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Everyone has the choice to end their own lives.

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Started: 4/27/2019 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Throughout many countries, Suicide and even attempted suicide has been illegalised. However, There is nothing wrong with suicide mainly because of that fact that humans have rights and if they have the right to live their own lives. We do not see why humans do not have the right to end their own life which is in these case suicide. Yes, Suicide may be seen as the easy way out but everyone dies one day. It is not about a matter of if but when. And why not die now when you can choose a painless death before you die of a slow, Painful and natural death. Not everyone is able to find a purpose in life. Everyone is born in different circumstances and family background and just because certain people are born fortunate or have a silver spoon since the day they were born should force everyone to continue living since their point of view of life is sunshine and rainbows and painting these negative image of how ending your own life is unethical and immoral. Having a choice to end your own life does not mean that they must. If people want to continue living, Let them be but not everyone wants to. Everyone deserves the right to decide their own life choices, Including suicide.


So this debate might be a little bit different than my normal debates as I wish to take this seriously.

When talking about suicide, People often imagine a situation where the person was going through a rough period of life and doesn't want to take anymore. I have a slightly different way of looking at it. I prefer to look inside the mind of people who are considering suicide. More often than not, Their mind is clouded with a dark essence, A combination of stress, Anger, And fear/anxiety. When the mind is clouded it is hard for the person to mentally see what is going on, Thus making bad decisions like suicide.

Suicide not only takes the life of a person, But also wastes money from the government and hurts other people. In 2015 alone 65 billion dollars were lost to suicide. Https://afsp. Org/about-suicide/suicide-statistics/

Back to that "dark essence" I was talking about. Have you ever met someone who was always unhappy? No matter how much love and care they receive, They will never be thankful? These people in a way are "black holes", As they take love in and never let it out. Simply showing love to someone like this won't help them. However there is a cure which I will elaborate on later.

This is a very serious topic for me. I hope to spread insight.
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Posted by Club 3 years ago
this is sad. . .
Posted by Leaning 3 years ago
Eh, Course people always have the 'choice, But I think that it is right that they don't have the legal recourse to do so. In my eyes a person who commits suicide is usually glitched in the head, Have some major malfunction. Whether it's lack of sun, Food, Sleep, Purpose, Play, And so on. If someone goes a bit out of their mind it seems right to keep them from hurting themselves to me. I can understand how people may want to commit suicide out of depression, But I really can't understand how they actually do it. Maybe arguments could be made for euthanasia of the super sick, Lying on deathbed in agony. But even while I wouldn't stop people in that specific case 'I would still find it immoral. But that may be because of my own fixations on existence.

I suppose they could also have been born with a jagged splintery wood spoon in their mouth. In which case it get's a bit harder for me to have an opinion. Hard to really when someone's life experience is that different. Still have a private opinion about it though likely.
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