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Feminine products should be free

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Started: 10/8/2019 Category: Health
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Women can't control the fact that they have periods so they shouldn't be charged for products to stop their vaginas from bleeding for a full week. Two pads a day for a week at boxes of 10 for 9$ adds up to about 10$ a month. With 12 months in a year and a total of 35 years of menstruation in a woman's life adds up to a total of 435$. Plus painkillers for cramps and medicine for nausea that's over FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS just for existing.


Everything costs money. Food, Clothes, Medicine, And everything else, Costs money. These things don"t just appear out of thin air; they are a product of someone else"s labor. If these products were free, Who would be making them? People get sick all the time, And most willingly pay for their medication, Because if they didn"t, Drug companies would go out of business, As they are not making any income. Nothing is free, So there"s really no point whining about how it"s unfair.
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Posted by Anonymous 2 years ago
I want free things
Posted by Anonymous 2 years ago
Posted by Anonymous 2 years ago
Nobody wanted to debate this retarded topic the first time, So you post it again? Seriously?

Lets make everything free, Food, Clothing etc etc, I mean we use all of it right?

Retarded debate
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