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GOD is GARBAGE. . . Now trash it. . . . And wake UP!

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Started: 2/18/2020 Category: Religion
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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"GOD" an humaqn fabricated Comic Book puppet character.

"GOD" brought to YOU by world class con artist psychopaths who want you to SLAVE and SERVE them (the human parasite preacher) not some comic book PUPPET GOD!

This is the absolute "TRUTH" of the 3 Abrahamic GOD puppets = Jew GOD-Jesus-Allah.

All 3 GODS are human inventions. . . The are made up from twisting the creative works
of other civilizations into the 3 STOOGE COMIC BOOK PUPPET GOD garbage. . .

Anyone who worships any of these 3 utterly WORTHLESS GOD constructs is a FOOL. .
and deserves the FEAR-INTIMIDATION -VIOLENCE doled out to the pathetic weak mided slave drones WHO SURRENDERED THEIR FREE WILL to some retarded preaching CIRCUS CLOWN HUMAN in a Halloween Glory Gown costume! Disgusting. .

"GOD" is a petty low life worthless scapegoat TOOL. . . = Comic Book GARBAGE. . . Sadly
billions of hypnotized and brainwashed humans are trapped in a MAZE of Torah, Bible,
and Quran VOMIT. . . And have totally LOST their minds and lives to serve absurd idiotic
Religious DOGMA humans invent and attach to the PUPPET GOD HOAX. . .

JEW? Then you are condemned by the JESUS and ALLAH molested BELIEVERS

CHRISTIAN? Well well you are a bron sinner. A worthless SCUM from inception and
must OBEY the CHURCH psychopaths to get in HEAVEN when you DROP DEAD!
You get to be in HEAVEN with billions of psychotic JESUS FREAKS! Good for YOU stay
there and ROT for eternity with them. . .

MUSLIM? Weel the JEWS and JESUS freaks CONDEMN YOU! The Abrahamic GODS are a 3 way PARADOX of utteer BULLSHT. . . Everyone LOSES and is ultimately CONDEMNED for worshipping the wrong GOD!

SOLUTION? Yes. . . Rid human consiousness of these 3 worthless Comic Book GOD hoaxes. . . All 3 must be relegated immediately to useless MYTHOLOGY for stupid humans. . .

NOW all worshippers of the Abrahamic GODS must go sit on a TOILET. . When GOD arrives. . . DON't FORGET to FLUSH. . . This is what your GOD truly is. . .


"All 3 GODS are human inventions. "

Alright, That is your belief and I'm able to respect that. But throughout the debate, You show that you can't seem to do the same.

""GOD" brought to YOU by world class con artist psychopaths who want you to SLAVE and SERVE them"

Psychopaths? The first 5 books of the Old Testament was written by Moses who saved thousands of Jewish slaves by risking his life. The rest was written by historians and other leaders who remained anonymous. In total, 30

The New Testament was written by 10 different people. Mostly disciples.

I doubt that most of these people are psychopaths. But Im not saying that all of them were fine. This was a time where mental disorders were not clearly understood and most did not get treatment. I wouldn't be surprised if at least 1 or 2 were psychopaths.

No one knows who wrote the torah so I won't touch that and Allah I doubt was insane.


They aren't just some "3 stooge comic book puppet god. " They are legitimate beliefs people have.

"Anyone who worships any of these 3 utterly WORTHLESS GOD constructs is a FOOL. .
and deserves the FEAR-INTIMIDATION -VIOLENCE doled out to the pathetic weak mided slave drones WHO SURRENDERED THEIR FREE WILL to some retarded preaching CIRCUS CLOWN HUMAN in a Halloween Glory Gown costume! "

Im not even gonna touch that.

"GOD" is a petty low life worthless scapegoat TOOL

I don't understand how he could be a scapegoat. You don't seem to explain this.

"CHRISTIAN? Well well you are a bron sinner"

It's born. Also, The Bible doesn't exactly say we are born with sin. It's more sinful intentions.

"A worthless SCUM from inception and
must OBEY the CHURCH psychopaths to get in HEAVEN when you DROP DEAD! "

Ok now this is just ridiculous. Any good thinking christian that isn't insane would know this is just false. You are not considered worthless scum from birth, NO ONE thinks or believe's that. If you believe in another religion or don't believe in the church, That's fine by them. Just don't do bad stuff like rape or murder and have moral's.

"JEW? Then you are condemned by the JESUS"

They are literally the chosen people. "You are a people holy to the Lord your God. The Lord your God has chosen you out of all the peoples on the face of the earth to be his people, His treasured possession" (Deuteronomy 7:6)

There is no evidence of Jesus commending Jews. One might claim it was Jews who killed him but that is false. Jewish leaders accused him of many crimes that were false but the Jewish masses themselves loved Jesus.


