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Disney should bring back Anakin Skywalker from the Force Spirit Realm

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Started: 12/13/2018 Category: Movies
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Star Wars is a story based around Anakin Skywalker and his growth as a jedi and then his fall to the dark side. "Return of the Jedi" marked his return to the light side. As per George Lucas's intent of Star Wars being a story based around Anakin Skywalker, Disney should put some imagination into coming up with a way Anakin grows strong enough in the force to return from the Force Spirit Realm as a living human being and a powerful young jedi knight like he was before he became Darth Vader.


Be it resolved that Disney should not bring Anakin back from the spirit realm.

Hello there

I've been looking forward to this

Anakin had a completed arc. At the start of the series he has rage he won't deal with, Which consumes him. This rage and fear turns him into the dark lord Darth Vader. Afterwhich he decides to deal with his hatred to protect his son and becomes one with the force. Its a complete arc that was satisfying to watch.

Disney would screw it up.

They have the worst habit of taking talented directors and reshooting the crap out of them to the point that not just the men, But the women and children to are unsatisfied. I don't like disney's terrible practices. They are rough, Course, And get into everything.

Darth vader has a full and complete arc that is fun and satisfying to watch. If Disney tried to add to it, They would become the very thing they swore to destroy. Don't say that disney should absolutly bring back Anakin.

Only sith deal in absolutes
Debate Round No. 1


That's outrageous, It's unfair. Put him in a movie and not bring him back.

While I totally see the values of your point of view, Bringing Skywalker back would bring joy to thousands of fans.

On a personal note, I've created my own star wars universe where Anakin, Obi-Wan, And Yoda bring themselves back from the spirit realm, Anakin revives padme and reports to the Jedi council (who heard the threat of Order 66 and had clones of themselves made which were destroyed during Order 66) and Anakin is removed from the Jedi Order. Anakin, However, Takes Padme, Luke, And Leia and re starts the Rebel Alliance, Running a Jedi council of his own based around his his core beliefs and one where relationships are not forbidden. This new jedi order is based on Naboo and these jedi are trained in both the light and dark side, Full representation of the Grand Master Anakin Skywalker, And with Captain Rex placed in control of Anakin's Clone and Stormtrooper army, This 3rd party power against the Galactic Republic and the First Order proves its worth. This view into the Star Wars universe would prove to make an outstanding movie, And I think many will agree.

The way I see it, The Jedi are evil


Be it resolved that Disney should not bring back Anakin skywalker.

I have two points. Always two there are, No more, No less.

1. While your preposition would make an interesting fan fiction, You failed to counter any of my points in your previous argument.

2. You say bringing skywalker back would bring back joy to thousands of fans, But if they do it terribly, Then no one would be happy. Not just the men, But the women, And the children too

If you still don't agree with me. . .
Debate Round No. 2


Join me an together we will rule the galaxy,

While you bring up excellent points concerning the risk of Disney making movies, Let us look at all the movies Disney has made. All of them are home runs. While I know Star Wars is pretty easy to ruin if you don't do it right, I doubt Disney could screw up bringing Skywalker back. Let me look at it from your point of view. . . . . . Bringing Anakin back is evil. One solution to make not only myself, But people who might agree with you would be to bring him back in spirit form. While my argument is to bring him back as a leading character in the films once again, Bringing him back in spirit form would also be acceptable. I have faith Disney could be successful in bringing Skywalker back in more than just a spirit form. They in fact proved it to be semi-possible with Luke in The Last Jedi on Crait and that was a home run.

So far, Disney has created two great cannon movies and 2 great sub movies with a third cannon movie well on the way. I truly believe if they set their hearts and minds to it, And maybe with a little input from George Lucas, Bringing Anakin back is a strong possibility.

If you can not see my point of view,
It's Treason Then


Be it resolved that bringing anakin back from the spirit realm is not a good idea.

The attempt on my life has left me scarred and deformed.

1. "Let us look at all the movies Disney has made. All of them are home runs. "
No they are not.
I can't even think of a prequel line right now.
I love the third act of rogue one. That's because its all that was left after disney basically reshot the whole film.
Force Awakens was good, But I chalk that up to harrison ford.
Then we have the Last jedi, Which almost completely ignores the entire film it had before it.
Kylo Ren, Force Awakens after hearing about rey "WHAT. GIRL, "
Kylo Ren the last jedi "They were filthy drug dealers who sold you for drinking money, Nothing more, "
The whole film was generally unsatisfying, With the heroes making stupid deceisons (ex. Parking in a no parking zone, Getting distracted by horses on a mission to save the galaxy, Not telling Poe they have a plan)

Then there is solo.
You say, Bringing back Anakin would be hard to screw up.
They screwed up Han freaking Solo.
That movie was so bland and unmemerable I honestly only remember what got put in the Honest Trailer.

That's all I have for now
Debate Round No. 3


This is how liberty dies. . . . . With thunderous applause

While you make a convincing argument, Solo was a great movie. They're all great movies. Granted every kid who played Star Wars called their little Star Wars gameplay Episode 7 and their reasoning was "because we know they'll never make another Star Wars movie, The story is complete. " Disney upped the standards when bringing in the new 6 movies they plan to add to the saga and bringing back original characters to continue the story.

