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Electronics are better than paper at taking notes.

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Started: 12/13/2019 Category: Technology
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1. Losing notes. You don't have to worry about losing it. If you take notes on paper and let's say it gets lost, You will have to rewrite it unless you find it. On a computer, You can save it to a cloud and look at the notes from many other devices without having to worry about losing it. On paper, You have to worry about the paper ripping, Getting wet, Becoming crumbled, Stolen, Getting dirty, And misplacing your notes. You do not have to worry about any of this on a cloud service. If the computer you took the notes on is broken, You still have the notes saved. You can also save your notes to multiple flash drives.

(This is more aimed towards college classes)

2. Weight. When going to class, Having a multitude of notes can weight you down. Even when walking from out of class, Holding many documents can slow you down compared to having to hold only one computer or tablet, It'll be easier to carry.

3. Speed. When you're taking notes, It is significantly faster typing rather than using a pen or pencil. When using a writing utensil and taking notes from someone seeking, Keeping good handwriting while maintaining speed can be difficult. You also have to worry about breaking your pencil and running out of ink.

Most arguments consist of :

"What if your computer dies"
Charge it. A good laptop can last you the whole day and if not, There are portable chargers that can charge your device throughout the whole day so you will not have to worry about the battery.

"Writing with a pencil or pen helps you memorize better"

You can still write by using an electronic pen on your tablet or computer. It allows you to write letters and words while also being able to make it more readable by having software that automatically maps out a word based on what you drew. This allows you to continue writing while not having to worry about handwriting.


1. Expressing yourself. You can express yourself a lot better by having no stupid formatting requirements and the such. There are no such things as font sizes and bold on paper. And for a lot of people, If they have ideas they just have to let out ASAP, Paper is usually their best bet. If you need to draw attention to something on paper, You just circle or highlight it. On a computer, It is a pain to have to be changing stupid settings, When you are also getting another lot of information that can't exactly be paused.

2. Price. Paper is extremely cheap. A 128 page A4 notebook is only $0. 65! And becomes even more affordable as the pages increase. If you take the Cloud storage route, Expect to be paying a monthly fee, Just to store your notes. Now, It might not be much, But even if it was only a couple of dollars a month, That still adds up quickly. For example, A $5 a month subscription to a cloud storage company seems cheap. But as time goes on, $5 x 12 months x 10 years = a staggering $600! Over just 10 years of time! If you bought notebooks, You could simply file them away for, FREE!

3. Development of fine motor skills. How on earth are you supposed to learn how to use a pencil when you have to hit keys? The younger generations are currently living and breathing technology, And you're encouraging them to make something as simple as transferring your thoughts from your mind to a piece of paper obsolete? You're setting them up for things such as radiation, Which causes a higher chance of cancer. Don't even get me started on RSI. .

Now don't get me wrong, There are definitely benefits to electronic note taking. But, Based on these points, You should be aware that there are a number of reasons to still encourage physical note taking.
Debate Round No. 1


1. As I said before, On tablets and laptops there's software that allows you to write with an electronic pen requiring no specific font requirement. I don't understand your last point of information being "paused", I would love for you to elaborate.

2. There is free software that allows you to keep notes. Google KeepNotes, Word document software, And a multitude of apps you can find. I won't understand why someone would buy a storage cloud when there's a plethora out there for free. So just like you said, It is free as well.

3. Pencils and other writing utensils will still be needed and used for a variety of things. I have not suggested that children in elementary school and high school should use it based on the fact that many people don't have access to technology and internet access. I have stated in my post that this is aim towards college students. I am not suggesting children in middle school to use electronics primarily to take notes neither am I saying it should be pushed towards college students or anyone; I am just stating that it has more benefits than paper.


Do you know how expensive those fancy pen laptops are! ?

As I said before, All you need is a pen (or a pencil, If that's your thing) and paper. Your example is stating that you first need a laptop with a touch screen, Around $1, 000 (and don't say that you can get a cheaper one, Because you need a decent CPU for converting handwriting to text. ) Then you need the software, Such as Microsoft Word, Which costs around $200 for a licence, OR an Office 365 subscription, Which is around $90 a year!

Then what if it gets wet? I know that paper is more delicate when its wet, But so is a laptop. If you spill something on a piece of paper, That piece gets wet, And that's it. If you spill something on your $1, 000+ laptop, You lose everything that was on the computer. Photos, Documents everything. But if I had cloud storage, As you mentioned before, I would still need to be paying money monthly or annually.

Notes are also a lot more secure than electronic ones. There's no such thing as a "hacked notebook, " but if you're trusting your private data with big company's such as Google, Who own google drive, Microsoft, Who owns OneDrive or Apple, Who own iCloud. All these company's can access your data, But also create an easy entry point to your information.

P. S. The "pausing of information" was referring to College students during a lecture taking notes, And how there are zero interruptions or distractions, Whereas still on a device with a pen, You get notifications etc.
Debate Round No. 2


You do not need a touchscreen, I only mentioned that for the fact people state "using a pencil can help you remember as you write" which isn't a big deal if you're studying your work. There is a multitude of free software that you can download on your computer for free and not worry about a subscription. From there you can backup all your information on a flash drive and create files for specific subjects. Google keepnotes is a great example. Free and you can organize it nicely. If water gets on it you shouldn't have had water near it in the first place. If someone else spills water on it, Then they will pay for it. If you're responsible you should not have to worry about that. In the event it happens, There's insurance you can have to cover it. As long as you have a laptop bag that you can put your laptop in when you're not using it, Do not have any drinks near it, You should be safe. I've had a laptop for over 5 years. It's as simple as being responsible. "But if I had cloud storage, As you mentioned before, I would still need to be paying money monthly or annually. " As I said before, There is a multitude of places where you can get free apps to store your photos and notes. There's also this thing called a flash drive, So if the computer happens to be destroyed you still have the information on the flash drives. What information would google want from your notes? Are you putting your bank account details in your notes? I'm confused. What could you possibly have in your notes that would affect your life if Google saw it? Notifications? You can mute those or turn them off in the settings of the device.


Still, Even if you were studying, Do you think it would really hurt to memorize them? Wouldn't that revise them even more in your brain? It's not a matter of who spilled what on what and who did it. At the end of the day, If your stuff wrecked by water, Its still wrecked. What if your flash drive get wet? Or you forget to back it up? There's no such thing as a "backup of paper notes. " But if you really couldn't afford to lose handwritten notes, You can use a service like Evernote, That has a free plan and lets you upload full quality handwritten notes. I mentioned cloud storage companys because of Artificial Intelligence. The fact that a computer can predict what we do and it being somewhat accurate is amazing. But the only reason why companys such as Google can create A. I. 's this good (and creepy! ) is because we as a society are training it for free, From our personal information.

To conclude, I have to admit, There are some good points to taking digital notes, But I believe that old-fashioned paper notes are a far better alternative.
Debate Round No. 3
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