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FORTNITE is for losers and geeks who don't know how to socialize in real life

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Started: 3/28/2019 Category: Games
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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People who play Fortnite are social misfits and nerds who could not carry on a meaningful conversation in real life, Face to face and are just losers who would rather play a cartoony game with their other geek friends in moms basement then socialize in real life because they have no real friends.

Fortnite is for socially awkward geeks who don't play sports, Have two left feet and only know how to use their thumbs and have no girlfriends.

Prove me wrong


It seems as though you hate Fortnite and so you say all of these things jokingly since Fortnite is overrated (it is to me). Some of the things you said describes people who don't even play Fortnite.

You cannot paint everyone with one brush with these preconceived notions just because they play some video game. If you say this about Fortnite, Then you must apply the same logic for all other video games because they are all fictional. How is your argument magically exclusive to only Fortnite?

A relative of mine has a girlfriend, Same age as me, An outgoing extrovert, Far from a geek, People always seen him as the cool guy, Smokes weed, Has friends, Plays basketball and he also plays Fortnite. He doesn't even look like the type to play Fortnite. So there goes that.

What about social media? People who are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too much could become addicted to it. They may not do a good job of having face to face conversation since everything nowadays is just technology. If you stand by what you say about Fortnite, Then social media has a part in this as well.

What's wrong with being a nerd?
What's wrong with not playing sports?
Not everyone is the same, Not every guy has to like sports or get into sports. I'm not even into sports. Does that mean something is wrong with me and other men who aren't really into sports? No. I see that you said "nerdy kid who can't play sports" interesting that you have this misguided stereotype about people. I actually can play sports if I wanted to. I used to play basketball, But it really isn't my thing. I'd rather watch a basketball game from time to time. Even though I'm not into sports, I'll watch it every now and then because of my favorite team.

I don't play Fortnite. I attempted to, And I don't like it at all. It's way too difficult. You have to push too many buttons just to do one thing. I play GTA 5 and I love it. Does that make me a loser who can't socialize and is a geek and all this other bullshxt that you said? Please listen to yourself.

Playing a video game doesn't automatically make you all of those things. It would've been more respectable and made more sense had you said something like "People are becoming addicted to Fortnite and it's not good. "

I'm into anime. Do you know how many people judge others for watching anime? A lot. Do you know how many people made fun of me for watching anime? A lot. Guess what. I don't give a fxck because it's what I like. So you shouldn't condemn other people just because they are playing their favorite video game.
Debate Round No. 1


Fortnite is taking children"s attention away from healthier activities, Such as playing sports, Interacting with friends on a face-to-face basis and turning them into social misfits and geeks. Playing Fortnite is causing changes in the prefrontal cortex, Especially affecting young developing brains. And these are scientific facts.

Part of the addictive component of playing Fortnite involves a continuous release of dopamine, Every time someone gets a kill on Fortnite, There is another release of dopamine, Thereby increasing very addictive behaviors and natural endo-chemicals produced by our own biochemistry. This can be as addictive as taking drugs. Therefore this proves that Fortnite is for losers just like drugs are. It is similar to cocaine addiction, Or a gambler"s addiction to a slot machine.

When we are continually flooded with dopamine, Normal amounts no longer satisfy us. So then we need more and more dopamine to even feel normal. This is part of the reason that it is so hard to pry people away from their electronics. They are literally addicted to them.

Adolescents and children need to learn how to be with other human beings, How to interact face-to-face, How to read and respond to verbal and social cues, And how to communicate effectively. There is no substitute for face to face personal interaction by playing Fortnite. If children are continuously attached to machines, Then they lack normal human development and the capacity to integrate the full range of human interaction. We see reduced vocabularies, A lessening capacity for healthy social interaction, Communication, And reduced social skills and capacity to form and sustain healthy relationships and become complete Fortnite morons.

With video games like Fortnite that includes violence, Violence becomes normalized and acceptable, People become desensitized to violence, And lose the capacity to understand what it really means. As evidenced by gang violence and rampant use of guns by mass shooters, We are witnessing a change in the value of human life. To the extent that violent games like Fortnite contribute to this, As well as movies and other media, We need to closely examine what we are feeding the minds of our young people. Whatever they are feeding their minds is likely to come out in their lives

Sports provide your children with a healthy outlet for competitive energy, Teamwork, And learning how to get along with other people. Sports also is a way for your kids to release aggression in a healthy manner.
Anyone who doesn't play sports is just a limp wristed geek and a wimp who has no talent and would rather sag on the couch and play Fortnite in moms basement.