Disney has done a great job expanding the Star Wars universe, And the edition of the live action tv show coming out will solidify this statement. There is a fine line in Star Wars and it's really easy to screw it up, But Disney has done a fabulous job so far of surpassing everyone's standards and creating some great films. This is what George Lucas would have wanted. Think of this young padawan, If Lucas created these films, There would be no argument. It's just the fact Disney is in control that people don't like.

Back to the objective of this debate, Anakin should make a return to the films to help guide Rey in her journey with the force. And while you say my idea would make a great fan film, I believe it would make a great cannon film. 3 movies very easy off that idea. To see the return of Anakin Skywalker, As well as many of the other Jedi and many new, More powerful, Awesome 'Old Republic' style Sith would bring out more and more people to see the films. To sum up, You say the Star Wars films are 'lifeless' now and really have no meaning, The return of Anakin Skywalker would bring life back into the films and give the films a who new meaning. We have seen the return of Yoda already, Disney should simply bring back Anakin.

I know filming is already completed for Episode 9, But for argument sake, Let's say it's still in the process of being written. After the events of the Last Jedi and Anakin's lightsaber being broken in half, Disney could easily bring back Anakin Skywalker to help guide Rey in the reconstruction of his personal weapon. He would make a great teacher as we saw from the Clone Wars (once he accepted Ashoka as his padawan learner). Anakin's return would bring peace, Freedom justice, And security the this new empire.


Your new empire?
My allegiance is to the republic to DEMOCRACY!

I wish I could drive my fist through this whole rotten beautiful DISNEY.

Be it resolved that Disney should not bring back Anakin. . . (I'm going to stop typing this out its getting annoying)

I know this isn't a big thing, But you made a straw man fallacy. You attacked a point I didn't make. You say I claimed that they were "Lifeless" and "Had no meaning" when I didn't say that at all in my previous points.

That being said, Solo and the last Jedi were convoluted, Boring, And unmemorable films.

Good. I can feel your anger. I am defenseless. Take your weapon. Strike me down with all of your hatred, And your journey towards the dark side will be complete.

That being said, I have all ready stated my opinion on those films. Last Jedi claimed to be subversive when in reality it was just unsatisfying. I recommend you watch this video. It says what I can't
https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=uiXk6mEM_tU

Solo played it safe, So it just felt like another boring forgettable kids movie. When I finished watching films like Revenge of the Sith or Attack of the Clones (which I love but are awful) at least I feel and remember something, Even if its just confusion.

And now, To rebbut your preposition on Episode 9. To restate what you said, Episode 9 has already been filmed. Even if it wasn't, Your idea on the film is NOT something DISNEY would do. As you know, Disney likes to play it way too safe for that. It's why we've gotten so little old republic content from them, Because they don't know if the Old Republic will make them the most money. Because at the end of the day, That's what Disney wants from you. Money.

Now concerning Anakin Skywalker. What do most people think of the prequels?
They hated them.

George Lucas continued to make prequel content because he saw the potential there. And I don't think Disney willing to look past the critical reception.

For example, Think clone wars. A deep and interesting series taking place in the era of the prequels. It was dark, Had mature themes, And was good for both kids and adults. And it was a labour of love that made us normal folk love the world of the prequels. Honestly, I doubt we would remember that era of starwars lore so fondly if it weren't for clone wars.

Then Disney bought Lucasarts. And do you know what happens? We lose clone wars and get rebels instead, Which to me is too boring and chalk full of comic relif charcters. Its like half the cast is freaking jar jar binks. MEESA DO NOT A LIKA BOMBAD SHOW.

Finally, Yes, Disney is now releasing the 7th season of clone wars. Capital word being releasing. (Whats a capital word? Nevermind). Season 7 was already planned and written in advance. I think disney just went, Screw it! What the heck! If its already made and will make us money, Fine!

All the movies disney has made have been after the prequels, In the era that made the most money. Even their new films that I like, Such as force awakens, Have a uncanny resemblance to the original trilogy.

Is it legal to add a prequel quote for no reason?
Screw it

Debate Round No. 4


This is how liberty dies. . . . . . With thunderous applause

While I have fought hard to make my point, I'm tired of making this argument. This probably hurts my claim but being honest, While you can attack me with facts and cannon, All my attacks must come based off my dream of the Return of Anakin Skywalker.

I do believe it can be done and I would love to see it happen and I can see a great storyline to go with it. That being said, I digress and will keep this tab short. I want to thank you W0LV3NBANE for giving me a strong first debate on debate. Org and I hope maybe we will meet again in another debate thread.

May the Force be with you W0LV3NBANE


(me when I see you that you ended a debate politely and not with ranting like others)
Uh, That does not compute

Personally, I kind of believe that the return of darth vader would be cooler, But that's just my opinion. Still not the biggest fan of the I don't like sand guy.

Still, Good debate, You went pretty strong for your first one. To quote Yoda:

"If you end your training now " if you choose the quick and easy path as Vader did " you will become an agent of evil. "

He also said something about not liking seagulls, But that's non-canon now.

Stupid disney.
Debate Round No. 5
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