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Genetically modified Organisms (GMOs)?

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Started: 11/21/2017 Category: Health
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Debating Period
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GMO's are harmful and should not be sold in our country.
The first round is for acceptance. Please do not forfeit.
Debate Round No. 1


I am against Genetically Modified Organisms. Many people may point out that we can grow more crops and end Word Hunger! My opposition is "And give the whole world cancer?" Another point I would like to acknowledge is the fact that often genetically modified organisms are not labeled.The USA is the largest producer of GMO crops and does not mandate labels for GMO food. If they're healthy, what's the harm in labeling them?

I also strongly believe that humans shouldn"t interfere with nature. Not only are we creating a brand new line of food when making GMOs, we are also endangering many people's" lives. Majority of the people believe that genetically modified organisms are the answer for ending world hunger. I feel that it makes absolutely no sense to be ending world hunger by poisoning people. People would die and genetically modified organisms would be helping decrease the human population worldwide.

New allergens can be produced because of genetically modified food. A major issue in Genetically Modified Foods is the ability to trigger an allergy in humans. Some of the genes used in GM technology might be taken from a food that causes allergies in some people. Inserting that gene into another organism could cause the host organism to express that allergen as a trait. A new allergen can possibly be produced when genes are mixed across different species.

Genetically modified organisms can also help contribute to the extinction of certain organisms. An organism in the ecosystem could be harmed, which would lead to a lower level of biodiversity. By removing one pest that harms the crop, you could be removing a food source for an entire species of animals. GMO crops could prove toxic to an organism in the environment, leading to reduced numbers or extinction of that organism.

In a study conducted, when Pusztai fed rats genetically modified (GM) potatoes to produce a supposedly safe insecticide called the GNA lectin, all the animals showed pre-cancerous cell growths, smaller brains, livers and testicles, partially atrophied livers, and damaged to the immune system"with most changes appearing after just 10 days.

Our future generations deserve to have a healthy lifestyle just like our previous generations have had before us. I, for one, am against genetically modified food. My opinion is that genetically modified food is harmful. Genetically modified food not only increases the risks of getting cancer, it also can damage organs and do harmful things to your body.

57% of Americans would be less likely to buy food that are labeled GM. 87% people out of a CBS news poll want GMOs labeled. They would prefer to know what they are eating and the nutritional values behind it. The people who claim that GMOs are safe are the same people who are profiting from it.

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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Intellisio 4 years ago
Do you want to start this argument over again? I can challenge you if you're up to it.
Posted by Mharman 4 years ago
Darn. I was going bro argue that all these problems could be fixed with more genetic modification.
Posted by QueenDaisy 4 years ago
Just to be clear- are you con in that you"re opposing GMOs? Or are you con in that you"re opposing the motion that GMOs are bad?
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