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Athletes Pay

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Started: 12/12/2019 Category: Sports
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While the highest paid athletes draw more attention, The truth is that most athletes are fairly paid. Plus, We tend to forget that published professional athletes' salaries are gross salaries. In 1950, Athletes started to get paid more than the average worker. US Olympic winners do not have to pay taxes according to the "Victory Tax" law. Through players who are wealthy may not command widespread sympathy, Their union is responsible for ensuring they can access a fair share of the game"s profits. Cities spend billions of dollars to host major events and subsidize sport facilities. Critics say cities should not host mega-sporting events and should reject publicly funded stadiums. Professional athletes generate huge revenues and many of the athletes that play them are being paid what some consider to be outrageous salaries. As the number of multimillion dollar payouts in professional sports continues to grow, More people are asking whether athletes deserve the big bucks.
The highest paid athlete is Vince McMahon. Those who play pro sports, On average, Make more that five times the highest paying occupation in the United States on average. Professional athletes get paid a king"s ransom to play a children's game. The chances of becoming a professional athlete is under two percent, But the chances of striking it rich once drafted into the pro leagues is off the charts. When the Duke University basketball star Zion Williamson injured his knee in a freak accident in a game on Wednesday, It reignited a debate over whether student-athletes competing as amatures on college campuses should instead become paid professionals. Pro athletes generally range from the average two point one million dollars per year (median salary) to the highest paid athlete making two hundred fifty million dollars per year. Christiano Ronaldo makes fifty-six million dollars per year, Kobe Bryant makes two hundred fifty million dollars per year, And Barack Obama made four hundred thousand per year when he was in office. To put this into perspective with other respected careers, On average teachers only make thirty-eight thousand six hundred seventeen dollars per year annually, Lawyers on average make one hundred eighteen thousand one hundred sixty dollars per year, And doctors make on average one hundred ninety-six thousand three hundred dollars per year according to USNews.
Pro athletes should not be paid millions because they are being paid to play a game. Paying players is not the answer - not because it is wrong or anything, But it is because we have yet to devise a fair, Feasible way that will not create more inequities. Paying athletes would distort the economics of college sports in a way that would hurt the broader community of student-athletes, Universities, Fans and alumni. Instead of spending money on fancy locker rooms and sleeping pods focus on student-athletes compensation. All pro athletes want to get paid millions and become rich, But is it worth getting injuries after injuries to play a game. An Army General gets paid two hundred thousand dollars, But with twenty years or more of service. Athletes performances directly affect the other teams that they play against. While pro athletes are getting paid millions of dollars our policemen, Firemen, And military veterans perform to save people"s lives, But yet they do not get paid millions of dollars. Professional athletes are overpaid, Compensation should be based on job importance, Not entertainment. If anything, Life saving jobs should be awarded more money than professional athletes, Because they put on more stress than they need to have on them by saving people"s lives. They should also not be paid because think of all of the people who need money in the world, And here athletes are getting paid millions of dollars. Which the money that is not going to the athletes could have found cures to diseases, Or gotten things that poor people need. Also an average job gets paid way less than athletes do.


Hello, I absolutely agree with you that pro athletes make ridiculous amounts of money to play a game which is basically throwing around little balls. Sports are just a game and somewhere along the way people started taking it way too seriously. It angers me that a surgeon goes to school until hes in his 30s only to make a fraction of what this athlete makes.

However i must argue againt "prohibiting" these athletes from making their salaries. The way i see it, These bloated salaries are a negative by product of a capitalist society, Which is a ideology i stand behind. Supply and demand i believe is a big factor in which drives a capitalist society, And alas there is a huge demand for sports because the masses crave it. There is money to be made in entertainment in this country not just from the players but all the other associated merchants, Suppliers, And other supporting third parties. To redistribute this wealth seems like it goes against american core values.

To put a cap on their salaries seems like a socialist agenda, Which is something im against. Alas this may become a political debate which im not really fit to carry on (not near well enough informed).
Debate Round No. 1


While most players do not get paid nearly $350, 000 for each basketball game they play, Like basketball player Al Horford, A significant amount of athletes from a variety of sports have an annual salary of over million dollars.

In some sports, Such as the NFL, A team cannot release a player until he is cleared from injury and during that time the team has to pay the player his full salary.

According to Anastasia, People may argue that professional sports are a billion dollar industry and that when teams are raking in hundreds of millions of dollars, The players, Who are the faces of these teams, Deserve a significant portion of this.

Even if the lower wages don't result in lower prices, Team owners could use the extra money to give back to the communities that used their own to pay for the stadiums and arenas that teams play out of.

An extra million is enough for some players to switch teams, So lower salaries could make players more loyal to their team and community.


Indeed it would be very beneficial for teams instead of giving their players bloated salaries, To instead reinvest it in the communities. And im not surprised to hear that behind the scenes the teams are raking in even more money.

But how will this "redistribution of wealth" you propose play out? Do we expect the president of the US to make a simple proclamation and hope that the pro sports industries go along with it? Or do we take it a few steps further and enact legislation that will put caps on salaries, Or force all the excess funds ( and you better believe there are excess funds) to be redistributed to people and other organizations who need it? This will of course require voting in the house and the senate. Again i venture into the political arena, But isnt voting a function of the masses? Mass opinion? Sports are only overly compensated because the masses make it so. This goes back to supply and demand. A redistribution of wealth law could be proposed for sure, But it stinks of a socialist agenda, Which would make it unpopular. And alot of people in this country love their pro sports and might see this redistribution of wealth as a threat to one of their favorite past times.

I wish i lived in a world where pro athletes (which are fundamentally grown adults who throw little balls around) didnt get compensated 10 times more than a neuro surgeon. But do i think their wages should be tampered with or restricted, Thats a definite NO. These excess wages are a negative by product of a capitalist, Free society.
Debate Round No. 2


The chance of becoming a professional athlete is well under two percent, but the chances of striking it rich once drafted in the pro leagues is off the charts. Those who play pro sports, on average, make more than five times the highest paying occupation in the United States on average. Median salaries of pro athletes vary depending on the sport as well as the individual; however, they generally range from the average of 2.1 million per year to the highest paid athlete making 250 million per year. To put this in perspective with other respected careers, on average teachers only make $38,617 annually, lawyers average $118,160 per year, and doctors make $196,380 per year, according to USNews.
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