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Started: 12/17/2019 Category: Economics
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Are GMOs good or bad


Hello, I"m not exactly sure what your position is on this debate but I will take the "pro" side since it is the side that is open. I am going to keep this relatively short.

Here are some points that I should make to start off:

1. Before genetically modified products can be sold, They must undergo a rigorous testing phase, Sometimes lasting a decade to scan for any potential allergens, Risks to humans, Or any risks to the environment.

2. Crops are genetically modified to be more nutritious, More resistant to extreme temperatures and insects and have a bigger harvest, Therefore being able to feed more people with the same amount of land, Which is important in a world with a rapidly growing population.

3. "Natural foods" require the same amount of land and maintenance for a smaller output, Due to less resistance to factors such as temperature, Disease, And insects, As previously stated above. This means that non-GMO foods can be worse for the environment, Since more fertilizer, Pesticides, And work is required to produce the same output of that of foods that are genetically modified to be more resistant to these factors.

I appreciate you for taking your time to read my argument. I will be looking forward to what you have to say about this next time.
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