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Darth vader is the most iconic villain of all time

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Started: 8/8/2019 Category: Movies
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I await a challenger whose arguments I can debunk. This is not an opening argument this is a warning.


You are talking about a fictitious character. I would argue that there have been real people, In the real world, That have been far more villainous than "Darth Vader". Thank you for your time.
Debate Round No. 1


Have you noticed this is the "movie" category so if you will please look at the the facts before presenting a flawed argument thank you very much.


Good morning! Here we are again - on the greatest planet in the universe orbiting the greatest star! Of that there can be no doubt!

I read your response and made the patient attempt to follow your argument but it seems a little. . . . . How do I put this kindly. . . . . Wishy washy. I could address each sentence of it but who wants to waste time sorting through such dreck? I will instead address the spirit of your well intended if not well delivered argument.

GODZILLA reigns supreme in the category of frightfulness and has for many many years. The sheer number of films speaks to this. And they continue to make them! Who would have dreamed that such a character would capture the public's attention for so long?

GODZILLA vs. Darth Vader? GODZILLA would step on him, Fry him, Or eat him!

Thank you for your time! All hail the King!
Debate Round No. 2


I see you have a strong love for godzilla but he does simply not reign supreme over frightfullness in the film industry that title would go to probably some horror film character like the little girl from the ring or scp 096 or scp 682. And darth vader has something known as the force so stomping on home would result in the foot coming to midair eating he wouldnt be able to get his mouth close enough and burning him might work but vader has survived very severe burns before and to back him up is the entire imperial armada on standby. Even giving godzilla all of his other kaiju fiends e. G. Mothra, Metal godzilla etc and assuming it's post return of the jedi when the empire is at its weakest without a deathstar the empire could still easily destroy earth with even just a single star destroyer. Granted it would take several hours/days for a singular star destroyer to pull that of they have many and could do it in about half an hour if they had enough cruisers. And to add on to that the empire has many inquisitors to assist in combat although they are meant to be solo operatives.


Good Morning to one and all! A particular greeting to all fans of the fantastic!

Well how do I put this. . . . . The prosecution's argument has some how degraded to the point of blah blah blah. It is difficult to take it seriously - but since the spirit of this debate isn't serious at all who gives a rat's patootie?

The fact that Godzilla King of the Monsters could easily dispose of anyone or anything he wishes is immaterial here. The fact that - since their inception - more people around the world have seen Godzilla movies than Star Wars movies is!

The prosecutor's affinity for tall men in black capes is understandable I suppose. A movie character that swashbuckles about and pokes people with his battery powered toy sword can be quite alluring to some - and come on! He chokes people by holding his fingers to his face and saying " squishy squishy"! I'm real scared. . . . .

To each his own but to be considered ICONIC in the movie business you must first sell tickets. And when the final ticket count is tallied, Godzilla King of the Monsters remains unchallenged!

I thank you for your time!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by jackginter 2 years ago
*applause* Bravo! Bravo! That was ridiculously entertaining, And I wish both contenders the best of luck in the future. I believe Klopstickia has unofficially won.
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