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Books Are Better Than Movies

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Started: 3/31/2019 Category: Entertainment
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I will be arguing that books are better than movies. This is not in the sense that the ideas for books or plot lines are better than those in movies, But more about the rhetoric in each and how they evoke emotion.

This can be an acceptance round or you can start your argument, Your choice.

Have fun! :)


Hello there.

I accept, You start first.
Debate Round No. 1


Books are better than movies firstly because they can be released much faster than movies. A book can be written in just months, While movies take years to finish, And even longer if they're animated. Second, Writing books cost much less than making movies, And there is a much bigger base for them because there are so many more. Third, Books use language that is just not possible in movies, and therefore have much more emotion in them. Finally, Books are almost always better than the movies. The Hunger Games is much better than the movies, As is The Chronicles of Narnia, The Giver, And pretty much every other one.


Good argument!

Although books may cheaper than movies, There are a lot more bad books than bad movies. To explain this, Think of this: since books are cheaper to create, This will allow more bad writers to create multiple books, Thus leading to more bad books. Movies on the other hand, If the scriptwriter makes one awful movie, He is done. It motivates writers to make the best movies possible.
In one way for books the bar is set low, So the unskilled can jump it, While with movies the bar is high, So only the skilled can jump it.

Whenever you read a book, You have to imagine what is going on, The scenery, Characters, And all other aspects of the story. This could explain why the books are always better than their movie counterparts, Because when one person imagines it one way and makes a movie of it, Than all the other people who read the same book will say "I imagined it differently. " Thus causing confusion. While when movies are original, Its totally new and better described than any book could.
Debate Round No. 2


Yes, There may be more bad books and movies, But that is because there are many more writers than moviemakers! In fact, More good books are released per year than good movies.

Imagination is exercised by books, And it helps people to visualize better. It also allows you to put the face of whoever you want on a character, And so in some manners, It becomes molded around your own thoughts. Movies are constrained to one interpretation (besides conspiracy theories), But books can be flexible, Which is why they are much better for books talks and what not. This is a good thing because it leads to intellectual discussions that bring people together over a shared love of a topic.

Another thing is that if a book is bad, You can simply put it down and move on with your life. If you go to a theatre, And the movie is bad, You've wasted a lot of money and time on a terrible experience.


20 bucks is not bad

Movies allow for relaxation, Not requiring you to put any effort in whatsoever. You don't have to imagine whats going on because you can see it.

As for quality control, This is only obtainable in movies, As the price gap nowadays filters out bad movies. And it's not just the price gap that acts as a filter, But series. People enjoy marvel movies because they are good movies. Most people don't go to see a movie that they have no background for, So most people don't end up seeing bad movies in the first place.

Good debate.
Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by anc2006 2 years ago
fine sickintheheadz, Finally see you not raping girls
Posted by SickInTheHeadz 3 years ago
I prefer books for many reasons.
First, Movies only last for an hour or two, And most of the movies are bad, At least for me.
However, Books, I find fun. I don't read much. I only read 20-30 pages per day, I put a folded piece of paper to mark the point to where I arrived. I can continue reading any time I feel like it, And I can read as much as I like, And stop when I see that I start feeling discomfort.
This "casual" type of reading is pretty fun to combat boredom.
Posted by melcharaz 3 years ago
id argue it depends on the receptivity of a person. Many people like movies more because they often don't exercise imagination or are incapable of feeling things in a similar way through text.
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