No. He didn't. He never molested believers. Many people point to the relationship between Aisha and Mohammad and how he raped her. This isn't true. There are no reliable sources that point to Mohammad raping women. Any evidence is most likely wrong or partly true. The relationship between Mohammad and Aisha would be seen as gross and weird by today's standards as she was around 10 at this time, But this was a tribal Bedouin society more than 1400 years old. You can't expect them to do much. Tradition was that around this time when a girl or boy hits puberty, They are a woman/man. In fact, There isn't even any evidence that they had sex or any sort or sexual relationship. Sln26 doesn't cover it and nor any other source.

"MUSLIM? Weel the JEWS and JESUS freaks CONDEMN YOU! "

Jesus doesn't condemn muslims. He never said he hates them. Jesus actually has special place in the Qur"an. He is revered as a holy prophet. The Jews are. . . Complicated. I will try my best to explain. The relationship between Jews and Muslims is not really one of religion but rather placement. It has to do with Israel rather than the religion itself. For many centuries, The Jews and muslims had lived together in peace. Hate from each side rises occasionally but other than that, It's fine. But western anti-semitism had reached the Middle East some time around the 1st century. It didn't have much of an impact, But it did hurt the relationship. But then Israel happened and that REALLY caused some ruckus. There are many reasons why muslims hate Israel but I'm not going to get into that. But the biggest reason is mainly ownership of land and something called the Sykes"Picot Agreement. Any statement of a hatred of Muslims hating Jews because they are Jews are taken out of context and is just used to push a political agenda. Same goes with Jewish hatred toward Muslims. It's out of context and is used to fuel another unknown cause. So most of the hate towards each other is not religion based for most, But rather land ownership. An Israelis and a Jew aren't the same. There are differences.

"NOW all worshippers of the Abrahamic GODS must go sit on a TOILET. "

Debate Round No. 1


A worthy ATTEMPT? No. . . Sadly YOU are just another HYPNOTIZED and BRAINWASHED slave drone of some Temple?
Church? Or Mosque CULT. . . The Abrahamic GODS are the stuff of wandering LUNATICS in a remote region of EARTH at
the time of so called MOSES (1500 BC ) and JESUS (AD 27 )? . . . . . YOU DID NOT EXIST. . . . And the information YOU support
is MAN MADE COMIC BOOK GARBAGE. . . Most of the material of the MOSES and JESUS hoax is STOLEN from other civilizations of the Middle East region of EARTH. . .

The rest of HUMANITY on EARTH in so called moron MOSES time had NO CLUE of these pathetic wandering tribes and their idiotic puppet GODS and DIETIES. . . I. E INDIA and CHINA both oof which had their own SPIRITUAL CONSTRUCTS and GODS INDIA especially had GODS and BELIEFS that were and still are far SUPERIOR to any idiotic Abrahamic GOD invented TRASH.

SUPERIOR in the sense that INDIA did not wage WAR and TERROR towards anyone who did not accept a particular GOD
perspective. . . JAINISM. . . HINDU. . . KRISHNA. . . Are not BLOOD THIRSTY MURDEING ans force assimilation BELIEFS. . 5000 +
years of peace in INDIA regarding GODA and RELIGIOUS differences. . . Perhaps there were spats somewhere in TIME
BUT. . . Murder. . . Condemnation. . . Rape. . . Beatings. . Slaughtering children. . +++ so many ATROCITIES commited by the
JEWS-CHRISTIAN and MUSLIM con artist SCUM in the name of their PUPPET GOD TOY. . .

The Indus Valley region of INDIA was thriving 2500 BC and very advanced for the time. . . What the HELL was going on in
the RETARDED MIDDLE EAST? More death and destruction by LUNATICS seeking POWER and CONTRO using GODS as
scapegoat TOOLS. . . The EGYPTIANS had magnificent architecture and knowledge. . . . What did those pathetic JEW - CHRISTIAN
and MUSLIM psychopaths build and innovate? NOTHING thet RAPED MURDERERD and STOLE from others. . . They have
absolutely NOTHING that is of HIGH INTELLIGENCE and TECHNOLOGY. . . THEIVES. . . Of Sumerian, Egyptian, Roman, Greek,
+++ many other civilizations THEY ROBBED. . . Disgusting. . .

WORSE the JEWS decide to go MONOTHEIST after DUMPING all the fake IDOLS and OTHER GODS? WHY? It's so obvious
INVENT a GOD and YOU attain credibility if YOU can PULL it OFF! This is exactly what the JEWS did with their MOSES HOAX,
then came ROME with the JESUS JOKE during 300 AD when Emperor Constantine declared JESUS the only GOD Rome will
acknowledge! 300 years after they colluded with the JEWS to MURDER the BOY WONDER FOOL. . . What a JOKE. . .

