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Gender terms/descriptors would become irrelevant without such strong ingrained gender roles.

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Started: 9/17/2019 Category: Society
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Firstly I want to make it clear, I take the stance that do what you want on your pursuit of happiness so long as it doesn't impede upon somebody else's pursuit.

I am concerned that there are huge numbers of children making drastic decisions for the wrong reasons. I've read the argument many a time stating "don't let your child change their gender, My little Sam loved cars when she was little and then when she turned 13 she started to like girly stuff like make-up". I'm worried it's that kind of attitude which creates a necessity for transgenderism. It's not that anybody is in the wrong body, It's that they're on the wrong planet. A civilization which exists without gender roles/norms/restrictions would have no need for transgenderism, In some ways I also worry that the concept of transgenderism accidentally enforces these restrictive gender roles even further.

I see a future wherein the only time gender would be relevant is in a hospital setting where you receive treatment based on your biology.


I'm going to rebut based off an assumption that you're saying that gender roles are too restrictive, I'm a little confused at your stance here.
And just before I begin, I'd just like to say that this site isn't really active right now - most people have moved to debateart. Com because (as you might have noticed) this site's full of trolls and punctuation on debates are broken and so are hyperlinks. Moderators are not present at all. Things are broken. I'm not saying 'go away' necessarily, But I'm just warning you that you might not find what you want here.

Gender roles are quite restrictive and at times, They can seem toxic. It's true to an extent. It's the reason why most teachers are female because traditionally it was the woman's role to nuture children, And why many labour intensive jobs like construction are largely dominated by men - not just because they're physically stronger, But also because of preconcieved notions that women can't do that job at all.

However, Gender roles are also an integral part in society. I'm guessing that under Pro's model, There will be no gender-based roles? This in our current society is impossible because of three things:
1) The fact remains that a large percentage - in fact, The large majority - of people fit their gender stereotypes. It's just how society works, It's how it has operated, And the outcasts are unfortunately not going to change gender roles to fit their needs. The fact remains that a large majority are happy with how the world accept what their gender does.
2) Physiologically, Some things like construction and defense are just more suited to the predominantly more aggressive mindset of a man, And more nurture-based activities like nursing or teaching are just more suited to a woman, Whose physiology just fits that mindset better. Genders are completely different - any exceptions are also different genetically. Genders are wired for completely different things at times.

Also, Gender roles aren't entirely restricted to one role - they're becoming more flexible over time. We're at one of the most progressive periods in human history. Already the birth of new, Massively-embraced sexualities like the more feminine metersexuals and gay pride movements are becoming more and more mainstream. As the media moves to make different sexualities and different gender roles more relevant such as women participating in more combat sports, Or men doing the 'soft' things like caring for their kids, Our gender roles are constantly changing.

Gender roles may seem restrictive, But at a closer glance not only are they accepted by many, They're also changing with society's needs and currently a complete obliteration of gender roles just isn't going to fit people physically.

I'll be looking forwards to more substantiation at R2.
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Posted by Anonymous03 2 years ago
gender's a big thing
Posted by DeletedUser 2 years ago
who the hell gives a rats azz if gender becomes irrelevant.
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