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Cows are the best animals in the world

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Started: 2/7/2020 Category: Society
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Voting Period
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Cows are emotional, Social animals who make and keep best friends, Love physical affection, Show an appreciation for music, And are deeply curious about other creatures and the world around them The idea that cows are dumb is a myth. Cows are actually very intelligent, Curious and able to think critically and solve problems. Studies have shown that cows are capable of learning associations and using past experiences to determine their future actions. When faced with a challenge, Cows get very excited with elevated heart rates and brainwaves. Some cows even jump in the air as if they are yelling, "I did it! "
If you find yourself in the presence of a cow, Be nice to her because she will remember you. Cows have great memories and are very good at remembering and recognizing faces even after long periods of time. Cows also have good spatial memory. They can remember where things are located such as food, Water, Shelter, Best grazing spots and most importantly, The location of their babies.
Even cows have mood swings. They are unhappy when the weather is bad and practically smiling when it"s sunny outside. Like humans, Cows seek pleasure and love to play. When let outside after being cooped up for too long, Cows run, Prance and jump with joy. Sometimes, However, A cow just wants to be left alone because she"s not feeling well and isolates herself from others. Cows can be moody and sensitive. They may dislike certain individuals and can hold a grudge for years against other cows and people who have crossed them.
Cows form strong bonds and friendships, Choosing to spend much of their time with just a few preferred individuals. They even have best friends. Studies have shown that when cows are with their BFFs (Bovine Forever Friends), Their stress levels decrease and when separated from them, Their stress levels increase. Cows help each other, Learn from each other and make decisions based on compassion and altruism. They even form grooming partnerships where they can do each other"s hair.
It may sound a bit like high school but cows have a social hierarchy with a Queen Bee"uh, Cow.
There is often one cow in the herd who is seen as the boss and who dictates behavior to the rest of the cows. Any cows that don"t follow the leader will become isolated from the herd. When new cows are introduced to a well-established herd, She will have to network and build relationships until she is accepted into the pack.
The most powerful relationship for a cow is that between a mother and baby. Cows have strong maternal bonds and are attentive, Protective and loving parents. When allowed, A mother cow may nurse her calf for as long as three years. The mother-child bond continues after weaning; mothers and their children remain close to each other for life. There is also a sense of maternal community as other cows in the herd will help nurture calves if necessary.
Because cows form such strong bonds with their loved ones, It is only natural that they show signs of grief when separated from them. When a calf is taken away, The mother will cry and bellow for hours, Even days, And fall into a deep depression. Mother cows will search for their babies, Visibly distressed, Just as the calves cry for their mother.
While cows do "moo" to communicate, They also use different body positions and facial expressions. Another way cows "chat" is by mimicking each other"s actions. If one cow gets up from eating and starts walking across the field, Other cows may get up and follow. This group behavior and networking is a type of communication between the cows.
If you have never given a cow a belly rub, You should put it on your bucket list. Cows love to be petted, Stroked and scratched behind the ears. They are very loving and welcome interactions with kind people. Even cows who have been mistreated or abused in the past can heal over time, Forgive and learn to trust people again.
When cows are not enslaved in the meat and dairy industry, Their natural lifespan can be up to 20 years. That is over 4 times the life expectancy of cows used for food. Cows raised for meat are slaughtered when less than 2 years old and calves killed for veal don"t get to live more than a few months. Cows used in the dairy industry are sent to slaughter when their milk production slows, Usually around the age of 4. Obviously, Cows were intended to share this Earth with us for a much longer time.

https://www. Onegreenplanet. Org/animalsandnature/things-to-love-about-cows/


Personally, I believe that there are many other animals that are just as, If not more special than cows.

To start, Cows are larger than normal-everyday animals that we see when we walk outside which would make them a difficult pet to raise if mankind were to ever decide on doing such. Note: they also have to drink a lot of water. So, For argument's sake raising a cow would be really high maintenance not considering the affects it would have on the environment, Which I will talk about in the next part.

Second, Cows are actually not as smart as you think because they defecate (poop) everywhere even in the water that they drink, Which affects the water that flows into our rivers, Streams, And eventually the oceans (which is obviously bad for the environment).

The next point, If you haven't already guessed, Is that they are Bad For The Environment. They emit a gas called methane through their farts. I. E. , Digestive tract if we're using scientific terms, Which in turn heats up the earth. I. E. , Global warming.

To finalise my point on Why Cows Are Bad, I'm going to refer to the first point about how they're big animals. Typically, Big animals need a lot of space. Therefore, This means that forests/trees must be cut to accommodate areas of land for these beefy animals (no pun intended) to roam free until their days finally come. . . Of being butchered and mass produced for us to eat (vegetarians not included).

Now, I'm going to get into the next part of my argument: The animals that are just as, If not more special than cows.
Before you say things like, "But, How could you say such a thing about the animals? ! " Well, Let me just make it clear that all animals are special/have their purpose in life, Yes. However, Some animals are just. . . More special. Have more assets to give not only to their trainer, But to society. For example, Dogs. Dogs make for a great pet and are regarded as The Best Pet to have.

The first reason why dogs are such great animals is because they show their love in ways humans simply cannot replicate. It would either come off too clingy or weird to be showing too much affection. With dogs, There's no such thing as too much. Dogs literally jump for joy, All over the place (or hump you) anywhere/anytime whether they feel like it or not, And that's their way of telling you how much they love you. Now picture this with a cow: you can't.
Just imagine the kind of damage. . . Yikes. Big yikes.

The second reason is, They just make everyone around much happier. If not, One shouldn't be owning a dog in the first place! I think a big reason why people own dogs is for entertainment purposes. The purpose is to lighten the mood, Make the atmosphere playful and less mundane. However, This simply cannot be done in the case of a cow. Why? SIZE. Again, Things wouldn't be the same. Literally. Not saying that cows aren't capable of instilling happiness, But the point is size. Space.
Now do you see how flexible/versatile dogs are? Literally, Canines are most definitely more flexible than cows, Any day. Trained/untrained.

The next reason that makes dogs cooler than cows is that they can help children/younger members of the family read! Wow. And, There's even a video. "A new study by a UBC researcher says young children do better in building reading skills when they"re reading with a dog. "

To wrap things up, I'm just going to say that dogs are such amazing animals because they have so much to offer. The love that they show is so profound, Pure, And even deeper than we can ever comprehend. They're just able to know when we're happy, When we're sad, When we are upset. These animals when trained correctly, Serve as our protectors keeping us safe & always ready to make the ultimate sacrifice if the time ever comes. They are fighters, And lovers at the same time. Because, When it comes down to a life or death situation it is the canine that will heroically lay down its life, Not a cow.

And for these reasons, This is why dogs are the best. (Next to wolves)
Debate Round No. 1
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Posted by anc2006 2 years ago
Humans are animals biologically speaking.
Posted by luanism 2 years ago
My references for Why Cows Are Bad
http://teachclimatechange. Org/cows-bad-environment/

My references for Why Dogs Are Cool
https://globalnews. Ca/video/6232199/ubc-study-says-dogs-help-young-children-with-reading/
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