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Athletes Pay

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Started: 1/29/2020 Category: Sports
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Athletes should not be paid as much as they are getting paid. The athletes should not get paid millions because they are getting paid to play a game. United States olympic winners do not have to pay taxes according to the "Victory Tax" law. The average athlete makes more than the average worker in a lifetime. Paying athletes threatens the future of sports. Paying athletes diminishes the true meaning of sports. Athletes need to learn what hard work is and not just by playing a game. Why pay athletes if some illegally enhance their abilities.
They should not be paid as much as they get paid because they get paid five times more than a neurosurgeon. Athletes should not be paid as much because with the money that they do not give them the United States could pay teachers more. Also why pay athletes if some of them get arrested or get caught cheating. Instead of paying athletes millions, Pay back the national debt. Why pay athletes if some of them will do anything to win. Athletes are not worth as much as they are getting paid. Athletes are greedy. Athletes are selfish. Athletes do not need all that money
Professional athletes do not need, Multi million dollar mansions. Paying players is not the answer, Not because it is wrong or anything but it is because
Critics say cities should not host mega-sporting events and should reject publicly funded stadiums. Cities spent billions of dollars to host major events and subsidize sports facilities. Some athletes after they retire, Do not need to work because they made so much money. Not long ago athletes had to work two jobs to make ends meet. The lowest paid athlete usually makes around three hundred thousand dollars. Athletes are some of the most known people. An athlete is the job that every child wants to be. If the people that save lives do not get paid millions, Why should someone that runs up and down a field debt paid millions. Athletes are people that do not want to work hard. Athletes are paid to run around and tackle etc. But only for hundreds of millions of dollars. Although some athletes give away millions to charity they are still getting millions into their bank account. Athletes are greedy so they charge about seventy dollars for their merchandise. Although a professional athlete is another job they are getting paid more than every job. Athletes should behave to play and get paid. The highest athlete contract was worth four hundred thirty million dollars.


Firstly, I"d like to wish good luck to my opponent and express my thanks for challenging me to this debate! This will be my first debate on DDO and I"ll try to make it a good one! I"d also like to clarify, That my deepest sports knowledge is on Football (NFL), Thus a lot of my examples will be drawn from there.

I think that athletes can make RIDICULOUS amounts of money, But I want to make sure we don"t overstate how much they make. Sure, You may have read that Russell Wilson (QB for the Seahawks) made $35 million last year (highest NFL earner of 2019). But to keep things in perspective, The next highest paid player on the team is making HALF as much ($18 million) " the average annual salary for the top 50 highest paid players on the Seahawks is $3. 8 million. That"s a BIG drop off! The point I"m trying to make with all these numbers is that for every 1 guy making the big franchise-player money, There are a lot of his peers, Who don"t. You also have to factor in that for most athletes, They don"t make any money until they make it into the major leagues. All those years of peewee, High-school, House-league and college don"t pay dividends until they make it into the pros. Of all the athletes that are eligible, Only 335 get invited to the NFL combine, Of which only ~220 get drafted. Therefore, The barrier to entry on a "profitable sports career" are very tough to overcome. And even if you get drafted, You have to stay at the top of your game, Avoid getting injured and perform at a high enough level to convince owners you"re worth that 8-figure-contract. You have to consider ALL the athletes, Not just the ones with the juicy contracts, And when you do, Their pay is FAR less impressive.

This leads me to my second argument for athletes pay: They are (supposedly) the best in the world. The level of competition for a top spot on a roster has to be insane. Every game you play, There"s a guy waiting in the wings for you to get injured. Apart from the few "guaranteed contracts", Injuries can mean the end of your career. Even if you manage to avoid injury, Your profitability can only continue if you manage to get to, And STAY at the top of the heap. Every year, Teams will draft players who could replace you, And take that top-earner spot for themselves. You also have to consider that a professional athletes shelf life (with or without injury) is very brief. In football, Playing into your 30"s is rare, 40"s rarer still. Even if you do manage to earn that juicy contract, Chances are it will only be for 5-10 years of your life. The point is, Very few athletes make that big money, And those that do, Don't stand to make it for long!

The 3rd and final argument before I address points my opponent made, Is that as much as sport is just a game, It"s more importantly: a business. Russell Wilson can make $35 million per year, Because the Seahawks make $439 million per year. They are a company capable of erecting monstrous stadiums in the middle of metropolitan cities capable of seating over 60, 000 people for 8-10 games a year. Each seat holds someone who bought tickets, As well as probably some hats, Jerseys, Hot-dogs, Beers for $16, Not to mention all the money made from television and advertising! The profitability of the sport will influence the profitability of the players. The alternative to paying the players would be to let the OWNERS pocket even more of the revenue. You also have to consider that the NFL is a good example for athletes earning "too much". Not every pro sports league is so fortunate. The CFL has a lot of players that make less money than I do. The WNBA, Minor leagues for baseball/basketball and arena football, Are all full of players who didn"t make the cut to have a CHANCE at those big juicy contracts. It boils down to 10th grade economics, Professional caliber athletes are very rare (low supply), And every team wants to win (high demand), Therefore their value goes up!

Now to address some of the points my opponent made:

--They should not be paid as much as they get paid because they get paid five times more than a neurosurgeon. --
I"d say only SOME athletes make more than Neurosurgeons. I agree that a brain surgeon is more important to society than a right-fielder, But the competition isn"t as severe. People aren"t willing to buy tickets to watch brain surgery by the thousands. It would be nice if we lived in a world where pay was proportional to usefulness, But unfortunately there"s the way it ought to be, And there"s the way it is!

--Huge salaries do not impart the need or value for "hard-work". --
I don"t agree with this. Athletes definitely have to work hard. The years they spend from peewee through college, The demand for performance is high. Countless hours in the gym, Or in meetings, Practices, Conditioning tests, Then going pro where the expectations and workload multiplies. I"d say that professional athletes are hardly slouches. Million-dollar paychecks come with million-dollar expectations. Just because it"s a game, Doesn"t mean you don"t have to put hard work into it.

--Instead of paying athletes millions, Pay back the national debt--
I don"t think you can just do that! Not only would it not be enough, But you cannot insist that corporations relinquish their profits. You could try taxing the corporations, But that hasn"t been going too well recently! XD

To conclude, I think athletes pay may SEEM high based on how it"s portrayed in the news / media, But if you dig deeper, The picture gets a lot clearer. While I agree with some of the sentiments expressed by my opponent to some degree, I"d personally rather see athletes get overpaid than to see owners get FURTHER overpaid. Thanks to anybody who read this all the way through (or used google text-to-speech to have it read to you! ). Thanks to my opponent XavierOGreiff *fist-bump* and I look forward to more debates and shenanigans here on DDO!
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