Allowing kids to play Fortnite and check out from life and reality, Will deprive them of developing the skills that they need to survive in this world and make them become weak crybaby sissies who can't handle the real world and the stresses in the work force.

Case closed

Mic drop


Sorry, No case closed for you. Your argument has way too many inconsistencies.

First off, You didn't even really respond to any of my points in Round 1.

Again, You're painting all children with one brush. I may as well stick with most of my same arguments from Round 1. If I am being redundant, It's for a reason. Again, If you claim Fortnite is affecting children in such a way then what about other games that people are addicted to other than Fortnite? You still haven't answered that question. What makes Fortnite any different? There are tons of game apps on the phones that are addictive. We all become addicted to things sometimes, But that does not mean one will completely lose touch within reality. I'm pretty sure there are athletes who play Fortnite. I just told you the example about my cousin that plays basketball. Of course you didn't respond to that.

Fortnite isn't the only game you can get kills in. Do you know how many games there are where you get kills in? A lot lol. Getting a kill in a game just means one is enjoying the game, You are supposed to win. That's the point. If that's what you say about drugs, Then I would advise you focus on drugs more in the future other than a video game. Drugs are much more serious. Fortnite doesn't cause overdoses and suicides. But I doubt you'll pay much attention to drugs. Some people unfortunately tend to trivial issues such as a video game rather than more serious issues such as drugs, Rape, Murder, Racism etc. You are really exaggerating over Fortnite.

Fortnite only came out in 2017. You act as if Fortnite is some murderer. There may be a game in the future that completely trumps Fortnite. There are millions of video games out here in the world already, There are many options. There are so many games that are better than Fortnite.

Anyone can become addicted to any game though, Not just Fortnite. Again, You must apply same logic to other games. How is Fortnite any different? H1Z1 is a game that's very similar to Fortnite. What do you say about that?

"This is part of the reason that it is so hard to pry people away from their electronics. They are literally addicted to them. "
Are you one of those people? In any case, This is true. Times have changed and technology has become more and more involved.

Fortnite does not necessarily restrict children from being with other human beings, Face to face interactions, How to read, Communicate and etc. Another example, My cousin is 15 years old, Extremely smart, Smarter than kids his age, Well spoken, He has friends, Plays various games including Fortnite, Has a girlfriend, Does great in school, And he also has a YouTube channel. Yet again, I just debunked your over-generalization of these outrageous stereotypes over some video game.

I see your reasons on the fact that this game can be addicting. A simple solution would be parents can limit their children's time playing Fortnite. Honestly speaking, You are reaching with all of these things. It's just a video game. Some things you say are valid and understandable, But others are childish and unnecessary. "moms basement" "loser" "no girlfriend" "nerds" "no friends" really? But like I said before, Some of the things you said describes people who don't even play Fortnite.

The violence in Fortnite is childs play compared to GTA, Call of Duty, Black Ops and those types of games. Fortnite is more colorful and it reminds you of Minecraft. Blood isn't even shown on Fortnite. It's just some hover board thing that floats over a player's head and and collects them like a UFO.

You should expand more points and examples with your point about violence. I understand you said media but say more things and stop focusing only on Fortnite.

Sports are overrated. As I said, Everyone will not be into sports and not everyone will play sports. Some people are more into technology and computers, Some are into playing chess, Swimming or becoming a chef. Sports are not the answer for every person. There are healthy people who aren't athletes. There are other alternatives to release stress, Such as exercising and going to the gym.

"Anyone who doesn't play sports is just a limp wristed geek and a wimp who has no talent"
Well everyone who started out playing sports didn't have talent at first, You learn how to do it. You have to start somewhere. A person that isn't into sports may be extremely talented in something else that fits them and makes them happy. Plus, Sports are not always cracked up to be. I knew an older gentleman that said playing sports can have a negative effect on your body later on in life, Especially if you overdo it. He played football, So I'm not sure if it applies to any other sport, But I can understand this coming from football.

Just a disclaimer, I'm not against anyone playing sports at all. But for you to make fun of someone else just because they don't play sports is silly. People look at me and assume I play basketball because of my height and how I'm built, But I don't play basketball.

For me, My interest was cooking. When I was young I taught myself how to cook, And it became a passion. I then took restaurant management and took culinary class for a couple of years. Now, I am a cook. Prime example of how everyone has different things that they love. I'm also into computers as well, And into tech.

