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Do we have free will?

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Started: 12/22/2019 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Ayn Rand argued: Man’s free choices come from focusing his mind. Whether to focus it or not, How much to focus, Or what to focus on:
Man can keep his mind in full focus. Drift away without focus. Avoid focusing and refuse to think. Our freedom is controlling what ideas and arguments to focus on, Which enables us to select what we think is true. We are free and in control of what facts and ideas the mind will focus on.

Free will - the ability of the mind to choose between possible outcomes.


I would contend our ability to make choices is constrained very tightly by the environment we are born into, Our dna genetic codes, And the random individual experiences of our lives, We are but puppets on a dna string for the most part
Debate Round No. 1


Agent causation is what is causing choices to be made through the agent's choice - causal factor - causal factor - observed outcome. Agent causation is the idea that a self-aware entity can start a new causal chain that is not predetermined by events in the past and the physical laws of nature. We are affecting the outcome of our reality. This makes us act first causes which can create a chain of causally connected events. The future outcome of reality can"t be determined until an observer decides what he or she wants.

Observer - possible outcome - possible outcome - future outcome.

The future of our reality does in fact depend on our choices, Not on prior determined events and not random events. On the choice of conscious agents.

What if I have different reasons to produce different outcomes? Example: What if I had good reasons to eat pizza vs good reasons to reject pizza and eat a salad? Which reasons cause the outcome? Maybe the stronger desire wins? But what or who decides which is the stronger desire?

These are non-physical desires. One desire doesn't have more weight or more chemical power. These lie outside physical events. We can"t say that we can study the physical structure. So the mind decides which desire is stronger. If the mind decides, Then that is exactly what free will is.

Free will - the ability for the mind to choose between possible outcomes.

Free will and agent causation work together in a two-step process. Uncontrolled generation of alternative possible outcomes. The minds causes one of the outcomes to be actual. The act of choosing would not be reducible to determined events. But for various reasons that one can choose from and rely on their conscious to decide the outcome. The choices of an agent are not determined by prior physical processes. The mind has the ability to determine its own outcomes from a selection of possible outcomes.


our choices are made for us we are creatures of our nature, Which is formed both by our DNA and our environment
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Posted by billsands 2 years ago
its programmed in our monkey dna
Posted by canis 2 years ago
I would add. If the computer/you lost its programs nothing would happen. . A new program had to be put in/ Your will/the will of others? . . Or just both.
Posted by BackCommander 2 years ago
The only thing you need to think about when you ponder on the question of free will is this: if we programmed a computer to hold a conversation will million of preset comments and included comments that asserted it had free will, Would you think it did? Free will is almost certainly an illusion conjured up by man. You will react as your programming demands, Within the confines that your programming demands. If you choose to strike out against this fact, In will be in a way that your programming.
Posted by WisdomOfAges 2 years ago
the ABRAHAMIC. . . . JEW. . . JESUS. . . ALLAH God worshipping hypnotized and brainwashed FOOLS. . . . Do NOT
have FREE WILL. . . NO WAY. . .

FREE WILL is the real of the OPEN MINDED HUMAN which is NOT POSSIBLE with the Abrahamic GOD
of an age permeated by IGNORANCE and OPPRESSION. . . .

the FOUNDATION of these 3 worthless COMIC BOOK GOD inventions is based on FEAR-INTIMIDATION-VIOLENCE for power and control. . . .

NEVER. . . Absolutely NEVER in all EARTH's existence has a GOD actually been VISIBLE and AVAILABLE to
aid his human creation DISGRACE. . . And the ABRAHAMIC Jew-Jesus-Allah are used the most to create
DEATH and DESTRUCTION. . . . BELIEVE-ACCEPT-CONVERT-OBEY. . . Or be punished and suffer in life and
after in DEATH! This is what these 3 puppet GOD hoaxes were invented for. . . To hypnotize, Brainwash,
and enslave all of humanity wit EVERYTHING BUT. . . . . FREE WILL

FREE WILL is the greatest ENEMY of the Abrahamic GOD inventing parasite VAMPIRES. . . They want total
unconditional OBEDIENCE. . . Not to some puppet GOD but to the OLD MEN PSYCHOPATHS who play GOD
in their names. . .

The Abrahamic GODS are the GREATEST DISGRACE and THREAT to humanity and EARTH. . . All 3 are human fabrications and NEVER EXISTED. . . All 3 are the twisted psychotic effort of THIEVES and LIARS
who STOLE GOD stories from other civilizations and conjured up these 3 STOOGE GOD PUPPETS. . .

If YOU BELIEVE then YOU have been expertly DECEIVED into slavery of HUMAN PARASITES not some GOD! FOOLS. . .
Posted by billsands 2 years ago
crazy people do not know they are crazy, Stupid people do not know they are stupid
Posted by missmedic 2 years ago
I think it is the same as asking if you are insane. How would you know. If you have free will how would you know? Ask yourself this "are we authors of our own thoughts"?
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