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Fortnite sucks

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Started: 1/22/2020 Category: Games
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Fortnite sucks because the only way to progress in fortnite is microtransactions (I know you don't neeeed to but it is heavily implied) in the form of the "battle pass" and a solid form of progression the game is kinda bare-bones.


I mean, As a controversial gen Z person, I hate fortnite as well. I am annoyed of how my classmates keep talking about which pickaxe they got or similar topics.

But for the sake of pure boredom, I am going to play the Devil's advocate. Advice took from fellow user Leaning.

1) There are people playing it
if it really suck, Then NO ONE on this planet will play this game, Other than the sake of testing and withstanding. There are contests of people playing it. The only reason you can say that this game suck is that everyone says that, Similar to Desert Bus, Plumbers don't wear ties, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Hong Kong 97, Etc(Taken from Angry Video Game Nerd playlist, Cinemassacre). Note AVGN had done games from the Atari era to the new millenials. He is very professional about talking how bad games are. . . Bad. But he had no episode of such, Which means that a lot of people, Including him now, Doesn't think this game stinks as much as what he had reviewed in the past few years.

Now not a single person. The quotation mark "bad" game is defined as that its bad side is noticeably more than its good side. I admit the community is trash, But this would be the same as saying Undertale and DDLC are bad games because their communities are trashy and salty, Where as the original games suited without a trashy and salty community are programming platinum themselves. Fortnite has many thing that are good. That is why there are people playing it for pure appreciation and fun. It is not like Big Rigs: Over the hills racing reviewed by AVGN himself, In which actual and considerable numbers of internet users are bored of it, That it is so bad it is funny to just play and saying "sh*t" each time you cross the road with a displaced truck part. No: fortnite has actual communities that think it is fun.

Fortnite has many gimmicks. Battle pass, Costumes, Custom pickaxes and other decal-esque stuff. Yeah you think the battle pass costs money thus no one will fall for it? Yeah I thought so too a few months ago too, But it is not even close that no one bought it because apparently lots of user fell for it and bought the battle pass. If you think it is bad, Great don't play it, But I don't think you can change EVERYONE that play the game: because they are still wondering why haven't you discovered this "gem" of a game called fortnite.

Because there are people playing it, Lots of them, It means people like it. It also means in the portrayal in the media it does not "suck" really.

Argument done.
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Posted by anc2006 2 years ago
"bruh, Who still debating if fortnite sucks or not? Its 2020"

Fortnite is made in 2017. Compare it with Big rigs, Which is made about 2004 or so. People think Big rigs is either a legend of a game or a trash of a game.
Posted by 1000lifetimes 2 years ago
Does it suck tho?
Posted by Its_just_a_casual 2 years ago
bruh, Who still debating if fortnite sucks or not? Its 2020
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