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Debate. Org deletes my debates and changes my opponent

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Started: 2/26/2020 Category: Religion
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
Viewed: 175 times Debate No: 124124
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I was having a debate with Lilrose concerning why God allows suffering. I later realized that my opponent was changed. Her reply was deleted. What is going on?


Debate. Org does not delete your debates.
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Posted by fauxlaw 1 year ago
Just how moronic is it to reply to a moron? Just sayin'.
The tactic of personal attack is the last realm of argument, Because there is no other after that.
Posted by backwardseden 1 year ago
@Fadilah - We'll get to how you can and probably will be able to solve "Debate. Org deletes my debates and changes my opponent" though "fauxlaw" is such a turgid moron, Thinks he knows everything about everything that there is to know in this universe, But only is interested in himself and CAN'T READ as to what anyone else has to say.
First off, Why would any true god allow suffering? It wouldn't, Especially since it could not even solve peace of any kind for 50 years since its inception. Not anywhere, Not at any time. Not within any culture.
I didn't get to read what you said on suffering -yet.
fauxlaw failed twice on all grounds to answer it because there is no answer to it. Is ignorance bliss? Nope. "What can children possibly learn from suffering? " If you've answered "nothing", You've answered correctly. Yep, His unproven god, If true KNOWINGLY creates millions of children every-single-day to delberately suffer. If not, Then scrap the bible completely, It is not true AT ALL and neither is HIS version of HIS god whether or not he wishes to think so because it's all there in point blank big black fine print from the verses HIS god and what it says. Oh but the bible is written by man. So? How did those verses from HIS god get in there? I get it, MAN PUT THEM IN THERE with absolutely no goings-on from HIS god.
Onto DDO and why (yep it's ridiculous). . .
* DDO hates links, Especially extended links. Remove them. However, DDO does take most youtube links.
* DDO hates a lot of bible verses. Remove them. However, DDO does take most.
* DDO hates curse words. Remove them. "A$$" included.
* DDO hates lists such as mentioning as "no no no" in succession.
* DDO hates numbers such as 1 billion. Type the number out when getting that high.
* Yep. I'm sure you've noticed after every single coma as an example DDO automatically capitalizes the next letter to the next word if you like it or not? Notice there's also a space after that comma and or any punctuation?
Posted by fauxlaw 1 year ago
I am the other, Interloping party. When I encountered the debate by Fadilah yesterday, The debate was unopposed, But was curious because it already had a second round argument by Fadilah without an opposing first round argument. Admin really hooched this one. I've had other problems with admin, Not allowing me to post an argument in another debate. It does post, But then it disappears. I've written daily, For three days without response, And my deadline is fast approaching without resolution. I'm anticipating forfeiture if they don't act. Just joined last week, And these issues are frustrating for a site that appears to have been running for at least ten years.
Posted by Leaning 1 year ago
A glitch of 'some type.
I couldn't say which/exactly/how,
But it's not moderators messing with the debate.
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