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Canada Should be Tougher on Crime

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Started: 12/23/2019 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Round 1 for acceptance only and to convey the position(s) you are taking. My position is as follows:
-Incarceration does more harm than good
-Rehabilitation is more effective than harsh prison sentences
-We need greater community resources for individuals with criminal records

Let's have fun with this. No insults, Please.


I accept. My position is as follows:
-Incarceration is necessary in many circumstances
-Rehabilitation is avaliable in many prisons, And in special circumstances criminals can be given therapy instead of incarceration anyway
-Though those with a criminal record are at a disadvanage in many countries, 'community resources' are only really needed in the case of petty criminals whose futures are destroyed due to criminal records, And in most other circumstances individuals with criminal records necessitate their various disadvantages in accessing employment due to various risks of letting these criminals associate with other people the way ordinary workers do

I hope we have fun with this too. I'm not Canadian and I'm probably less familiar to the Canadian justice system than you are (just a disclaimer); I'll argue in more general terms, Instead of in terms of any political situations in Canada right now that necessitate any Pro arguments.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting. First and foremost, I will provide arguments and justifications for my above stated positions. From there, I will briefly respond to my opponent's positions. I will provide more in-depth counter arguments upon my opponent's comprehensive arguments in subsequent rounds.

1. ) Incarceration does more harm than good.
Though we both agree that incarceration is necessary in many circumstances to maintain the continuity of public safety and to deter further acts of criminality, It does not change the fact that incarceration is counter-productive, In terms of mitigating subsequent acts by the same person. I will defend this view from two perspectives: psychological and sociological.

Psychological Perspective: Many institutions are exceedingly overcrowded. Consequently, Many inmates' health conditions worsens. They are at increased risk for developing acute and chronic psychiatric issues are at great risk for suicide attempts. As such, We, In turn, Relase a criminal into the community who is now mentally unstable. This greatly contributes to the "cycle of crime", Which has become ubiquitous in Western civilization. In addition to this, Many new inmates often feel swayed to act tough and to engage in senseless acts violence, In order to avoid being targeted themselves. This often leads to new charges, Which increases the length of their sentence and decreases any possibility of a pardon down the road.

Sociological Perspective: Being incarcerated also comes with obtaining a criminal record. In Canada, The majority of decent-paying employment opportunities require the incumbent to have a clean criminal record. I disagree with my opponent that it is only hard criminals who have this issue. Picture the following scenario. A 55 year old man trying to get a job, To no avail, Due to his criminal record, Which was consequential to a public intoxication charge from when he was 19. The man has not engaged in any further criminal behavior, But is still burdened with this criminal record. Yes, Pardon processes exist. However, These processes are costly and sometimes are not approved. Even if a pardon is approved, The stigma surrounding the individual does not go away (especially in small communities), Making employment less likely.

2. ) Rehabilitation is more effective than harsh prison sentences
The reality is that the majority of incarcerated individuals will one day be released. When they are released, It is safer for everyone if they are less likely to engage in criminal and volatile behavior. Working with the inmate on his psychological, Financial and family issues is more productive than handing out a lengthy prison sentence. As an example, Take someone who is an alcoholic and is in prison for casualty charges. If the individual is only violent when he is intoxicated, It seems reasonable that an appropriate course of action would be to treat his substance abuse problem. If you issue a lengthy prison sentence, It is likely that the behavior will reoccur upon release into the community.

3. ) We need greater community resources for individuals with criminal records
First and foremost, I think there needs to be a significant cost reduction strategy in place for pardon processes. The government should be profiting off of individuals' pursuit of happiness and success. I also think there needs to be greater mental health and addiction support services ready on-demand for previously incarcerated persons (including sober living houses, Ect. ) to mitigate the possibility of a relapse and repeat offences. A strategy to allow individuals with a criminal record to obtain employment would also be of value. In some countries, For example, The government will pay organizations to hire an individual with a criminal record. This allows the individual to get their foot in the door and earn an income, Making it less likely that they re-offend.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Yoshikage69Kira 2 years ago
be like america? Hell no. The united states has the biggest prison population on earth! Not even China or Russia can compete. Canada has a far better system than America does.
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