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Driving Age - Raise to 21

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Started: 7/29/2018 Category: Cars
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Yes, The legal driving age should be raised to 21 as there is many new drivers who cause accidents. At the age of 17/18 you are still classed as a teenager and this is the case until you reach the age of 20. There are many risk factors but the biggest one being in experienced.

In my opinion for the first year after you pass your test you should not be aloud to drive alone and you should always have an experienced driver with you.


While experience is an issue. If you look at the different states in the United States there are different ages in which you can start driving and when you can drive with a parent. There's even more with how many tests and regulations you have to pass. In my state, Florida. Once you turn 15 you can get a learners permit. And after about a year of driving with a parent. You can gain access to a drivers license. I believe that 1 year of training is perfectly fine and is a good amount of time needed to become a driver. And the Test for a drivers license isn't easy. I may have passed my first time around because I actually drove alot while I was 15. When my sister became 16 she didn't train at all and wasn't given her license until after the 3rd try.

What I mean by this is, Practice is key, And age does not mean that you instantly become a better driver as you get older. If anything that promotes laziness to not have to drive until 21. Many people need to move out of their houses and start their live in college. Also, People need jobs at these ages, There are many couples that have kids pre 18 years old. Theres so much that goes into it than just maturity.
Debate Round No. 1


There is only one age for all countries in the UK. Comparing the USA to the UK using statistics from 2015. By far there were more fatalities in the USA than in the UK (6. 3 billion in the USA and 22, 137 in the UK).

In regards to your comment about travel theirs public transport they could use. In the A UK weekly pass for every week of the year would come to "366 a year. So tell me how using a car is better than using public transport? You pay for fuel, Garage fees, Tax etc.

In the UK we have a thing called a provisional licence, This can be applied for at the Age of 17. In my opinion in any country in the world you should be able to pass a provisional test before you get your actual driving licence.

I would like to also make a comment about your section on maturity. Research shows that you don"t become fully mature until 25 years old. Young people take risks and think they own the road. They speed, Don"t wear seatbelts, They are over confident and immature. This is why accidents happen and most accidents are caused or involve young people.


Ok, So I'm going to assume you accidentally wrote 6. 3 billion fatalities. The earth would be desolate after just 2 years.

There was 34, 439 fatal motor vehicle crashes in the United States in 2016 in which 37, 461 people died in. There are 325. 7 million people in the USA. (http://www. Iihs. Org/iihs/topics/t/general-statistics/fatalityfacts/state-by-state-overview) For every 9, 457. 3 people, 1 person dies from a car accident.

There were 1, 792 deaths in the UK from motor vehicle crashes, With a population of 65. 6 million. (https://assets. Publishing. Service. Gov. Uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/648081/rrcgb2016-01. Pdf) For every 36, 607 people, 1 person dies from a car accident.

The majority of the traffic deaths come from adults 15-44 years old. A big reason for this is that there are more 20-60-year-olds on the earth due to life expectancy. (http://asirt. Org/Initiatives/Informing-Road-Users/Road-Safety-Facts/Road-Crash-Statistics)

Now that we know you're more likely to die in the USA than in England in a car accident. Let's take a few things into perspective. The USA is 3. 797 million mi", Which means there are different areas that do not allow for the medical care to be done as fast. Infrastructure is a huge issue in the statistics that will be shown. In the United States, Commonly the areas where there are more road deaths are places that are expansive and do not have as many roads or hospitals nearby. The top 3 being Alabama, South Carolina, And Oklahoma. Knowing these 3 states are basically fly over states and do not receive much funding and they also happen to be the places where housing is most cheap. Low education, Low infrastructure, And low income make the state more likely that you will die if you get into a car accident because there just will not be as many hospitals around as well as not having as many trained professionals around.
The UK is 93, 628 mi" which you can probably tell in it's population and it's land. That it is much smaller than the United States, It has been around much longer as well so the small area of land that it has has been worked on tirelessly and you almost have a city almost any direction you go. May it just be a regular town, There is a much higher population density than most of our states with not as much density and not as much medical care available, As well as having roads that are wide expansions that allow you to even go up to 80 miles per hour without getting a ticket. While in the UK I know the highway systems don't allow for as fast and also have much more speed cameras. Whereas if you see in cities like NewYork you will see much much fewer accidents as you can not go as fast and there is much more security with police and cameras. Keep these things in mind as it isn't just an age / test issue.

The issue with travel is another thing, In places like the UK, A bus pass is perfect, A small island that doesn't require a car because your store is right down the street and the school is just a few miles away so the bus would be perfect. However. In America, It is again, Different. Yes in the cities, Public transportation is perfectly fine. I use it sometimes, I currently am in Mass and I live in the heart of it in Boston. Roads that were built by the early settlers are still used, They used the ideas from the UK to build their roads. But expansion west was just too easy to not do. What seemed endless by Luis and Clark showed so many resources that it was just perfect to have long roads that shot straight one direction so that you could get from point A to point B. Commonly in the USA, Many people who don't live in the cities, Have troubles getting everywhere. To the point of where they need to walk a mile or two just to get to a bus stop that will drive them to where they need to go. It's almost unheard of to use a train in Florida. Just because the layout of the land is so different. So yes, You could spend all this extra money on transportation in the USA but it just won't be as convenient or less time-consuming as having your own car. Where I had lived it was normal to have to travel 30 minutes just to get to work even when there was no traffic at all. It's commonplace to buy a house near a school or near your place of work just because of the distances that Americans face. Sometimes it takes so long that the parents need to put their kids on a bus system that is designed to go to a few checkpoints that each kid has to walk to just to get to school effectively while the parents work on getting themselves to work. It becomes a lot easier on a parent and the student at such a young age as 16 to just let the kid have his own car because it's too time-consuming to drive him to his job and then drive to yours and drop him off because by then you'd have been driving for an hour.

