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Children should be kissed and tickled and licked by grown ups

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Started: 4/7/2019 Category: Economics
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When I walk on the streets, If I see a child alone, I am going to kiss it. Children should be kissed and tickled and licked by grown ups. It's natural. When you see a cute little 4 year-old girl, You get those feelings, You just want to touch her. I want to kiss a pretty 4 year-old girl and lick her cheek. She is a little lady who likes to be kissed, And tickled on the tummy. Some people say this is very bad. Are they accusing me of practicing love? To that crime, I plead guilty. For I have given my love to the little girl I found sweet, And in her company I found comfort that not all humans are evil.


Children can be kissed, Tickled and licked by grown ups, However, The 4 year old girl you see walking down the street. You do not know her, She has never seen her before. You pick her up, Kiss her, Lick her, How do you think she will feel? Especially when she's only 4 years old. Of course she will detest and loathe your actions, What can she do? Nothing. She is basically vulnerable to you. You could just carry her and take her in your house or car and do whatever with her, Why? Because you believe that children should be allowed to get kissed and tickled and licked by grown ups. Tickles and hugs are alright, But kissing and licking? ! If the person who is kissing and licking the child is from a parent, Then they have their rights to do so, But from a total stranger? ! Definitely not!
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Reasons for voting decision: This is just sad, @SickInTheHeads, sad!

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