Look at Bill Gates, One of the richest men alive. He got into computer programming early on in his life and he's become very successful. He's now the founder of Microsoft. Bill Gates never played sports. Sports is not the be all end all.

It's possible to play Fortnite and have life skills. There's people who not only play Fortnite, But they play a variety of video games. So the things that you are saying, Does it apply to these people as well? Or does it only apply to people who ONLY play Fortnite?

"Weak crybaby sissies who can't handle the real world and the stresses in the work force. "
There's plenty of people who are like that who don't even play Fortnite. My ex coworker, Years ago (when Fortnite wasn't even out yet) he was a big stresser. He stressed out at work 24/7.

Fortnite is merely just something to play during free time. If someone had a long, Productive day at work, And they come home and play Fortnite (or any video game) then there's nothing wrong with that.

Another thing, Certain video games can make you smart. I am unsure about the case for Fortnite but either way it's just a game and as I said before, You shouldn't bash others for playing it. A person can play Fortnite and still be smart.
"According to a new study published, Playing action video games can potentially increase gray matter volume in the brain. The study compared 27 regular expert video game players with 30 amateur players who played infrequently and didn’t perform as well in games. "
Source: redtri(dot)com

Your title and your R1 argument is in a completely different tone than your R2 argument. You are much more serious in R2 with less insults. Although there are a few unnecessary insults in your R2 argument, But nonetheless. The title should have been more mature and professional and your R1 argument should have been more straight to the point. It should have been just like your R2 argument, But short. Just a decent paragraph without any insults. This could be offensive to people who play Fortnite because what if everyone does not fit what you are saying? There are grown adults who play Fortnite and it's nothing wrong with them. The thing is that you just hate Fortnite.

So just because you talked to a psychotherapist you have this battery in your back and you're real charged up. Well I'm gonna have to take that battery out your back.
Debate Round No. 2


Fortinite is for losers and this debate comes down to adults debating with children. Kvng_8 will argue for Fortinite because he plays it and he wants to defend it. Ladies and Gentleman of the jury if we look at the facts, Fortnite is just destroying young peoples minds and every adult will agree, But then most adults don't play a cartoony video game, They have bigger things to worry about like a mortgage and bills and putting food on the table.

While kids do nothing but go to school and waste their time on stupid video games like Fortnite. Fortnite is like Fentanyl which is a growing epidemic with young people. The young people see it as a fun party drug but adults see it for what it is, A killing opioid. And that is the problem with this debate.

As an adult I'm debating a child who thinks video games like Fortnite are a fun time waster, But me as an adult see it as a stupid activity with Fortnite being the lead candidate for lost and wasteful youth. There were other games before it just as bad but for now Fortnite is the leading video game for addiction, Stupidity and waste of time in the young generation of people. And this is why I wanted to leave this debate locked for serious adult discussion because discussing it with a child who has no clue about how the real world works and debating how their Fortnite addiction is leading them to a path of loserdom and antisocial behavior will never be recognized not by the child but by the adult who is smarter, Wiser and knows more from previous experiences than a Fortnite playing nerd. This is the same debate as trying to convince a child that reading is better for them than watching Paw Patrol.

So like I said before anyone who plays Fortnite is just a loser and when you apply for your first time for a career I won't hire you because you are antisocial and have no people skills. So keep playing your stupid video game, But in the real world and grand scheme of things you will be recognized as a computer geek in real life so good luck flipping burgers at Checkers or Wendy's because your Fortnite addiction eventually will lead you down that path as the antisocial nerd who can't function in society with adults

Mic drop


Made the same mistake this round. You didn't even respond to my R2 argument. Still making your arguments exclusively to Fortnite, It would make a lot more sense if you said video games in general are addicting. For about the third time, What makes Fortnite so different?

I'm no child. I'm an adult just like you. I don't play Fortnite nor do I like it. I've told you numerous of times, Thought that'd be clear by now. Oh and newsflash, Adults play Fortnite. Adults also play video games other than paying bills and putting food on the table.

"While kids do nothing but go to school and waste their time on stupid video games like Fortnite. "

Well they are just kids. Are they not allowed to play video games? You probably give a pass to the bad kids who are doing drugs, Bad at school or disrespectful to their parents. You don't care about that do you? You're just focused on a video game.