Then 600 years after JESUS was MURDERED. . . ALLAH shows up! The ARABS were threatened by the JEW GOD construct,
then came the JESUS JOKE construct. . . So they to decided to conjure up a GOD just for them. . .

The Middle East GODS are total Comic book TRASH. . . Invented over a period of 2000 years since MOSES. . .

MOSES = 1500 BC JESUS JOKE came 1500 years later. . . Then 600 more years pass and ALLAH arrives! ABSURD!

and since ALLAH? Magically NO MORE GODS show up! But prior to ALLAH and JESUS CLOWN. . There were so many GODS
no one could keep track! So MONOTHEISM prevailed. . . 1 GOD and ONLY 1 GOD. . . BUT WAIT!

WHY are there 3 GODS in the same neighborhood of ISRAEL? And which ONE is the REAL GOD? NONE. . . All 3 are BULLSHT. . . It's a GAME of THRONES using puppet GOD hoaxes as scapegoates for POWER. . . All LIES. . . An irrefutable "TRUTH"

So good for YOU to address the FACTS with a point by point breakdown. . . BUT the "TRUTH" remains. . . No Abrahamic GOD
is VISIBLE or AVAILABLE except where it has been PLANTED. . . And that is the work of professional CON ARTIST LIARS who
deliberately hypnotize and BRAINWASH stupid weak minded humans to surrender their OPEN MIND and be reduced to
pathetic dumbed and numbed down SLAVE DRONES of human PSYCHOPATH CON ARTISTS. . . POWER and CONTROL
that is the PURPOSE of the CULT organizations behind the JEW-JESUS-ALLAH grand HOAX scheme. . .
This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 2
2 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 2 records.
Posted by backwardseden 1 year ago
"The New Testament was written by 10 different people. Mostly disciples. "
Really? Oh that's a good one. Now you prove it considering that you think you know everything that there is to know. Oh and duh. . . NOBODY knows who wrote the bible. NOBODY. Why do you think there's over 33, 480 denominations of christianity alone? Yeah you might want to do a little, Just a teeny tiny bit of research on that one. Nah. That's too much for you.
I really hate it when people invent excuses and or flat out lie for something in which case they clearly know nothing about and because they don't such as yourself they pretend they do and thus have to lie about it and or invent excuses.
Now would you like some more? Oh yeah teeny bopper, The NT has the absolute WORST THING as far as immorality is concerned from ---any--- f--king religion.
Posted by backwardseden 1 year ago
@ITakeMASSIVEDumps - You an insufferable 15 year old teeny bopper soiled little brat who apparently knows ab-so-lu-te-ly nothing about the bible and the unproven characters storybook god and christ of print only that in no possible way can you nor anyone even prove exists.

"Moses who saved thousands of Jewish slaves by risking his life. "
Really? Here's Moses's crimes against humanity you f--king teeny bopper who HAS NOT READ THE BIBLE. . .
Try reading Numbers 31 ALL OF IT. . .
Here's a link to help your lung rot mind. "Psychopath" is a very nice term of "eloquence"

https://slate. Com/news-and-politics/2006/08/the-complete-book-of-numbers-the-bibles-most-hideous-war-crime. Html
15 And Moses said unto them, Have ye saved all the women alive? 16 Behold, These caused the children of Israel, Through the counsel of Balaam, To commit trespass against the Lord in the matter of Peor, And there was a plague among the congregation of the Lord. 17 Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, And kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him. 18 But all the women children, That have not known a man by lying with him, Keep alive for yourselves.
Real cute.

Other things. . .
Do you believe that its perfectly OK for your unproven character storybook god of print only to hate on children and babies for no reason at all and in murder them? Y____? N____? Why? Why not?
https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=2zYG_fJLjBg - god hates children
https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=5kQTIX7NRE4 - get em while they"re young
LM4: 9-11, MT 10:37, MT 2:16, JG 21:10, DT 2:34, NU 31: 17-18, LV 26: 21-22, HS 13:16, EZ 9: 5-7, HS 9: 11-16, EX 12: 29-30, IS 13: 15-18, MT 2:16, EX 21:17, LV 20:9, MK 7:10, MT 15:4, MT 10:21, JG 11: 30-33, PS 137: 8-9, DT 21: 18-21, DT 32:25, DT 2: 32-34, DT 3: 3-6, JG 19: 24-29, EX 12:29, LV 26:29, JM 11: 22-23, JM 19: 7-9, JM 51: 22-26, LM 2: 20-22, RV 2: 18-23 (btw with this exercise some of them are from your lovely NT so you have no excuses)
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