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Genius Of Deception = GOD. . . A human HOAX invention

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Started: 2/9/2020 Category: Religion
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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DECEPTION= Definition of deception

The act of causing someone to accept as true or valid what is false or invalid : the act of deceiving. . . . . = G O D. . . . A human fabricated Comic Book PUPPET toy used for the deliberate enslavement and DESTRUCTION of the OPEN MINDED HUMAN. . .

GOD? A clever HOAX designed and implemented by derranged psychopath MINDS for the PURPOSE of hypnotizing and brainwashing "STUPID WEAK MINDED HUMANS" into
slavery of the DOGMA. . . They also invented and attached to the PUPPET GOD TOY.

and NO MATTER which idiotic puppet GOD humans choose? They are CONDEMNED by other PUPPET CLOWN DOLL T( not really, Most humans
are attacked with FEAR-INTIMIDATION-VIOLENC to OBEY some human CLOWN preacher. . . Not the so calld GOD ENTITY ). . . For which NO GOD EXISTS. . . GOD is an ILLUSION. . Then he/it? Becomes a DELUSION the human slave drone will use as a TOOL
to exploit and manipulate other idiots into the CULT. . . It's truly SAD and utterly INSANE. . These slaves do all the FILTHY work for the preaching human psychopath who
PLAYS GOD in his Halloween Glory gown cotume. . . .

HISTROY contains irrefutable FACTS regarding the unprecedented DEATH and DESTRUCTION human slave drones have done in the name of the JEW GOD, JESUS,
and ALLAH, The 3 stooge PUPPET GOD invented by HUMAN imbeciles of a long gone
era in human existence. . . . It's totally SICK. . . . And of NO USEFUL PURPOSE. . . Except for
those who use their PUPPET GOD HOAX to take ADVANTAGE off weak minded humans

IF YOU BELIEVE in some GOD. . . You are hypnotized and brainwashed. . . Under the CONTROL of some human BOZO who plays GOD and wants YOU to serve his/her agenda not the puppet GOD TOY. . .

The GODS come and go like the FOOLS who invent them. . . . It's the greatest HOAX and CON INFESTATION of the mind. . . . . Especially the 3 Abrahamic puppet toy GODS which
are still at WAR among each other.

Each puppet GOD invention demands that all humans accept them as the ONLY GOD of GODS! Those who do not are subject to PUNISHMENT and/or EXECUTION. . . . Just like
boy wonder JESUS! This FOOL of a GOD hoax was beaten and nailed to a cross to ROT.

When boy puppet JESUS tired of the human idicy against him he just ran away and has
NOT been seen or heard from for 2000 years! HOLY MEGA HORSE DUMP this story
is so full of S_____T. . . . .

GOD is an acronym. . . . G = genius O = Of D deception. . . . . Nothing more. . . GOD is a human HOAX INVENTION. . . . Nothing more. . . A scapegoat. . . . Disgusting. . .

It's HUMAN against HUMAN for power and control with a PUPPET TOY! Sick!


Jesus is not a Jew god: the Jews did not believe in the New Testament when he was born.

Why are you condemning people for their beliefs? That is unreasonable. People have a choice over what they believe in.
Case in point? My friend, Owen. He grows up in a Christian town, With many people except his father being Christian. However, He does not. And he also respects everyone's choice over what they believe in. So maybe people aren't mindless drones. I believe in Jehovah, But I haven't been to church in years. I feel that it is unnecessary to believe in God while being possibly dictated by some stranger. I choose to follow God because he made sense. Life doesn't have meaning if you just think that nothing is out there, Only dust, And if he isn't real, There is no punishment for if you believe in Him or not. If he is real, However, Then I will have a great reward, And you will have a great punishment.
However, Unlike you, I respect the beliefs of others.
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