seriously dude. Hahahahahaha. . . . .
Posted by lcplusplus 2 years ago

LOL, I hear your atheist priest Dillahunty grew some balls and is actually going to debate Jay Dyer Aug 19th. I recommend you watch that debate and see your priest of atheism get crushed like all the other atheists Jay Dyer has debated.

What will be left of your online atheist career when your priest of atheism Dillahunty gets exposed? You won't even have links to reference.

Poor you.
Posted by missmedic 2 years ago
Religious belief is dogmatic and immutable therefor it can't be improved or change, Making your own thoughts and experience worthless. However I still find your comments most entertaining.
Posted by missmedic 2 years ago
Any other ideology or philosophy or hypothesis about the world is eventually expected to pony up. It's expected to prove itself true and/or useful, Or else correct itself, Or else fall by the wayside. With religion, That is emphatically not the case. Because religion is a belief in the invisible and unknowable and it's therefore never expected to prove that it's right, Or even show good evidence for why it's right its capacity to do harm can spin into the stratosphere. With religion, The proof comes from invisible beings, Inaudible voices. The proof comes from prophets and religious leaders, Who supposedly hear these voices and are happy to tell the rest of us what they say. It comes from religious texts, Written ages ago by prophets and religious leaders. It comes from feelings in people's hearts that, Conveniently, Tell them what they already believe or want to believe. And the proof comes in the afterlife, After people die and can't come back to tell us about it. Every single claim made by religion comes from people: not from sources out in the world that other people can verify, But from the insides of people's heads.
Posted by backwardseden 2 years ago
* https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=lMLzThidlZM The Burden of Proof is on Christians or Atheist? ! - The Atheist Experience #776
* https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=_25w9CE73ak - Bill Maher - Atheism IS NOT a Religion
* https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=qHsFA7cp7M0&t=178s - Atheism a religion?
* https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=cUh91EP8ClE - The case for Atheism (Richard Carrier)
* https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=lDpEeHD54Mo&t=1397s - The Gospel According to Carrier
* https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=mLdjoEWOnec - A believers guide to Atheism in 9 minutes
* https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=wtO1e9breLs - Is Atheism a Dogmatic Religion?
* https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=TqhRlpjp4Dw - Atheist VS christian Jaclyn Glenn

I'm so very glad I made your day better. Please do not post me unless you have something intelligent to say. And we both know you are not to keen on intelligence.
Its such a shame that missmedic and myself have rubbed your toxic moo juice into your fragile singing magnetic undies - you know, The strapons where they guide you through rat candy corn mazes. And into the inchworm of puddles so they can take some nibbles on your flea infested you know where areas. Chalk one up for the blackboards!
Posted by backwardseden 2 years ago
@cplusplus - god are you *yawn* boring. No one, Not one person has ever been able to prove any god from any religion not ever, To exist in the entire existence of the human race. Oh and btw, All you have to prove your god is your bible and absolutely nothing else. There's no scientific mumbo jumbo that leaps off the pages to prove your god even exists. Oh and btw, No god would be stupid enough, Not ever, Not for any reason to use text, Namely your bible, As a form of communication, The worst form of communication possible TO A GOD. So you have NOTHING.
Now let's prove that atheism is not a religion by flooding your page with videos which thus proves that atheism is not a religion in which I 100% know you will not look at because you like all theists cannot accept any truthful evidence because you are a genuine idiot when it slaps you across the face.
Oh and btw dimwit, The people who made these vidies, They will always know one helluva lot better than a simpleton child like you.
*https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=7o5h0DdcyTA&t=264s - Reasons for accepting atheism B. O. P.
"Religious claims fail to meet their B. O. P. " Matt Dillahunty
"Its not that we accept atheism because you"re accepting a non belief. Or let me rephrase it. It the rejection of a belief. It means the same thing I suppose. You"re suggesting that we believe in something never indicated until indicated I can"t believe it. I mean you can make up any number of things that can come to your imagination, But when you posit them as true it is incumbent upon you to come up with a reason why we should believe that it is true. " Aron Ra
*https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=WbxqvugoJuw - Proof that atheism is accurate and correct
Atheism doesn"t have the B. O. P. It is the rejection of claims that have not met their B. O. P.
Atheism is the lack of belief in something.
*https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=E3rGev6OZ3w&t=130s - Penn Jillette: Reading the Bible (Or the Koran, Or the Torah) Will Make You an Atheist
Posted by lcplusplus 2 years ago
". Humans have invented thousands of gods over thousands of years and all have become myths when belief in them stopped, Showing us that gods exits on belief alone. "

Yes missmedic, Believe it or not we are able to assess each of the thousands of gods just like we can assess anything else through reason and cross them out of the equation. For example it's relatively easy to cross out the hindu and norse gods based on metaphysical assessments. None of those gods have a sound fundamental metaphysics and whether you value such assessments are not my problem, It's your problem to deal with.

you're spewing the same old tired atheist talking points, "thousands of gods" is not a valid argument.

as you continue you will get exposed more and more, Leaving you with nothing in the end, What will happen to your online atheist career?
Posted by lcplusplus 2 years ago
the chance of the gaps religion of atheism is responsible for creating a universe, Galaxies, Stars, Planets, Life, Intelligence/consciousness. It happened for no reason whatsoever. Truly, This is the dumbest religion in known existence.
TO ATHEISTS: stick to Twitter and leave philosophy to the pros.
Posted by lcplusplus 2 years ago
hilarious nonsense, Do you think of that has any effect whatsoever with respect to the arguments I have presented here? Apparently you don't even understand basic logic.
atheism is a religion based on a incoherent materialistic world view it's a religion that worships chance as the ultimate and fundamental explanatory force of reality. Hence it's a chance of the gaps position, Which leads us into an infinite regress of chance events that renders science itself incoherent.
it's the oldest, Dumbest and most dangerous religion in the history of mankind.
it's amazing that atheists actually think you have some kind of argument in there. I'm starting to think atheists are dumber than I originally thought.
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