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For many couples when they go to a beautiful place together

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Started: 2/18/2020 Category: Education
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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For many couples, When they go to a beautiful place together, Of course, They need to take different pictures. At first it took only 10 minutes to see the sights, But often 30 minutes have passed since the picture was taken. Don't forget to send beautiful photos to a circle of friends after taking a picture and give everyone dog food This operation is already the most common operation.

However, The operation of a Japanese house is probably eye-opening, And although they are also a couple playing together, His girlfriend is a high-end physical love doll. At the attraction I took many beautiful pictures for his "wife". Shared these beautiful photos on his Twitter. This is dog food spilled around the world.

I have to say that the work of the body love doll review is very exquisite, But if you look closely it is not different from the real thing. And in the puppet pose in the photo, The movement of the joints of this physical Dutch Wife is very free and the proportions of the figures are perfect, It's no wonder that you love this love doll so much, It really I like you.
Due to the different poses, Love Doll Man is also fully supported, It is just a professional model. And for such real dolls, This is also a local tyrant, Since the price is definitely not cheap. In addition, They do not care about the eyes of others, Because they generally do not make such Dutchwives open to the public. It is really respectable.

Even at close range, This love doll is perfect for every detail, Facial features are full of three-dimensional sensations, And no better than those cheap physical real love dolls. Dutch wife sports sweaters and red glasses frames also seem to have a unique beauty without feeling disobedient. If you have such a doll, Do you have the courage to bring it out?

Pictures of Japanese love dolls and Dutch wives show that she is a pet and she will take you anywhere. That's all. If you like it, Leave a comment below.


I do not like this "Dutch Wife" at all. I, Along with most other people, Have no reason to buy it. It's a waste of money that doesn't provide me with any of the things I want out of a relationship.

What do these dolls have to offer? A body, And nothing else. Well, I don't want to marry a body. My own five fingers can take care of my physical needs just fine. And posing with a doll for pictures brings me no benefit. What do I care if I can make fake pictures with myself and my fake wife? To fool some people on Facebook? I don't care about any of the selling points these things have to offer.

I want my partner in a relationship to be more than a soulless aberration encased in plastic and silicone. I want someone I can talk to, Make breakfast for, Watch a movie with, Etc. Can a doll wake me up in the morning with a cup of coffee? Can I watch the doll's expression light up with joy when I clean the house so it doesn't have to? Can a doll give me a reason not to self-immolate in the parking lot of the nearest Waffle House with a mixture of gasoline and motor oil? The answers, Of course, Are all no.

You "love doll" is just that - a doll. I can buy a bottle of lotion that does everything your doll can do for me, For 1/200th of the price. For the price of this doll, I could go on over a hundred dates at a nearby coffee shop. For the price of this doll, I could self-immolate in the parking lot of the nearest Waffle House over sixty times. This thing is worthless.
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Posted by Unfortunado 1 year ago
I don't think furnishings are actually part of what make a living room a living room. In an an empty house, It's still clear which room is the living room by its size and position within the house. A living room can exist independent of the furnishings that render it capable of performing its function. It would be bad at its job, But clearly we still consider it a living room even when it does not perform any function associated with a living room. I would rather argue that it is the intent with which the room is designed and the possibility for it to perform living room functions that makes a living room a living room.

Consider if I were to go to the nearest Waffle House, And due to local arson events, They were unable to offer me waffles. Is it still a Waffle House, Even though it is currently unable to lay claim to the reason it was called a Waffle House in the first place? I think that it is still a Waffle House, And I apply the same reasoning to a living room.
Posted by anc2006 1 year ago
No, The living room is not empty, Consider if it is a living room, It would sustain the livings of a regular human. In this case the living room should not be a vacuum chamber or it is not a living room.

wait wat
Posted by Unfortunado 1 year ago
The living room is emptyG9; or is it?
The living room is emptyI1; or is it?
The living room is emptyG6; or is it?
The living room is emptyL4; or is it?
The living room is empty O1; or is it?
The living room is emptyX5; or is it?

I guess I'll try these now
Posted by Unfortunado 1 year ago
It did it again, And I didn't even tell it to capitalize. What is this?
Maybe I should find some kind of symbol that looks like a comma but isn't.

word, Word
word" word
Posted by Unfortunado 1 year ago
I just learned that the spell checker here apparently decides to capitalize every word after a comma. Now my grammar looks disgusting, And I can't edit it. Sad cat time.
Posted by anc2006 1 year ago
What are we debating here?
Posted by canis 1 year ago
Hmm. Saw the RS-dolls. Think I will skip the old cow at home. . 1700, - euro. . .
Posted by canis 1 year ago
Good for you. . But why not get the real doll. . ? . . Or use pornhub. Its, More "action". . .
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