"And this is why I wanted to leave this debate locked for serious adult discussion because discussing it with a child who has no clue about how the real world works and debating how their Fortnite addiction is leading them to a path of loserdom and antisocial behavior will never be recognized not by the child but by the adult who is smarter, Wiser and knows more from previous experiences than a Fortnite playing nerd. "


1. Again, I'm not a child who plays Fortnite, But you may think whatever you want to somehow make you feel better. Like I said, I am an adult and I do know all about the real world. I have my own business. :P But keep it up, You can think I'm a child who's addicted to Fortnite all you like. I don't give a fxck.

2. I think any adult who would have accepted this debate and clearly has the upper hand over you (as I am right now) you would have accused them of being a child that plays Fortnite, Just to delude yourself. Sad that's all that you have left as your last argument.

3. Have you never played video games ever in your life?

4. Aw okay, Mr. "smarter, Wiser and knows more from previous experiences" good for you! Great job. By the way, There are adults who have the mindset of children. There are dumb adults. Age does not determine maturity, How smart or wise you are.

Your last paragraph was pure nonsense. My R2 arguments pretty much still stands. Someone who plays video games does not deter them from a career or a job. You are very delusional. There's nothing wrong with being a computer geek. Look at Bill Gates. Look at all the successful people who made Google. Look at the creators of YouTube. Look at the people who are Youtubers, Who are very successful with tons of subscribers and are millionaires. They still play Fortnite. They work from a computer, Does that make them a computer geek? Well, Whatever label you use, Alright then. Whatever helps you sleep at night. There's nothing wrong with someone working in fast food. Having any job is a blessing and I respect anyone no matter where they work. At least they are taking care of themselves and/or their family. Plus, That person could potentially become a manager of that McDonald's. There are always steps in life and you keep elevating. I knew of a person who went from working fast food, To working at a bank.

Thanks for the debate.
Debate Round No. 3
94 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by Smug_Tomato 3 years ago
This really went from a debate about whether or not people that play fortnite are losers to whether or not white people can say nigga LOL
Posted by Kvng_8 3 years ago
Cool. I'm through here, Thanks for the debate!
Posted by FanboyMctroll 3 years ago
No I wouldn't call her that because she would kick my azz, But I was just trying to be cool in the hood when I said it to you
Posted by Kvng_8 3 years ago
"I never grew up in the projects"
Yikes. You don't have to grow up in the projects to know that. It's just known. White people even know that black people call each other it. Similar to when women call each other bxtches but it's endearment, Yet if a man calls a woman it, It's wrong.

If your girl is black, Would you call her a nigga? Lol yikes.
Posted by FanboyMctroll 3 years ago
I don't know that, I never grew up in the projects but I'm trying to learn

My girl is black, Been together for 15 years now, Still learning the culture
Posted by Kvng_8 3 years ago
If you need to get enlightened on Black Lives Matter, Check out my debate. :)
https://www. Debate. Org/debates/Black-Lives-Matter-does-not-help-blacks-nor-blacks-should-be-with-BLM. /1/
Posted by Kvng_8 3 years ago
They say nigga, Not nigger. Plus, When it's used between black people it's just a term of endearment, As I'm sure you know that.
Posted by FanboyMctroll 3 years ago
Black Lives Matter
Posted by FanboyMctroll 3 years ago
so 50 cent and Nelly are racists then since they say those words in their songs all the time.
Posted by Kvng_8 3 years ago
"Among these rules are what some call "r-dropping" or "non-rhotic behavior. " In words with syllables ending in the "r" sound, The "r" is deleted and sometimes replaced by an unstressed vowel called "schwa" (ə), Which sounds like "uh. "

"Four" becomes "foe"; "Fire" becomes "fiyuh"; "mother" becomes "mothuh"; and so on. "

Source: Aliah Luckman | Article - Who Can Use The N Word.

In other words, Nigger and nigga are the same word. And even if a black person says nigger, They are most likely joking. If they are genuinely saying it, Then they are self hating their own race.

You are racist. You just displayed it. If you think Fortnite players are geeks then alright, That's your opinion. I give ZERO fxcks. Move on.
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Vote Placed by omar2345 3 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Con had to prove Fornite can be played by people who are not losers or geeks (both defined as people with no social life outside the game). Con managed to do it with this "Adults play Fortnite. Adults also play video games other than paying bills and putting food on the table. " Pro should have hired a debate coach to realise how it was for Con to win the debate. That was lost during the debate but Con did speak about the core of the argument and wins.

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