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Contact sports should be required in school

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Started: 2/5/2020 Category: Sports
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Sports are essential to life, You learn lots of values that help you in every situation on life.
Like work in team, Honesty, Integrity, Humility, Enjoyment, Etc.


on the other side some children (students) are not as athletic and won't want to do rugby, American football, MMA etc. And it would be unfair to put this pressure on the more academic students of said school and they are already might be uncomfortable doing the current non contact sports they have with all the competitive spirit and threre's nothing wrong with that just i know that its hard when im put under the spotlight. Don't get me wrong i like sports but when it gets too competitive i start to not like it so much so i can imagine being as (i consider myself a more academic rather than athletic student) that it would be unfair on them and the cons would outweigh the pros
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There are a huge selection of contact sports, So if you don"t like rugby or american football you can choose another sport like: Hockey, Ice-hockey, Football, Hockey, Netball, Polo, Basketball, Taekwondo, Karate.

A Google search of the word competitive, First definition gives me "wanting very much to win or be more successful than other people"

Competitive is present in all sports. And I can assure that every human in the world that practices sports wants to be successful.
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