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Every man made problem has a solution.

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Started: 6/22/2019 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Many believe that there are many man made issues* that will never change. For example, Racism is a major issue that has gotten better over time but still exists in almost every society with no solution in sight. Although there maybe no clear solution in sight, My argument is that the solution still exists.

*Footnote: problem or any synonym of problem used in this debate is any situation a person believes is harmful. Problems, Using this definition, Are subjective and each persons problems may conflict. A republican might see illegal immigration as a problem while a democrat might see closed borders as a problem. Feel free to change the definition in your argument, But remember to focus on the main topic.


The issue of racism is not a modern issue by any means, Its been here since humans have walked the earth. Stating that a solution exists for such a wide and complicated problem is just misguidance at best. There is always bound to be a minority somewhere out there that is going to feel misrepresented or disrespected. You will always have the people having a need to feel higher than the rest. These are ideologies passed from generation to generation and are virtually impossible to eliminate.

The more resources you pour into a "comprehensive" ways to fix a "man-made" issue that has plagued societies for thousands and thousands of years, The more resistance the problem will put out. Prior to the US 2016 elections, You could hear people say that racism was dead. Oh but look at us now, It seems stronger than I ever have seen it be.

You can't solve some of the man-made problems because they raise from human nature itself.
Debate Round No. 1


Yes, The more you fight against a problem, The more it will fight back, But eventually the problem will weaken; it will start off slow but eventually KA-BOOM suddenly the bomb explodes or the dam breaks and more rights are given than thought possible. For example, Sexism was very prevalent before the mid-20th century, But now women can vote, Work, And stand proudly on their own two feet.

Human nature is undoubtedly selfish because biology wants us to keep ourselves alive, But human nature also encourages us to work together because biology wants us to have kids and promote those around us who we find as good so they can have kids. I trust that people will tend to put or balance their family and friends need with their own, And history shows that to be so. We have gone from slavery to segregation to arguments about being pc and from periods of empires to an era of democracy. Humanity always end up protecting the weak, And we will always progress to understanding ourselves and each other.

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Posted by PikaChupacabra 2 years ago

Several Native American and other cultures were wiped out by European conquest (whether purposefully or not). Many of these cultures had no written language and their customs and history are lost forever. These are man-made problems, And are irreversible, Unsolvable, And otherwise permanently a problem.

Thanks for the optimism, But you're wrong.
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