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Can Baker Mayfield can be a franchise QB?

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Started: 5/12/2018 Category: Sports
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Debating Period
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He is 6 feet and a wildcard in terms of attitude. College statistics are actually meaningless when it comes to a players ability to perform in the NFL, if it were Reggie Bush would be the greatest of all time. You can talk about Wilson and Brees all you want, but you can write a book with QB's that could not overcome there height.


Listen, Baker Mayfield is not the next Tom Brady. He can be wild off the field. You are not quite right when you say college statistics mean nothing though. I'd like to point out that according to Sports Illustrated the Browns rated Mayfield their top quarterback, so did independent front office people from other teams. As for the whole height thing I can only say look at Doug Flutie. Great Quarterback at only 5'9 (I believe that is the height). Led teams to the playoffs, couldn't even see over his offensive line.
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Posted by Nd2400 4 years ago
Sound like you know your sports. If you have another idea for a sport debate hit me up...

As for this debate, well probably not too interested, just because Baker Mayfield went to the wrong team he went to a career ending franchise the Cleveland Browns. Other than that, i think he a pretty good QB. But what will break him us the Browns bit his own doing....
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