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FACEBOOK should be under strict control

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Started: 11/15/2019 Category: Technology
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Facebook is monitoring every single aspect of your life and without your consent they are using this bulk data collection to influence your opinion, Stuff to buy etc. IF it is not under strict control on what they can monitor and what they can"t eventually Facebook will become so powerful that eventually we will have no control over our own opinion.
IF you say baby product or dog food couple of times in day FB will start to show that ads and FB is tracking where your going what your doing how your feeling every single tiny details is stores in their database and all this information is for what? One day it could be used against us so FB should earse all these data of the public. And fake news and ADS without fact check all should be blocked.


We have a technological awareness problem.

You consent to join the platform, If you don't consent to what they are doing, Then you don't have to join the platform. It is under strict control as to what they can/can't monitor, For example, They are extremely protective laws preventing online abuse and exploitation of minors because they cannot give consent.

I think the idea that if you just say a word and you will then get ads for it is just hyperbole and not true. However, I do think it is true that if you search google for example for baby-related products, You will start seeing ads for it. That is because you consent to having your search data taken and used for personal ad recommendations. Personally, I don't consent to those features and have them turned off in my browser so this does not happen to me.

I don't like fake news. In fact, Nobody does! It's a pretty sinister idea after all. There are already laws governing the use of speech, We have a certain freedom of speech that doesn't protect specific exceptions such as calls to violence or defamation.
I also don't like a ban on fake news, For the simple reason that I don't know what fake news is actually fake. I don't trust anyone to decide what fake news is. Let's say, For example, That the government passes a law right now banning all fake news. Do you really want Trump's government to decide who gets to report and who doesn't? In that situation, We might be left with just Fox. On the other hand, As a conservative, I wouldn't want Bernie in charge of what constitutes fake news. In fact, I don't want anyone to determine that.
Regardless, Facebook is a private entity and can do what it wants, If you don't like it then leave.
Debate Round No. 1


We don"t have a technological awareness problem, Instead our society still has ppl who are not used to the technology and they don"t want to use it. Yes we consent on their term and condition but what we are consenting cannot contradict with our basic rights. Like for eg/ If a say baby food few times a day and FB is recording and giving my request to a private company it actually violating my privacy.
Facebook is not showing what they are doing with my data or they are silent about how they are using algorithm to assess me or what will be the consequences of this assessment and spying. Online abuse is illegal but it is happening all across FB most of the ppl don"t want this to be out just like bullying is wrong but it doesn"t mean that it is not happening.
It is true that apps are listening to what we are saying, Maybe FB is getting this info from a third party apps but they are collecting it some how and they are not transparent on that matter.
Recently FB owner said that he is not fact checking the ads on FB means if I put a fake news and pay money FB will publish it
It is true that a person can leave a FB as he/she wishes but we are living in a society which is heavily using this app and their opinions, Views and attitude can get influenced by this Fb same goes for our family or our kids. So personally you may turn off your account but not everyone is doing that and it influence is growing like never before so better we put a tab on what they are doing or we will be too late
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by richarddaniel 2 years ago
If the logic say we consent or we have a choice then why not make drunk driving illegal? Because it the choice of a person to get drunk and drive why it should be illegal? The reason is it may cause accident that means even if your not drunk your driving perfectly following all the rules some drunk idiot can wreck your car. Here it is the same situation a person who is reading news from Facebook or addicted to the platform who trust what ever is going on in FB may do something stupid. In the end we don"t know what are the social implication or how it influence a humans or kid. All I"m saying is we need to have some strict control over a media which hold everything about our life or our loved once life. Why it is so hard to understand
Posted by Soran 2 years ago
The Jew Zuckerberg wouldn't enjoy that very much, Would he?
Posted by Leaning 2 years ago
Doesn't one consent by 'joining Facebook?
Can't we choose an alternative site, Or no site at all?
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