Many many people don't pass their first times on a driving test. As well as you are required to take a driving test in the United States where ever you go no matter what age you are. Maturity matters as much as you've trained. Think of it like this. Imagine you're about to fight someone, You'd rather fight the 25-year-old who got no fighting experience than the 18-year-old that's been training in Krav Maga for a year. Or say, Would you rather a 25-year-old who's not gone through a university vs an 18-year-old who finished his university already because he went through the extra effort to finish it faster than the rest. Just like training that year before you drive. A year of training makes a world of difference no matter your age. My Girlfriend whos 5 months older than me is dramatically worse at driving than I am. Even at the time I only had about 2 years under my belt and she had none. She still was way worse. The point of what I'm trying to say is, Age does not matter if someone has been trained to do something vs some who has not who may be older. You can teach a kid 12-year-old cursive writing and he would do better than a 21-year-old who has never done it.
Debate Round No. 2


Again you seem to be misunderstanding my point. Maturity comes down to it all. Make drivers who think they are on a race course and then you get the odd occasional teenager taking their newly bought car to a party and then driving home while under the influence.

Your missing my point again in regards to public transportation, In theory the cost of using public transport is much lower and much more affordable. With a car you have to pay various things and depending on what the brand of the car is the cost of running the car is high. In the UK we have City and Country Busses and so therefor people can get around without having to worry about catching trains etc.

Again your using experiences from the states. . The USA works completely different to the UK and we have a very tough court system which deals with driving punishments seriously and effectively.

Here are some things the UK Driving Law States:
1. Children under 12 must be in a car seat until they are twelve or 135cm tall
2. Children over 12 must always wear a seat belt
3. Cars can only travel at 30mph in built up areas but they can go 70mph on dual carriageways and motorways
4. Drivers have to be able to read a number plate from 20 meters away or they could be prosecuted
5. You can get 6 points on your licence and a "200 fine you are caught using a phone if you are stopped


(Just some pretext, Please do read all of my words, I know it's alot but you seem to have missed alot of what I wrote. )

Ok so, You're going off of presuppositions that maturity is the leading reason why there are bad and good drivers. Your argument that you wrote is one example of something that could happen. And you seemed to not comment on your 6. 3 billion deaths a year statement. And keep this in mind, In America the drinking age is 21. So no teenager is drinking and driving unless they're doing it illegally. In that case, It's null invalid for you to say they'll go out and drink because they're breaking laws already and then taking a substance that makes them even worse at driving. So they're broken multiple laws and are under the influence. I can tell you right now that there are more crashes by people over 21 for drunk driving than teenagers. Arguing that them drinking illegally and driving under the influence illegally makes your argument about alcohol, Not a 16-year-old being reckless. But a teen that is reckless while drunk which anyone no matter what age would be reckless while drunk. I imagine you don't know too much about American laws.

Let me reiterate Everywhere is not like the UK, The store is always down the road from you. A car is much less money if you live not in a place like the UK which is about 75% of America. Imagine this, Your favorite grocery store and the closest one is 5 miles away. Now you don't own a car so what do you do, You walk 2 miles to the closest bus stop. Which is if you live in a rich area. Which many many people don't have a bus or train system at all in many places in America. What do you do, You walk. Or you can take a bike, That's good. But how are you going to get back with all the groceries? You can't make multiple trips because by the end of it you'd be paying well over 10 dollars just to go back and forth twice. And hold some bags for 2 miles while you're riding your bike back through long roads with all of your cold items spoiling on the way back.
Do you see where I'm going with this, It's just not practical to not have a car if you're not living in a highly dense populated area. It's not worth the time, The effort, And most definitely the money, With the Average American driving to work, And driving back home. And most picking up their kids, That's 4 trips. You can't tell me that paying 10 dollars every day just to get a bus and take all that extra time getting to a bus stop, Then waiting, Then picking up what you need 4 times and then going back home is efficient. It just isn't' that's why not only do you need a lower age to a driver like 16 years old as it is right now. But it's efficient money wise as well.

The UK driving laws have nothing to do with making our laws in America different than they are now. My main argument is this: It is more cost effective in most of America, To have a car. There are no bus stops as easy to get to as in the UK. You will spend much more time and money getting to the bus stops outside of big cities than if you owned a car. That's why a majority of Americans own cars, We need them as we will travel more than 15 miles a day easily if you're outside of big cities. In big cities, They're great. Busses as far as the eye can see and trains and ferries. It's very easy there. But outside, Where the rest of the population (80% of 360 million) need to have cars, And parents can't take care of their kids all the time. It's important that the 16 year old can get to his job if he needs alone.
Debate Round No. 3


So again your arguing your point about the USA, Not the UK. These are two completely different places where the laws are majorly different. The USA is over 10x the size of the UK and therefor yes of course your going to have to drive longer distances.

So can you sum up your opinion on why you think the UK (Not the USA) driving Age shouldn"t be raised to 21?

As far as my opinion is concerned I do think that the age to sit your test should be raised 21, Young people as we have both found out cause the majority of accidents on UK roads


That's not what this debate is about, It doesn't say "raise driving age to 21 in the UK" So I thought you were arguing universally. Yeah with the UK having stupid laws that allow 16 year olds to drink yeah they shouldnt be allowed to drive until 21 at that point.
Debate Round No. 4


This debate is not about the USA! If you read the title of the debate again I think you"ll find it is about raising the age to 21. Can I remind you that the laws of the UK are completely different to those of the USA.

Again public transport in the UK is cheaper than running s car, Your comparing the USA and the UK when they are two completely different parts of the world.
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Debate Round No. 5
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