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Do Grades Determine Intelligence?

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Started: 4/5/2015 Category: Education
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In my opinion, grades do not determine how intelligent a person is. i believe that grades determines how much knowledge a person possesses, not how intelligent they are. knowledge in my eyes is nothing more than a tool to gain success, but how someone uses that tool is what true intelligence really is. anybody can study a lot and retain memorize a crap ton of information, but they will never be successful until they've figured out a way to apply that information. a general who has all the information but can't come up with a good battle plan then he is a moron, however if a general can draw up a good battle plan despite not having all of the information is a tactical genius.

take albert einstein for example, he failed every college placement test except for math and physics, but yet he is one of the greatest minds of the 20th century.

therefore i believe that good grades is a good way of determining how hard someone has worked, not how intelligent his mind truly is.


Your opinion does not prevail over facts. Let me first clarify to you that it is my contention that grades are good indicators of how intelligent a person is. However, it is not my contention that grades are the only thing that determine intelligence as there are just lazy but intelligent people. I am aware of the fact that there are lazy but intelligent people, but I firmly stand that those people are the minorities. Still, a large number of people who are intelligent have good grades. In this case, I can clearly say that grades are still effective way to measure a person’s intelligence (but not solely grades, but it is a big factor).

Hard work alone does not guarantee good grades, a person needs to be smart and intelligent to understand what he is reading. No matter how many hours you read if you are not intelligent, let us say that you are an idiot, still, you would not understand your readings. Consequently, you will not able to acquire knowledge, thus, you will receive a poor grade.

I want to remind you again that it is not my contention that grades alone determine the intelligence of a person. What I am just saying is that grades can also be considered as good indicator of intelligence as proven by the analysis I presented.

Point of Information (please answer): Can a person who is not intelligent (he is an idiot with an IQ of 1) understand a difficult subjects in class?

Debate Round No. 1


Well think about it this way. In order to get into Harvard or any other ivy league school, it is imperative that someone has excellent grades. However, is every person who made it into the ivy leagues successful? No. Steve jobs never went to an ivy league school yet he's still one of the most successful entrepreneurs who has ever lived. And it's not a rare occurrence that people who don't have good grades become successful later on.


Con has avoided my arguments. He does not want to answer my query and he has not even rebutted the arguments I presented.

His new argument about success and grades is completely irrelevant in this debate. I did not say that grades determine who will be successful in life, what I have said is that grades is one of the ways to determine the intelligence of a person.

As my argument above, I contended that an unintelligent person would have difficult time understanding his subjects at school. As a result of this, he would receive low grades. In contrast, an intelligent person would easily understand his readings, which in turn, would result to high grades.

Note: I agree that there are intelligent people who received low grades at school. However, those people are just minorities. The majority of people who have good grades are, without a doubt, intelligent.

Debate Round No. 2


MQD_45 forfeited this round.


Clearly, I won. pls vote!
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: Conduct goes to Pro because of Con ff. Con also needs to work on his grammar a lot. Con comes out with a pretty good opening argument, which left me kind of supporting him, yet the round two response was very bad. the example of steve jobs was useless since the debate is about intelligence not entreprenurs. And where you go to school is not necessarily how smart you are.

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